At SanaVita, we use the most advanced, sanitary and complete water filtration system available. The water that enters the body to remove toxins, debris and chlorine is triple-filtered and alkalized. The alkalized water entering the colon helps to subtly re-balance the body's natural alkaline state. And, we use sanitized, individually wrapped disposable speculums, rather than reusable metal speculums that are still used by some practitioners.

If you feel any discomfort at any point in the process, the colon hydrotherapist can immediately shut the water off.

At the start of a colonic, you will lie on the treatment table on your left side with a gown covering your lower abdomen and legs. The certified colon hydrotherapist will slowly and gently insert a speculum (a hollow plastic tube) into the rectum.

Once the speculum is inserted, the colon hydrotherapist attaches waste tubing so the water and waste that is released passes through the viewing tube of the colonic machine and then directly into the sewer pipe. All the water and waste are enclosed in this tubing so there is no odor. There is also a check valve inside the machine that prevents the clean water from ever mixing with the dirty water.

Water flows into the rectum very slowly and at a controlled pressure. The water will be filling up your colon slowly, gently irrigating the waste material inside the colon. Once you feel full, the colon hydrotherapist immediately releases the pressure of water allowing you to release water along with excrement through the tube. As this happens, the colon hydrotherapist is gently massaging your colon, assisting the water and feces out during the release.

When you are ready, the colon hydrotherapist will do another fill of water. And together with your colon hydrotherapist, you continue this process for the duration of the session, one hour in length. When the session is over, you will turn back onto your left side so that the speculum can be removed. Then, you will be given time in a private bathroom to sit on the toilet and release anything else that has not yet come out through the tube.

After the session, the colon hydrotherapist will give you an electrolyte drink filled with trace minerals to replenish lost electrolytes and a pro-biotic to help replenish the healthy flora (good bacteria) that was lost during the Colonic. And then you're finished.

After a colonic, you will likely feel lighter, more energized and more alert.

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