The weekend was intense. Saturday we were out of the house by 8am and didn’t make it back home until 11 at night. I had a good night’s sleep Friday night and a great workout in the morning. Then, I was out with the kids all day. We went to a birthday party and I brought my own salad (they actually served salad in addition to the other usual junk, which was a bonus!). I stayed away from the pizza and cake. In the evening we went to the Barclays Center to see “our boys” play b-ball (we are huge Nets fans!) and we all indulged in some popcorn. It was a good day!

Sunday was tougher. We all slept in bed together after the game, which usually works well, but my body is still adjusting to not using sleep aids and I am much more sensitive to the kids rolling around throughout the night. I recently got a king sized bed instead of the queen I had so that the 3 of us could snuggle up together on special occasions and sleep together. But this night was rough as I was so sensitive and couldn’t really sleep. I got maybe 2 hours of broken sleep.

Tired and a little bit cranky, I got the kids out of the house to drop them off at SanaVita so I could take my spin class. But, there was a glitch with the timing so I didn’t wind up making it to class. When I’m exhausted like that, I find that exercise, if I can force myself to get through it, will re-energize me for the day. But when I’m that tired, I feel like I am hung-over and it is difficult to overcome the exhaustion.

My diet was still pretty good, except for a few too many pinto chips. I can feel myself craving the salty snacks (even healthy ones like popcorn and pinto chips) as I am in my PMS stage when my menstrual cycle is coming to a close.

I was struggling to get through the day and it was only 3pm. We were hosting a play date at our house…still 5 hours ahead of me and already SO ready for bed.

Then another friend came over for a play date and brought our whole crew with her as a surprise. Next thing we knew our play date turned into a HUGE party. Well, huge for our standards: 6 kids, 8 grownups. Then the drinks came out. Some of our guests wanted to drink screwdrivers but I don’t keep OJ in the house. I do have a lot of pink grapefruits so I juiced up a big batch of grapefruit juice and we made screwdrivers. I had one with lots of ice and nursed over many hours, adding more grapefruit juice, ice and water as I sipped on my drink. We ordered pizza for dinner for the kids. I had already eaten at our late picnic lunch earlier in the day so I was safe there.

I am still amazed at how quickly things can change. I wonder if I had made it to the spin class if I would have been more easily able to resist the drink? Or if I wasn’t so tired? Or how much the one drink really matters in the end. I am still learning humility in observing and being present throughout the process, rather than focusing on perfection.

I am feeling much better today. The weather certainly is a big factor! Starting my 2nd week on the cleanse now and ready to take it up a notch. I am also emotionally recovering from my setback with my feelings over my ex from last week. Just that little thing really triggered me and set me back. But with time, just a few days, it starts to fade to the backdrop…thankfully.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.