Our Community Spotlight showcases SanaVita’s heart and soul, our amazing community of practitioners and clients.

Arul, the Founder and Director of SanaVita, met Erica on the colonic table and an immediate connection was made…

“So many of my clients move me deeply. I am often humbled and amazed by my clients’ diversity of passions, their accomplishments and their willingness to make changes in their lifestyle in order to manifest their dreams and live their lives to their fullest potential.

Erica is a perfect example of a young woman refusing to settle for anything less than true health, happiness and self-fulfillment in both her private passions and her career. I had the pleasure of witnessing her courageous transformation. Refusing to be a victim of circumstances, she took charge of her life and within months of making big life-changing decisions, began to execute her plan. Without knowing anyone, she moved to London and started, not just a new job, but two independent businesses on the side! She started a private travel consulting business called “The Travel Analyst” and recently launched Out of Office, a new online magazine to help busy New Yorkers make the most of their time spent away from the office.

Happy travels, Erica! And no matter where your travels take you, we hope you will always consider SanaVita your home away from home.”

Meet Erica

As a busy professional, achieving balance when it comes to health and wellness has become a primary focus in my life. I don’t always get the balance right, but it is something I strive for every day. I always feel so much happier and able to handle challenges when I’m in optimal health. On the other hand, when I’m not healthy, I feel sluggish and foggy. The sad thing is that many of us are used to functioning in this state. We are expected to perform at our utmost best, yet the engine that is our body is bogged down by unhealthy foods, environmental pollution and overwhelming stress.

Perhaps this is the reason I was able to breathe a huge, relaxing sigh the minute I walked into SanaVita just over 3 years ago. Everything about SanaVita spoke to healing and relaxation which is exactly what I needed. At the time I was a mid-level tax attorney with an enjoyable, challenging job, yet I was unsure about my career and how long I wanted to live in the “grind”. Within SanaVita’s walls, I was able to leave the stress of my day job at the door and create a space where I could heal things within myself. A lot happened during the year I visited SanaVita. Most notably, I received an offer of a tax position in London, which I immediately jumped on.

London has certainly been a time of growth for me. I think I needed to try practicing my profession in a different environment before deciding that my passion is not in my career. But more importantly, London is where I’ve decided to create a career out of my passion. I’ve always loved traveling, and being in London has opened the world to me. I have been able to transport myself to different cultures within a matter of hours. It occurred to me that my life has been so positively impacted by my travel experiences that I want to help others do the same. Just over a year ago, I launched my travel consulting company, The Travel Analyst LLC. I’m not a traditional travel agency. Instead, I spend time getting to fully know my clients and what they are looking for in a trip. Then, I carefully curate trips to meet my clients’ needs. My company focuses on every aspect; from choosing the ideal location to minimizing the out of pocket cost. As I develop partnerships and relationships with local tour operators, I am able to bring value that can’t be found by searching Expedia or even Trip Advisor.

Not surprisingly, most of my clients are busy professionals like me. I relate to them because I know what it’s like to be stressed at work and looking forward to the vacation. Inevitably, our discussions wander away from the trip itself towards other areas of their lives; from the unreasonable boss to the challenges at home. Because I see a piece of myself in my clients, it’s my desire to support them as much as I can. As a result, I’m launching an online magazine entitled Out of Office, which features articles and tips to help my clients achieve balance in their lives. I think achieving balance comes in 3 forms: optimizing health and wellness, saving time so that quality time can be spent out of the office, and (of course) travelling to relax the body and the mind. I’m so excited about this project as I’ve been able to connect with really great companies that can support my clients in their journey. SanaVita is one of them!

Erica graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University where she majored in Economics and minored in Latin American studies. She then attended New York University School of Law. To find out more about her travel consulting services, please send her an e-mail at ericanoelle@the-travel-analyst.com.