BEST colonic(s) EVER. Scared and scarred by my first colonic in Brooklyn over a year ago, I was quite wary of coming in to make my- errrr  backside vulnerable yet again. Well, I was pleasantly surprised by the home-like environment from the moment you walk in and take off your shoes with the pleasant smell of soy candles burning.

After filling out a detailed description of my lifestyle (hobbies, activities, food consumed, bowel movements, etc), I was greeted by my therapist, Anna. She was quite cheery for so late in the day and I was probably a bit grumpy from juice fasting. I noticed how lovely her complexion was and how interested she was in my health and why I was here. She wasn’t trying to push me to buy another colonic or pressure me to go out of my comfort zones but only made gentle recommendations, which I truly appreciated and respected her guidance through my experience.

Months later, I did end up buying a package of three and just had my second colonic at SanaVita (with Anna)! It was quite different from the first, but that’s because my body was at a different point, coming home from 20 days in Europe eating what ever when ever. The toxins that came out and the way my body reacted was absolutely incredulous.

At SanaVIta, they truly respect the body and appreciate it. Much like a yoga class, they honor where your body is in the moment. For everyone that wishes the price could be cheaper, I understand your wishes, but I believe that for the service, the treatment and for the organic and natural products they use, it is well worth it.

Virginia R