We’re thrilled our clients have been raving about our Holistic Flu Remedy Kit for adults!

In response to many inquires, we have designed a holistic Flu Kit for Kids, specifically for children, ages 2-12.

The combination of remedies is effective, non-toxic and easy to take.

Drainage Tone

Drainage Tone provides gentle yet effective drainage for the immune and lymphatic system, perfect for supporting children, the elderly and everyone in between.

Flu Tone

Flu Tone is a homeopathic drainage and tonification remedy designed to uplift and stimulate the immune system, which is essential in the prevention of the cold and flu. Immune-enhancing herbs are also included to nourish the body and provide the necessary resources it needs to help alleviate cold and flu-like symptoms such as general weakness, runny nose, fever, sore throat, achiness, and cough.

Flora Chewable

Flora Chewable probiotic offers a delicious source of healthy bacteria which helps the body maintain intestinal flora to promote normal immune function and healthy digestion.


Xenoforce is high in vitamins/antioxidants A and C, zinc and also contains a variety of herbs such as echinacea and ginger. It may be recommended for maintaining normal immune function and is particularly helpful during times of stress or seasonal change.

Spagyric Greens

Spagyric Greens is a power-packed formula of nutrient-rich living foods and potent herbal components to support balanced energy, healthy immunity and youthful vitality.


Respigard is a non-toxic super food that strengthens the immune and respiratory systems, that works as both a preventative to flus and colds as well as helping to minimize acute symptoms.