So today is Rosh Hashanah! My kids were less than thrilled to go to temple today even though we were meeting Grandpa there, we would be in one of the many houses of God AND it is the Jewish New Year. Their response was, “but it’s soooo boring! And we never even get to SEE God even though we are at his house!”

So I bribed them with a going-out-to-breakfast extravaganza. Since it is the New Year, we celebrated with 2 munchkins each, a bagel and pancakes. Yes, sugar and carbs is what it as all about, but it is a special occasion. And as we made our way down the block, stopping off at multiple locations for this morning’s special treat parade, I sipped on my green juice and felt happy and quite satisfied, not craving any of the stuff my kids were indulging in. I was truly happy to be spending the morning with them and knowing that although we are not religious, we would be keeping tradition and going to temple with my dear, loving Dad.

I left my kids with my Dad for a bit and came to SanaVita to do some work. Then I got in a quick yoga practice before temple. When I arrived, my Dad was already inside with the babes. And ohhhh how cute they looked! 7 was dressed in the outfit I had picked for him, sitting next to his big sister, dressed in the dress she chose herself.

Grandpa and my babes at temple
Grandpa and my babes at temple
It was a children’s service and incredibly heart-warming to see all the cute kiddies and proud parents milling about. The service at Brotherhood Synagogue was free and open to all. It was very kid friendly and the children actively participated in the service.

It was an amazing and surreal experience to be there as the grown-up with my two children, sitting beside my father. Now I was the mama and my babies were looking up at ME with pleading eyes. “Mama! How much longer mama?” over and over again. And then my son looks at me with a fierce expression and wide eyes and declares that he is STARVING! And thirsty too! “Seven-pie, didn’t you just eat lunch?”, I ask. He tells me yes, but he is starving again and needs to eat!

Luckily I had my super food / kale smoothie on hand. Even though they often crinkle their noses and decline my offerings of the weird stuff I drink, there in temple, in front of God, they drank from my cup of goodness. And drank and drank and drank…

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.