So today I tried something new. I said I am going to have a little bit of meat with every meal. And so it was.

I woke up and instead of starting with my Kefir smoothie, I started with 2 slices of turkey wrapped around some avocado. It was physically satisfying. That was around 7:30am.

I made my smoothie to go and drank it at 11:30. The turkey and avocado got me through those first 4 hours easily. I had a spin class at 1pm so the timing of the smoothie was perfect, not too heavy with enough time to digest before spinning.

By the time spin was over I was starving. I went to Chipotle to pick up a salad bowl to bring back to work with me. Oddly, they were closed but would be opening in 30 minutes. So I went back to work and ate about ½ cup of fermented veggies. Then I walked back to Chipotle for my salad!

I got a lot of extra lettuce. Some of the juice from the black beans, but not the black beans themselves. Tomatoes, guacamole, and their free-range chicken. And then more lettuce on top! They are always a little chincy with their lettuce. I laughed at the thought of how generous they are with their chicken, but not with their lettuce! I bought some extra lettuce on my way back and added it to my salad as I prepare to feast.

By this point it is 3pm and I am more than ready to get my chow on! The salad takes me about an hour to eat as I am working on emails as I chew…and chew.…and chew. I take my time, knowing there is no rush and I savor every bite of this carefully thought out and long-awaited meal.

When I am finished I am fully satisfied. It is the perfect place of satisfaction without the sensation of fullness. I feel great! And although I am usually struggling for something sweet to finish off the tangy, savory flavors of my typical meals, I am not craving sweet for whatever reason today. I am set.

My lunch takes me through until dinner. Although I said I would have meat at every meal, I realize I am not that hungry by dinner so I just have a small amount of the kale that I prepared for my family. Afterwards, I had a bowl of coco yo with berries and a few nuts. The coco yo is a coconut pudding sweetened with stevia. It’s full of all sorts of healthy little creatures (bacterias).

The day is done. The kitchen is closed and I feel great on this first real day of spring.

Yay for all of us. We have finally arrived!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.