Today has been a winning day, but it’s no wonder as it’s my 17th day…and you know how we love the number 7!!

I started my day with making two breakfasts, two lunches and two snacks for my babes in 30 minutes. First time I ever had to do that as it was the longest day my son would in school. The transition time into kindergarten is now ending. It was definitely a lot to do in the morning, but I’m getting my systems down pat!

I made sure to fortify myself with some fresh squeezed OJ and all my supplements before bringing my kids to school and heading over to Soul Cycle for spin class on Thumbalina (my bike of 13 years!). After spin, I came to SanaVita for a little work time and a colonic. It was my first colonic in days and it was amazing! Even after having a solid good BM this morning on my own, it was incredible how much old, dark, rock hard poo came out of me. This cleanse is really doing the trick and because I am allowing myself limited amounts of solids in my smoothies and the avocados, flax crackers and occasional nuts and/ or seeds, I am never hungry or feeling deprived. I wish I had gotten a picture for you to see it, but it all was happening too fast and intensely this morning to snap a shot!

After downing a delicious green BluePrintCleanse juice I headed over to my favorite yoga class at Oval Fitness. The gym is part of Stuyvesant Town and has a bunch of different classes, but the Monday class at 12:30pm has become my favorite in the city! Justin Ritchie is the instructor (he also teaches at Laughing Lotus) and his class kicks my butt every time! I’ve been practicing yoga for many years and he has the right blend of cardio, flow, holding poses and encouraging us to deepen them. And his instruction is clear and precise. I must say he seems to be one of the last teachers that I am exposed to that really gets in there with the adjustments! I just love him and his music too!

I had to go to a lunch meeting right after yoga but had just enough time to go upstairs and make myself a super smoothie as I was starving after my mornings events! Although I don’t normally encourage mixing fruits with veggies and protein, I did it today as I feel I am in the right place to be able to handle digesting the mix. I used coconut water as my base and added banana, strawberries, verge protein powder, spinach and a whole bunch of kale with the usual supplements and it was seriously delicious and nutritious! The perfect meal replacement to sip on while I lunched with 3 old friends, caught up on all the amazing things we are all doing with our lives and no one batted an eyelash. After all, I know these cats since grade school.. “Arul’s on a cleanse? No new news here!”

Turns out we were sitting right next to Chloe Sevigne! I always adored and related to her and take it as a little pat on the back from the universe that I’m in alignment. If you haven’t seen “Last Days of Disco” it’s where my connection to her really solidified. Jeez, how I love disco!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.