On May 19th, 2021 SanaVita, New York City’s premier holistic cleansing center launches a new website to better serve its loyal clients virtually. During its tenure at its physical location in Gramercy Park, SanaVita quickly became a popular and respected destination for colon hydrotherapy, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage therapy, and bio-feedback.

Although SanaVita’s founder Arul H. goldMAN decided to close the Gramercy Park location in 2018 her passion for healing has never disappeared. In 2019 she decided she couldn’t stay away from her passion any longer and began to conceptualize how she can help people without a physical location. And then at the beginning of 2020, the need for virtual services not only became a wish but a necessity. With help from former employee Steven Obusek, the site began to take shape. Over the last year, the visuals and concepts have gone through different phases and creative processes to get what you see today. What we hope for is a site that is visually pleasing and functional. A site that holds the same space for individuals ready to heal themselves, and a site that is ready to serve, virtually if needed.

While not everything can be done virtually (ie: colonics) the offering maybe even better than it was before. Thanks to the continuous and rapid advancement of technology Bio-Energetic Feedback can be done remotely. Utilizing NES miHealth Scanning Software Arul is able to scan clients’ energy fields remotely and privately and interpret their biometric data instantly. Any infocuticals or additional supplements can be shipped to the client and they can receive support from anywhere. Arul is still seeing lymphatic drainage clients locally in NYC. As well as offering personal coaching sessions, and hosting cleansing programs online through Facebook. Even though SanaVita no longer has the ability to do colon hydrotherapy, Arul still believes it’s an important part of the cleansing process and refers her New York-based clients to Gravity East in the East Village. Click HERE for details about colon hydrotherapy and for information about how you can receive a discount at Gravity East.

Here’s what Arul has to say about the new site:

I am SO pleased to announce our new website for SanaVita by Arul H goldMAN!! Steve, my tech master and website wizard, and I have been working on this baby for over a year. What started as an in-person side-by-side project quickly got sidetracked into a long-distance virtual job that evolved as the pandemic emerged. We switched platforms and changed up the feel as the lens through which the world was being seen transformed. It’s been a long journey and I feel as though the site has gone through many renditions since we began. A tribute to my own personal growth and transformation when I think back to that very first site we built for SanaVita almost a decade and a half ago in FLASH. I don’t know much about tech stuff… but I have learned a thing or two! I hope that this new site provides our community with an easy and intuitive platform to navigate through modern-day times, out of the murk and into a clean slate with a lighter load!

Arul H. goldMAN,

Founder, SanaVita Center For Holistic Cleansing

Here’s what Steve, the tech master and website wizard has to say about the new site;

I’m very excited about launching this website with Arul. It’s been an awesome challenge and a pleasure to capture and bring to the web everything Arul & SanaVita have to offer. We designed the website to give users the simplest path to the services and products Arul offers and encapsulate the essence of SanaVita’s former physical location. We’ve all learned over the past year how much can be done online and the goal was to make a site that has everything SanaVita needs to thrive virtually. Visitors can easily sign up for Bio-Feedback, Lymphatic drainage therapy, personal coaching, and the latest cleansing experiences with one click. It’s the result of months of work and creative energy and I’m proud to share it. And I’m happy to see SanaVita is officially open for business again, online.

Steven Obusek

Owner, Mapu Media & Marketing

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