I’ve been facing the repercussions of the last few days as I have been struggling with a dull migraine all day and am sluggish and feeling short-fused. But even in the face of all that, I am handling things much better than I was months ago and my biofeedback session today reflected this information to me clearly on the computer screen. My ability to cope with a situation is strong and my reactionary behavior is calm. I was really happy to see the improvement in black and white (well actually it’s in vivid colors!) on the computer screen with little room for subjectivity.

Gabriel and I went over the course of events the last few days in great depth. It was very helpful in my processing to talk with him while he was downloading deeper information from my own central nervous system, gently guiding me with appropriate questions, helping me pinpoint how I was feeling and identify the patterned “tapes” that play in my head. And, most importantly, he showed me how to healthfully and honestly move forward. It was raw. It wasn’t easy or necessarily pleasant, but by the end of the session, my head finally stopped throbbing for the first time today and I did feel more clear and optimistic.

Gabe also re-tested my homeopathic and added 3 more drops to my regimen. I am going to start taking them this evening.

And I think I am gonna be just fine.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.