New Year, New Cleanse, New You

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of SanaVita’s 28-Day Cleanse on today’s powerful Full Moon in Gemini, the last lunation of 2013.

Yes, 28 days. Just like one cycle of the Moon. You can do it.

We’ll be here for you every step of the way.

The exclusive program ― including shakes and supplements ― is carefully designed to detox safely and efficiently. You will be able to eat food and maintain well-rounded nutrition so you can move towards your optimal body weight while maintaining strength and energy.

This balanced and longer approach allows for a deeper overall detox. You will create new lifestyle habits that are sustainable. We want you to feel great during the cleanse and long after the 28th day.

Sign up for the 28-day cleanse and / or our New Year’s Day workshop by December 25 and get a free Colonic or Biofeedback session.


The Detox Shake: A dietary supplement that detoxes the liver in two phases, reduces inflammation and heals the gut

The Liver Caps: A formulation that supports detoxification and antioxidant activity

The Probiotic Super Strength: A well-rounded, high-potency probiotic that boosts immunity


Comprehensive Booklet: Everything you need to know about using shakes and supplements and following a modified elimination diet.

Expert Advice

Ongoing Support: For the duration of the cleanse, you can call or email us with questions you may have along the way.

Discount Services

Detox Treatments: To take your cleanse to an even deeper level, get as many detox treatments as you like, all for 27% off:

Colon Hydrotherapy
Lymphatic Drainage
Ionic Footbaths

Astrology: For those who wish to sync their cleanse with the cycles of the moon and learn how lunar energy affects your own chart and inner rhythms, we invite you to consult with Stefanie Weiss, SanaVita’s in-house astrologer.

During your cleanse, get a personalized astrology reading with Stefanie for 27% off.

In preparation for the cleanse (and to help you manifest your intentions in 2014), perform a powerful Lunar Renewal Ritual for today’s Full Moon in Gemini, the last lunation of 2013.

New Year’s Day Workshop

It’s rare and auspicious when the New Moon falls on New Year’s Day.

Take advantage of this powerful moment and start your cleanse January 1.

SanaVita Directors, Arul Goldman and Gabe Hoffman along with in-house Astrologer, Stefanie Weiss, will lead a donation-based New Year’s Day workshop to get you ready to embark on your 28-day cleansing journey. Stefanie will also share tips to use the moon in your daily life.

Date: January 1, 2014
4:00 pm
SanaVita | 145 East 16th Street (between Irving Place & Third Avenue)

Sign up for the 28-day cleanse and / or workshop by December 25 and get a free Colonic or Biofeedback session.

Starting in January, SanaVita’s 28-Day Cleanse will also be available for purchase on

For more information, please call or email us.
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