So yesterday after my colonic I still wasn’t feeling great but received an impromptu call from a friend asking me if I wanted to go to Electric Zoo with them. Electric Zoo, for those of you who don’t know, is an electric music festival on Randall’s Island. Simply put, it was slammin’! I almost passed because I was still suffering from body aches, but it’s a really special event that only happens once a year. And, Tiesto, one of my favorite new techno DJ’s was headlining so I popped 2 Tylenols, put on my leopard print cowboy hat and headed for the ferry!

The production that was put into place there was truly remarkable! There were a few tents with different DJs spinning all day, HUGE screens behind the DJs illuminated their faces and there were insane visuals nonstop. The main stage was even more grandiose, all the way down at the end of the field. Being outside on the grass, with trees all around and music playing from everywhere, thousands of people dancing and milling about — half of them in costumes — and decorations beautifying the space and seeing the city landscape in the background was absolutely exhilarating. I had fortified myself well before I left with juice and avocados so I was pretty sure I’d be ok. Fortunately, amongst the dozens upon dozens of food stands that were there, there existed one smoothie stand! Halfway through, when I was in need of a boost I enjoyed a fresh pineapple coconut smoothie and it was delish!!

Arul's 37-Day Cleanse_Day 10_Electric Zoo
Electric Zoo
Now I am going to share something with you now that I feel is really important. I also indulged in a drink with a small amount of alcohol in it. And this is not something that I encourage people to do while on a cleanse, but I want to be really honest with my readers about my journey. Being in that setting with so much stimulus and so many people around me, ummm, shall I say “stimulated” the desire to indulge in something refreshing was strong. So I made a choice to enjoy the moment, responsibly of course, and continue living, rather than hide myself away or feel frustrated and deprived. I had a drink with Sake and cranberry juice, lime, elderberry and water. It wasn’t strong, but it was refreshing and satisfied all the cravings I was having, including those to indulge in the delicious-looking vegetarian platters and teriyaki balls!

I had a great time! And was happy I went. Home by 9:30, sleeping by midnight. I still had some aching, but some of that now was due to sore muscles from all the dancing I did! I woke up today still feeling achy and decided to take the day off from any exercise whatsoever! I’ve been relaxing, working from home and making juices and smoothies. I’ve also decided to add some raw flax seed crackers into my repertoire to eat with my avocados. Again, I am being very conscious to chew thoroughly and follow up with digestive enzymes. I look forward to giving myself another colonic tomorrow and getting out more of this old stuff that’s been poisoning me!!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.