Well we had about 30 people in and out of our house last night. It was so nice to have close friends and family in our home for the traditional holiday. I meant to take a picture of the spread, but it all happened so fast! I do have 2 recipes I’d like to share with you, however.

In addition to the traditional Jewish bagels and smoked fish delicacies, I prepared a Quinoa salad and Tzatziki yogurt dill dip. They were both big hits!

2 cups plain Greek yogurt (I recommend whole fat yogurt)
½ cup sour cream (optional)
2 cucumbers peeled, halved lengthwise, seeded and grated
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
1 garlic clove, minced
2 tablespoons minced fresh dill
½ tablespoon of course sea salt

Mix all the ingredients and enjoy with crudités or gluten free pretzels, chips or crackers or just off the spoon!

Quinoa Salad
Cook about a cup and a half of quinoa, I like to throw a vegetable bouillon cube in while cooking.
Separately sauté Vidalia onion, red, yellow and orange bell pepper and a can of organic black beans in coconut oil.
When they are both finished cooking, mix and let cool.
When totally cool, add a couple of tablespoons of fresh minced dill, 2 peeled and chopped cucumbers and fresh lemon and lime juice.
Add salt to taste.

I tried both of the dishes I made and continued drinking juice throughout the evening. I also indulged in some wine since I’m wrapping up my cleanse and it was SUCH a festive occasion. I definitely felt sluggish today from the wine. Even though it wasn’t that much, I still felt the effects. And I am glad as it reminds me how good I feel without it!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.