Soooooo…what I’ve discovered is that cleansing is a lot like birthing. You need a plan! You need to know what it is you want, how you visualize it going down, map out the steps…and then, you need to be able to roll with the punches and do what it takes to continue the mission safely and soundly.

So if you read my entry yesterday I had great plans for self care! Colonic, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Yoga and a Massage were all on my horizon! Which I really needed because when I woke up yesterday I was feeling tired, very much in need of a colonic and was savagely broken out, not to mention I had a very unpleasant yeast infection, something I haven’t gotten in quite some time. So I was ready to support my detox just after taking my daughter, Naturale to get her school supplies. I left my son Seven home with Allyson our nanny, happy as a clam to be back home playing with his things. When we returned Seven was burning with fever, 103.5 and scared he was going to vomit. Soon after I noticed a small bug in his ear! The third one I had seen that morning. All of a sudden it came crashing down!! “Seven pie is sick as a dog and has lice!!” Naturale had it too. And now our house — and everyone in it — were most likely infected as well!

So change of plans! We spent the day in a way that only parents who have kids with lice can imagine. EVERYTHING needed to be cleaned, washed, heat dried, vacuumed and / or bagged!! Linens, stuffed animals, combs, car seats, coats, clothes, couches, rugs. And on it went! We needed to get ourselves deloused ASAP!! My poor Seven pie was lying on the floor with the one pillow we left out of the wash burning with fever asking to please lie in a bed while I was on the phone trying desperately to get an appointment that day for the 3 of us. You wouldn’t believe the killing these companies make during the summer…“lice season!” We were there for three hours!! Each child was shampooed, combed and “nit picked” for three hours straight while I tried to keep them as comfortable as possible. Fortunately, today they use all natural products but still, it is an ordeal! When we finally arrived home, Seven was still burning up and I still needed to delouse myself, even though they checked me at the lice center and said they saw nothing. I had been in such close proximity to my babes, the likelihood was that some critter had transferred.

Some of the bugs & eggs from my daughter’s delousing.
My dear friend Sylvia, who had just gone through this with her family, offered to come over to help. She spent about two hours meticulously combing through my hair section by section. We found one bug and three eggs! I finally laid down to rest a little after midnight and have to say, since this cleanse has started had the best night’s sleep I’ve gotten thus far! Yeast, pimples, shit stuck in my colon and lice finally put me over the tipping point to getting a real night’s rest!!

When I woke up this morning my skin was miraculously shinning, glowing and blemish free! My yeast infection (which I am treating with tea tree oil suppositories and probiotics) felt negligible in just one night and I finally didn’t feel itchy all over! I did still feel bloated in my belly and went to SanaVita for a colonic. Now I am feeling golden!

Today has been a great day, not to mention how amazingly beautiful it is outside. I feel renewed!! I started the day with a bang when Naturale strolled into my room at 6am shouting “GOOD MORNING” cheerfully, something I actually taught her, but didn’t mean for her to do at that hour! After getting to bed late and still waking up from some disturbing dreams during the night, I was pretty darn exhausted! But I took a spin class today and my two-hour pole dance class and was told by my teacher and fellow students that it was the best dance I’ve done thus far! And it was the first time I completed a dance in its entirety without ever getting nervous or my body trembling by the end.

I went and enjoyed a super food smoothie at Liquiteria and sat outside thinking about how different things can be day to day. Yesterday was insanity. Today was empowering and calm.

My kids are walking in the door and our shampooing, combing hair extravaganza is about to begin!

Stay tuned…

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.