3 Day Cleanse

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For 3 days you will be guided in a cleansing experience by slowly, day by day, letting something go and giving your body the chance it needs to reset.  There will be instructions on specifically what to eliminate, what to add, journaling, posting each day, and engaging with a few others in the group so that we all can feel a sense of connection and support and not feel like we are going it alone! After nearly 30 years of actively doing cleanses and over a decade of guiding others, it still shocks me how much better one can feel after just 3 days of mindfulness and self-care.  

After running a brick and mortar holistic cleansing center, SanaVita, for 13 years here in the big apple, while raising 2 kids as a single mama, then getting faced with the worldwide pandemic of Covid 19, I found the opportunity to find a new way to bring my years of education and experience straight to you in the comfort and safety of your own homes. Who knows, we may be able to show our beautiful faces again, mask-free, sooner than we thought! Please take a look at my full bio here to get to know who I am, where I came from, and how I can be of service to help you elevate to the next best version of yourself, from the inside out.

                                        – Arul