Finding Balance In a Shaky Economy

By Allison Haunss

Jim Monahan is a small business owner who is stressed out with the markets, work and life in general. These days the stock ticker is doing a number on his own ticker.

"I've been hanging on by a thread," he said.

"I think the way for myself to get through these periods is to have some balance," said Monahan.

And balance is the focus at the center, which uses cleansings, acupuncture and meditation, to get the mind body and spirit connected again

"Right now there's so much uncertainty and people are so afraid," explains Hope. "They feel like they don't have power or control over what's going on and they resort back to their vices because that's familiar."

Vices like smoking, drinking, overeating even online pornography which give people a sense of calm but can zap one's energy. Hope says instead, take a breath and start with the basics like drinking plenty of water and exercising. She also suggests avoiding sugar, alcohol and caffeine.

"Take control of what's happening inside your body," she explains.

Anthony Macagone who owns the nearby Sal Anthony Movement Salon has the same advice. He says to avoid losing yourself, you have to be present physically and mentally and that's what he teaches at his center where yoga and movement on specialized machines are key.

"It's more about remembering yourself through a movement and that usually brings a person more present then we think we are," said Macagone.

While people with a history of addiction may need to monitor their health with the help of a medical professional, those who feel they may just be indulging a bit too much, may just need to keep moving to keep sane.

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