Essential Oil Classes @ SanaVita: 

Empower Yourself To Be a Healer in Your Own Home by Using Natural Solutions. Act Fast and sign up for our Class tomorrow April 9th at 3pm!


(Last Chance to Sign Up) Saturday, April 9th @ 3pm

Thursday, April 14th @ 6pm

Location: SanaVita 145 East 16th Street
The Essential Oil Family Physicians Class is $27
(Raffle Winner wins Free Ionic Footbath)

Slots are limited, Call now to book your seat!


Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Learn how to take charge of your own health and wellbeing using essential oils. Using certified pure essential oils, you can sustain a healthy immune system, support digestion, protect against seasonal sensitivities, promote healthy respiratory function, enhance mood, boost vitality, clean the air of odors, assist relaxation and restful sleep, soothe skin irritations and much more… 

We would be thrilled if you would join us so that you too can learn how my family and I have discovered the enormous benefits by implementing these natural solutions in our practice and in our personal lives.

You’ll receive not only resourceful information, take-home printouts and a magazine, but also a discount on your next service at SanaVita, as well as your own bottle of essential oil to take home. And don’t forget, the winner of our Raffle will also receive a relaxing and detoxing complimentary Ionic Footbath!