Well, today started off with a BANG!! Two of them to be exact. First day back to school since last week… rushing, racing, rushing, racing. And Wednesdays are busy days to begin with. After dropping my kids off at their classes, I went to use the bathroom in the stall at school. I was rushing. And racing. As I pulled my pants down I banged my elbow so hard into the corner of the steel toilet paper dispenser I literally thought I may have broken it! The pain was like the “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!!” kind of pain that vibrated down my arm and made my hand completely numb. I crouched frozen in my squatted position, pants half pulled down for several long moments breathing and praying. “Please let the pain subside and let it just be bruised and not broken!” I remember stubbing my toe a few years back and having that same piercing pain, praying that it would subside in a few minutes as stubbed toes often do. That time it didn’t. It was broken. Yesterday was a different story as my angels were watching over me. Although bruised and still tender, definitely NOT broken!

Soooo I hopped on Thumbalina (my horse) and headed off to SanaVita. I was riding along the bike lane when suddenly I saw a cab door opening right in front of me and although I started to break and swerve to the left… I knew there was not enough time to avoid what was about to happen. The whole experience was totally surreal. Everything started to move in super slow motion. I knew I was going down and instead of fighting it, I just let go. I prepared for what was to come, the concrete slamming against my back. I tucked my chin all the way into my chest to protect the back of my head. I tucked my pelvis in to protect my coccyx, which is quite boney and protrudes much further than most people’s, and I allowed myself to just go down.

A guy got out of the taxi and was totally sweet, concerned and attentive. He offered to take me to the hospital and helped me up along with my bicycle. I was shaking like a leaf as it is pretty shocking to get hit or fall down as it is always so unexpected. After getting up and assessing myself, I was able to separate my trembling body from the rest of it and realized I was perfectly fine. I was amazed as the fall was fairly severe and the sweet guy from the taxi seemed pretty surprised as well. He gave me his card in case I needed anything. A true New York experience came to an end as two kind souls who collided on their way to start their days, went their separate ways. FYI, turns out he has a very cool company that he started that provides very high-quality cooking stocks of a variety of flavors without ever adding salt, additives or preservatives. I was very happy to discover this as I love using stocks in many of the dishes I make — especially rice dishes for the kids or broths for me in the winter — but they are usually much too salty.

So, I got back on my bike and went to work, then to spin, to my two-hour pole dance class, back to work, to the Y to watch my kids play soccer and straight to a seminar at a holistic dentist’s office midtown. The seminar discussed the importance of testing for bacteria in the mouth, the direct correlation between healthy gums and teeth and a healthy heart and vice versa and the relationship that a healthy mouth has to the gut and again, vice versa!

The dentist offered so much interesting and surprisingly informative information. I am going to start working with them on both a personal and professional level. At the end of the lecture, DDS Reid Winick (www.dentistryforhealthny.com) offered to demonstrate a microscopic examination for the group of us and used my mouth as the subject! He took some samples with a sharp plastic hook and placed them under the microscope to examine them. Then, he showed it to us on the computer screen. I could see my white blood cells and unfortunately a few rods and vibrios which are bacteria, but I was at the 2nd level of a healthy mouth. We all know how I love to be at the #1 level, so I will be investing in a Hydrofloss, which Dr. Winick believes may just be my personal missing link to perfection!

So, my day ended in a great way! I see the day’s lesson as follows. There is plenty of time to get it all done. A few minutes loss in one place isn’t going to be what breaks me. A broken bone or back or head will. I am slowing down. I was actually riding my bike at a slow pace when I got clipped and then everything slowed down a lot after that. And I still got it all done.

The other thing I realized is that I didn’t get thrown off my center. I didn’t go into victim drama queen mode freaking out that I almost broke something. I barely even mentioned it to anyone and just moved on with my day straight from there. And while it was happening I was able to stay present and slow the experience down to a pace so that I could alter the outcome. It reminds me of my last Biofeedback session. I am less reactionary and more able to cope with life as it comes at me. I believe this is directly related to the healing process I am undergoing through this cleanse.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.