My weekend with the kiddies started off with a big bang! On my way home from my date, which was quite lovely, I rode by our local haunt and picked up another mama and a couple of kiddies and brought them all back to our place for a late-night play date. My kids were psyched!

The morning was a little tough as we didn’t get to sleep till after midnight and the kids were all up a little after 6am, but spin class with Danny set me back on track. Our plan was to hit Coney Island for the day with some friends. Usually, being there with all the stimulation and the temptations of Nathan’s French Fries and cotton candy (I loooove cotton candy!) and the smell of hot salty popcorn, my cravings run strong. But being there was quite easy and I really didn’t feel tempted at all.

I had juice in the morning and made a super deluxe smoothie to bring with me, which held me over quite well until the end of the day, when we stopped by Nathan’s for dinner. I was hungry and didn’t have anything left with me so I ate some pickles that held me over till I got home. The day was great! My kids LOVE Coney Island so much and we often go in the summer.

Here’s one of my favorite pics of them from last summer.

Arul's 37-Day Cleanse: Days 22 & 23

Yesterday was a mellow day with the kids. Spin in the morning, then play dates and dinner with friends. My juices and smoothies held me over throughout the day. For dinner, we went to a restaurant where I was able to get some guacamole and I brought my flax seed crackers with me. It was lovely to sit and share a meal with my friend and our kids and still stay within my guidelines. I have to admit, I was still tempted by her glasses of wine. Even though I know red wine gives me a headache, I still wanted it. But I was glad I was safe inside my cleanse.

I slept pretty well last night. Close to 8 hours with less tossing and turning than usual. I’m still feeling emotionally raw and a bit up and down, but holding steady.

When I look back, I remember feeling rather solemn this time of year. The distinct memory of sitting in temple with my family and feeling sad is quite vivid. I am taking my kids to temple this afternoon with my Dad as we did last year and hoping to make it a tradition for us…and keep it light and happy. Yoga class beforehand should help with that for sure!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.