This morning, we were on our way to starting our second day of Rosh Hashanah special treats so we would go to temple with no complaints when my Dad called and suggested skipping temple since it was going to rain. And how ‘bout he just come over and play instead. I told him to hold on while I asked my kids how they felt about that. They jumped up and down and cheered as though they had just found out there was no school due to a snow blizzard. Then Seven stopped in his tracks and looked at me very seriously and asked, “but we can still have doughnuts, right mama?” I told him, “yes, next Wednesday when we go back to Temple for Yom Kippur!”

We had a nice time together and then I split to hit SanaVita, yoga and then back to SanaVita. Last night we had another family over for Rosh Hashanah dinner. The two boys who came over have very particular eating needs, so I cooked noodles in butter, salt and parmesan cheese (just as requested) as well as corn on the cob and kale.

My daughter exclaimed how pleased she was that I was making kale and that she loves it soooo much! This made me very happy, as it is truly one of my favorite things to eat. I prepare it by sautéing garlic in coconut oil. The coconut oil gives it an amazing flavor and is the only oil that won’t oxidize and become toxic under high heats. It is truly the only oil we should cook with when cooking with high heats.

Then I throw in the kale, add a little tamari sauce and a few drops of water. Then I cover it and let it sit for maybe 10 minutes on medium heat. It is sooooo delicious and for the first time in a while I was seriously craving to eat. I mean chow down! I definitely needed to pull out the willpower strings on that one last night.

But the rest of the evening was seamless. I LOVE entertaining and cooking and feeding people while I am cleansing. Having the relationship and intimacy with the food fills in the gaps and still finds a way to satiate me.

By the way, when push came to shove, Naturale changed her mind and said she didn’t really like the kale so much actually, but she ate it all from her plate anyway. Yay! I mean, once upon a time I didn’t like kale either. But now I fantasize about it!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.