Like a reliable anti-virus app for your computer, biofeedback is responsible for monitoring the entire body for existing or potential malfunctions and health conditions. It also aims to identify areas of life heavily impacted by the stress factors, based on what it finds.

An analysis of the bioenergetic field can determine when and where this field is out of balance. Using sensitive instruments, we measure the bioenergetic field as expressed on one's hand, which provides a detailed picture, mapping areas of the patient's central nervous "operating system" that are out of balance.

Along with the analysis, SanaVita's patients receive detailed instructions on how to make healthier lifestyle choices. It also allows them to receive constant, customized support, guiding them toward a long-term improvements and balance in areas of physical, mental and, emotional health.

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Bucking the stereotype that teenagers are impulsive, shortsighted, and strictly carnivorous, at just 13 years old, Arul Goldman made the decision that, from that day forward, she would adhere to a vegetarian diet.

This set her on a lifelong exploration of nutrition and its effects on the body, mind, and spirit. After experiencing some of the health benefits of holistic treatments, she also sought a license to counsel clients on their own well-being.

Arul went on to become a certified colon hydrotherapist, lymphatic-drainage therapist, and holistic-health and nutritional counselor, before opening SanaVita, Center for Holistic Cleansing.

Arul’s primary focus nowadays is on bio-energetic medicine. She has seen the resonance and results in her clients, herself and her children and is excited to share it with as many like-minded individuals.