A cleaner and greener me!

By Nigel Barker
Over the holidays I did what most Dads do, I polished off my kids left over food after dinner. Now I stopped eating eggs and bacon sometime ago because I had high cholestrol but I thought it wont hurt me to have a few mouthfuls….boy was I wrong. A couple of hours later I developed a terrible stomach ache that lasted for 3 days! Now my kids who ate plenty of the food were absolutely fine, it was my constitution that had become delicate since I cut out those food types. So long story short I decided to detox and cleanse my system in 2011 as one of my new year resolutions.

I chose a brand called The Blue Print Cleanse as they are all the rage with my friends and they have it all mapped out for you so you don’t need to think about it – just drink! Now cleansing and detoxing isn’t fasting. I wouldn’t recommend fasting to anyone nor could I do it as I love food too much. The great thing about this cleanse is that they provide you with a variety of juices that are pre-packed and labeled 1-6 for you to drink in that order throughout the day. I went on the 5 day cleanse and am happy to tell you that I look and feel like a new person. Sure I lost a few pounds, anytime you shake up your diet that tends to happen, but more importantly the equivalent of 20lbs of vegetables you are drinking everyday makes you radiate health and well being from the inside out. I also made a visit to SanaVita which is recommended by Blue Print for Colonic hydrotherapy, trust me it isn’t as scary as it sounds! It’s a little scary for sure but the therapist was super gentle and nice and I felt incredible afterwards. And yes when I said I was going to cleanse and detox I meant it!!

So be good to yourself and clean out your system whether with Blue Print or your own home made juices. Try it for 3 days and be prepared for a little roller coaster as your body rejuvenates and eliminates all that unwanted stored up waste…. I can do it, so can you.

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