So today’s colonic really did the trick! A tremendous amount of dark and very hard matter came out and after my session today I finally felt much better. For the first time in days the body aches are gone!!

I also took a great yoga class today. I’ve been spinning a lot lately and missed my usual yoga class on Monday so I really needed it! Stretching the tight muscles out like that is sooo rejuvenating. I was sweating balls so I know I got a good workout too!

I topped off my self-care for the day with a long-awaited lymphatic drainage session with Bella. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the lymph system is responsible for processing excess fluids, toxins, foreign substances and cellular waste from all parts of the body. In order for the body to utilize its full elimination and rejuvenation potential, it is vital that lymph drainage pathways are clear for lymphatic tissues to carry toxins and waste to lymph nodes where they can then be purged.

Unlike the cardiovascular system, which has the heart to pump blood thru the veins, the lymphatic system has no catalyst to push the lymph thru the body for elimination. Lymphatic drainage therapy uses a device that not only runs on the same frequency as the lymphatic system, it omits three gases that assist in the breaking down and moving of lymph towards the nodes for proper elimination and to stabilize the hormones. The therapy is truly outstanding and powerful.

I was extremely sticky today during my session, which means that my lymph was pretty congested. I will need several more treatments and am committed to getting at least one per week for the next several weeks. Today’s treatment was incredibly relaxing and my body felt soooooo heavy during the session. I was drifting in and out of consciousness and felt deep healing taking place. Bella enhanced our session with the use of Young Living Essential Oils and raindrop therapy. Just what the non-doctor ordered!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.