Yesterday was the best day I’ve had in a long time. I was generally happy and silly for big chunks of it, which felt reassuring.

Spin was awesome! Afterwards I had my kale, berry, kefir smoothie and went to SV and then to pole. I was pretty anxious about dancing but was ready to give it my best. Turned out it was “pole week” which means no dancing. Just trick training for a straight hour after the hour warm up. I was pleased that I did not re-injure my shoulder. We finished up early and our teacher allowed us to dance in groups. I was able to kind of hide out in the dark back corner, which felt safe. For anyone who knows me, I’m not really much of a hide-in-the-dark-corner kinda girl, but today I was! I think it was a good gentle re-entry into the class after 3 weeks out.

After class, I booked it on my new bike LavaRose to pick my kids up from school, stopping for an avocado, fermented veggies and celery stalks along the way. We went to soccer and then to the corner for dinner and a hang with the neighborhood crew. They were all drinking but I refrained, ate a small side salad with mushrooms and made it home to finish up with a small bowl of coconut pudding, strawberries and pecans. I definitely ate more than I was planning on today but it was one of those non-stop days where I didn’t have juices handy. I had exercised SO much today and I was starving by the end of the day. Often a glass or two of wine would help to curb that hunger, but I was much happier with salad and pudding rather than alcohol.

I was anxious about getting to sleep but at 9:30 I turned the TV off and fell asleep quickly, not opening my eyes again till 4am! 6½ straight hours. Remarkable! After an hour I fell back asleep for a solid hour, making a grand total of 7½ hours of real rest. I am ecstatic with that this morning!

I have another non-stop, jam-packed day today, but no exercise. I’m giving myself the day off. I’ve gone hard for the last 3 days and my body feels generally fatigued.

I am looking forward to this weekend for a little down time as my kids will be going to their father’s for the weekend. It also creates anxiety as I am still not used to being without them, without the distractions of a boyfriend, dating, going out for drinks, etc. But I am figuring out new strategies that are healthy and fulfilling. Plus I am signed up for a bunch of classes (spin, yoga & possibly dance) and have lots of B-ball to watch!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.