When Arul was 13 years old and eating a hamburger with friends she distinctly heard a voice tell her that she could not eat another bite of that … EVER.  So she stopped mid-burger, mid-bite, and became a vegetarian on the spot.  Her path for her own truth and healing began as she discovered a new way of living, eating, fasting and cleansing.  Arul has studied the whole gamut of nutritional philosophies from Ayurvedic, Vegan Paleo, Raw Food, Macrobiotic, etc.  She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She also has undergone an extensive course in NES biofeedback, where quantum physics meets the energetic body field. NES biofeedback pinpoints where the exact origin of imbalance resides and opens the channels for energetic healing.  Her name “Arul” was given to her by her teacher, Amma, on the very first day she ever met her.  It means “Grace” in  Sanskrit.  It is through this journey of physical and spiritual healing that Arul manifested her dream of SanaVita.  SanaVita was born two weeks before her second child (her first was just 16 months old) and had a wonderful life of 13 years in lower Manhattan.  

On Halloween of 2018 Arul made the difficult decision to close the doors of her brick and mortar and find a way to still serve her clientele from her home office… there was a strong calling to help people with the tools she had at hand without the demand for as many in person sessions.  She was still coming to terms with letting go of SanaVita’s physical space and figuring things out… and then the pandemic hit.  She was incredibly humbled with the realization that all good things come together at the perfect time.  The reality that god had her back hit big time as she realized how lucky she was to have shut the doors of the physical space of SanaVita before Covid would have a chance to come and force the doors closed.  Finding the opportunities that lie within the mist of what may appear to be devastation, the pandemic also forced the hands of the technology she uses to upgrade to be able to read scans remotely with her NES biofeedback software.  What felt like a loss was suddenly a brand new opportunity to reach so many more people, all over the world, and support and help guide them in their own journeys in transformation.

When things get hard, she always tells her kids “the only thing I can tell you with 100% certainty, is that everything changes.  Nothing stays the same, whatever it is, where ever you are at, this too shall pass.”  

Arul is still a  certified colon hydrotherapist, lymphatic-drainage therapist, and holistic-health and nutritional counselor.  She has found a way to roll with the tide, always staying open to a new way of being… not sticking to anyone “identity” but being malleable and constantly evolving to the next level, whatever that may be.  For example after nearly 4 decades of being a vegetarian, Arul dabbled in eating some consciously raised animal protein as she felt her body was craving more substance.  This was a huge undertaking for her as her “ego” identified with the label of vegetarian, but she was able to let that attachment to her label go and with authenticity be open to eating meat.  As it turns out, it wasn’t what her body needed (it was just more healthy fat!) but through that experiment she was able to tap into really listening to what her body is asking for without giving it any labels or judgements.  Developing the ability to listen with your heart, and not your mind, is a tool that transcends just what we are eating, and crosses over to all the other area’s of our lives, and this has helped Arul be able to hear her true callings and follow them with less resistance.  Something she aspires to support others to do as well.

Arul’s primary focus nowadays is using bio-energetic medicine and her many other “tools” in her toolbox to help people bridge the gap from the person they are today into the next best version of themselves.  She has seen the resonance and results in her clients, herself and her children and is committed to sharing it with as many like-minded individuals looking for their own personal transformation.

Arul and her three children, Naturale, Seven and SanaVita (and their little dog lily poo) are all residing happily together in their lower east side apartment in Manhattan, where all the magic happens – Arul