So this cleanse and these journal entries I’ve been writing have propelled me into doing something that I have been avoiding for years…learning how to create posts and navigate Facebook! People rarely believe me (unless you know me personally, then you get it!) that I never go on Facebook. But in my quest to cleanse and share my experience with as many people as possible, I am now posting my entries for everyone to see and I’m learning the lingo of this online community. And it is fascinating! I literally feel like I am back in French class again learning a whole new language! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been reading my posts and sending me their messages of support! I love ya!!

Tomorrow public school starts and we have been getting everything ready for the big first day of school. My daughter is starting 1st grade and my son, kindergarten. Fortunately they seem very excited and my son keeps asking me, “Mama? In the nighttime, after, in the morning on the next day, will I be going to kindergarten?” “Yes Seven-pie! You will be starting kindergarten!” And then he smiles proudly and says “Ok, remind me to look handsome mama, ok?” Sooooo precious!

My daughter is rushing around collecting all her items that she will need and is organizing her desk, excitedly bringing me over to observe her new systems. I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to experience this rush of excitement and wonder of the beginning of the school year.

We forget what that is really like. I mean sure, we have our “markings” to designate the new seasons. We all know we’re not supposed to wear white pants after Labor Day (although I always enjoy getting in one more wear post Labor Day just to get a rise out of some folks!) but there isn’t that one particular defining moment that sets the new year propelling forward like that first day of school. Not even New Year’s Day.

Yes, we make our resolutions to improve ourselves in the new year, but truthfully most of America isn’t generally stepping up before January 2nd due to exhaustion or dehydration from staying up too late on New Year’s Eve or being too hung over! But the first day of school, ahhhhhh….it’s always fresh, it’s always mysterious. There are always energetic butterflies swarming and it is forever young, pure and innocent and full of optimistic possibilities.

So I am working double time today juggling between mama getting ready kids ready for school, business owner, student learning Facebook and cleanser documenting her experiences. Tonight I have an event to go to in support of one of my beloved spin teachers. I rarely go out on a school night, but this was an invite I simply couldn’t turn down. I just finished squeezing a basket full of oranges and will be using some of that fresh OJ for my creamsicle delight smoothie to give me the strength to keep on pushin’!

Creamsicle Delight Smoothie
2 cups fresh squeezed OJ
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 scoop vanilla Raw Sun Warrior protein powder
A couple of ice cubes

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.