Well my date went well. I got there first and ordered a virgin dirty martini. I asked the bartender for cold water (mostly water) with a little olive juice and a small splash of lemonade and asked him to serve it to me in a Martini glass. It was perfect. Low on sugar, tasty and gave me the effect of having a cocktail which is really more than half the allure.

We watched the game and ordered some food. We were at a BBQ place so a side of veggies was easy. He got nachos and chicken fingers (such a dude!) and I ordered string beans, they seemed safest. I picked at a few plain corn chips in salsa and a few string beans. It was easy.

During the day I ate basically just as I had set out to and accomplished both spin and yoga.

I also had a very deep therapeutic sports massage by our new massage therapist, Cynthia. She gave me a massage 2 weeks ago as I’ve been having chronic pain in my upper right rhomboid. It’s been debilitating at times and has been being triggered by pole class. She worked on me really hard and deep and I have to say it was rather unpleasant while it was happening and difficult to get through, but I felt considerably better afterwards. I realize the benefits of such a massage and although I was not particularly looking forward to doing it again, I knew it was necessary. Yesterday’s massage was easier to get through. Cynthia promised they would get easier. I feel quite good today.

I got a solid 6 hours of sleep last night on just melatonin & valerian root drops. Best night I’ve had in ages.

Today I have spin and later pole class. I haven’t been to pole in almost 3 weeks and I’m kinda of dreading it, as I’m emotionally not in that space at all these days. My dance class has become a really hard thing for me to face, which has been bumming me out because just a few months ago, I loved it so much and found it to be such a great release. My teacher continues to encourage me to keep coming. We all fall down. It’s part of life, but getting back up is living. I appreciate her sentiments. Gotta get up and try and try and try…

In general, on the morning of day 3, I am feeling even slightly more optimistic. The sun and promise of upper 60-degree weather doesn’t hurt either.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.