What a day today! Today was the kids’ first day of school and it was a mad dash this morning to get everybody ready…all dressed up nice for the first day, snacks, lunches, knapsacks ready, etc. It all went very smoothly and my kids were very happy and excited. I was relieved as I had an event I had to go to last night that kept me out ’til about 9pm so I just missed my babes going to bed.

My BFF, Elizabeth, came with me last night to an event at the Tribeca Grand Hotel for Danny Kopel, one of our beloved Soul Cycle teachers. Danny, who is simply amazing btw and always makes my heart lighter and happier, was throwing a gathering in honor of his magazine Artwrit, their website (www.artwrit.com) and their new partnership with Huffington Post. It was a lovely event and I have to say there are not too many people or events that would get me out on a Wednesday night before the first day of school while I’m cleansing! Fortunately, Elizabeth happily agreed to join me AND she is on a cleanse and not drinking as well! It was fantastic to be at the chic Tribeca Grand and order Faux Cosmos together (yes, virgin!) and walk around with our pink cocktails in fancy glasses without any of the aftermath to worry about…so I thought!

Arul's 37-Day Cleanse: Day 13
Rockin’ out at Tribeca Grand with my faux Cosmo!
We were joking around about how strong “those drinks” were and funny enough, I woke up in the middle of the night with a really bad headache and was having trouble sleeping as though I had really consumed alcohol. Neither of us tasted any alcohol whatsoever and confirmed with the bartender that they were indeed non-alcoholic drinks so I am confident that’s not what it was. But I was definitely feeling off all morning.

After successfully dropping off my kids at school, I decided to come to SanaVita for my colonic. It occurred to me that although the drinks were alcohol free, they were filled with sugar and that may have been what was throwing me off. I didn’t have a lot of time though, so I quickly threw my pants off, tossed them on the counter and hopped on the table. Mid colonic, while on the phone with my dad and massaging my own belly to assist in the releases, I could swear I smelled smoke! I kept looking around but didn’t see anything and then finally I looked behind me and there on the countertop was a full-fledged bonfire! My pants were literally on fire! I jumped off the table mid colonic with water spraying everywhere basically naked rushing over to put this fire out. It was pretty intense. Fortunately there was no damage and I miraculously put it out with my breath and my hands without burning myself. My pants were literally ¾ gone, which was kinda sad. I had just bought them at Daffy’s and last night and this morning were the only times I ever got to wear them. Luckily, I had a pair of yoga shorts in my bag to walk out in. After I finished cleaning up the huge mess, I went over to Daffy’s to see about getting another pair of pants. FYI Daffy’s is going out of business!! They are having super sales on everything left in the store. Winter coats are 50% off the lowest marked price, so check it out!

Anyway, it was a crazy day after a fairly tame night out. The moral of the story? I’m not entirely sure what message the universe was trying to give me. Slow down? Stay present? Or, perhaps, sugar is as dangerous and can have just as big of an effect on us as alcohol.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.