Today I had my first salad! It was delicious! I definitely have been feeling the effects of the wine from last night and have been feeling a little down. And PMS is prevalent…frustration, slight irritability, general malaise. But it’s ok. I know it’s just a temporary feeling. And that’s the biggest difference I am noticing in myself these days. I’ve always been so highly reactive; whatever I feel, I always feel so strongly. In the moment, I feel like it’s how I will feel forever. But now, I am calmer. Less reactive. And when I’m not feeling great I know it won’t last forever. I feel as though someone who started taking anti-depressants might feel a month after being on the meds as they start to kick in and feel differently. More optimistic, balanced, reassured. But without the numbness.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.