Today started off fantastically! I slept well with no sleep aids and promptly took a humongous poo, leaving me feeling like superwoma

This morning, I rode my bike from meeting to meeting (including my son’s bookfair at school) loving the gorgeous day, sharing the happy energies of all the people I encountered throughout the day.

I am figuring out this eating thing too, with the protein. Yesterday worked really well for me especially since I exercised in the afternoon, which I do on several days. I realize that when I start with my smoothie, I’m left hungry right before my workout, which just doesn’t work for obvious reasons. If I don’t eat, I’m weak and if I do, I’m full in the belly. So now I am eating more of a breakfast and leaving my smoothie for later in the afternoon or an hour before my workout.

This morning I met a friend at Mud to go over a few things and get my morning chow down on. I had the LOVE salad with an egg on top. It was perfect. And it held me over nicely until my 1pm yoga class.

Then I had my smoothie and later ate some avocado and fermented veggies.

A perfect day.

Until dinner…outside at the corner bistro with ALL our friends. Everyone happy, chatting, eating, kids scooting around. We haven’t done this since early fall and we’ve been jonsing to reconvene for many months. Of course, the bottles of wine were opened and drinks were served and passed around.

I indulged on one frozen margarita. Probably the worst of the options, but out in the heat of the sun, in the moment, I did it.

Tomorrow morning I will repent for my sins at spin.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.