Funny how quickly things can change. These moments of getting “triggered” can linger and all of a sudden your mojo gets lost and you find yourself off track.

Yesterday (I’m writing this the morning after) was another day of surprises. It’s been like that all week. Something unexpected came up at my kids school throwing off my neatly-planned schedule, then our afternoon receptionist had an emergency and couldn’t make it in and I found myself behind the desk at SanaVita multi-tasking and wearing several different hats at once, just like the old days. On the phone with the nanny, greeting and checking clients out, accepting deliveries, answering emails, trying to complete other tasks and meetings I had via phone. It wasn’t a bad thing at all. I actually enjoyed having the time and space to connect with clients coming in and out, something I’ve always loved and wish I have more time for. So that was actually a gift.

But it was intense. And although my eating was still on track, in the middle of it all I grabbed a cookie.

And then after work, I took my kids on a play date and accepted another glass of wine.

And I sit and observe the sequence of events and understand how easy it is to fall off track when life gets crazy.

But again, it’s all part of the process.

Today my son stayed home from school. His legs hurt. I told him he is probably having growing pains. When he grows everything stretches out longer and it can hurt. I told him I understood. Mama is having growing pains today too.

So we are home today resting together. Supporting each another through the process of growth.

And being gentle with ourselves as we grow and learn.

It’s my first week and I am challenged as I ease into this cleanse. I will get there.

It’s all part of the process.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.