So last night WAS interesting. About an hour and a half before my date I suddenly came down with fierce body aches all over my body. I headed straight to SanaVita to give myself a colonic. My stomach was tight and distended with gas and I had a very hard time releasing anything at all. It almost felt as though I had food poisoning but I hadn’t had anything other than the usual and so that just didn’t make any sense. I went on my date and by the time we met up, not only was I gripping my body in pain, I now had such intense chills my teeth were clattering! Now I am a blind date who isn’t eating, drinking and is shivering cold and sitting rigidly hugging myself barely able to carry on a conversation! Talk about first impressions!

I tried to explain what I was experiencing and fortunately my date was very laid back and understanding. We eventually got me some Tylenol (everything in moderation…in that level of distress I personally advocate medication within reason) and I started to feel human again.

What I realized was that trying to be out in the “regular world” while cleansing really wasn’t so hard! Fully disclosing what I’m doing and what I am experiencing made it a lot easier. And once I got over the initial hump of being in a bar and not having a drink it was smooth sailing. I had juice with me and drank it as needed. My outing was a success!

That whole night in bed and the next morning I was still in a lot of pain and still had the chills. So I got a colonic with Bella. When I explained what was happening to me, she decided to work very deeply on my stomach manually during my releases. At first nothing was moving, but after a lot of deep abdominal massage, finally stuff started to move. I wish I had taken some photos but I was in way too much discomfort to think of anything but breathing and releasing. In the end a LOT of very hard and dark matter started to rush thru the tube. In my opinion, something very old had been lodged inside my intestines started to loosen due to my cleansing. And the fermented poisons stuck inside of that debris had begun to permeate through the semi-permeable membrane of the intestines into my blood. The body aches and chills were a symptom of that poisoning. Although I did feel a LOT better after the colonic I still am not 100% and am still needing Tylenol to help with the body aches a couple of times a day.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.