“I have been fortunate enough to have Katie as my Reiki healer during a time when I was experiencing tremendous pain, both physically and emotionally. Katie truly possesses a special and rare gift to be able to heal, help and re-energize people. She’s very intuitive, sensitive, attentive, and calming. I had never done Reiki before my session with Katie and she was really wonderful at making sure I was comfortable, relaxed and informed of what would be happening. Any anxiety or doubt I may have felt disappeared and I felt 100% ready for this wonderful experience. Throughout the Reiki session I could feel my pain melting away, energy shifting, I felt like I was in an altered state of consciousness and had some fascinating visuals. This is an experience I still think about often because it was magical in many ways. Katie was able to give me what some of the most renowned medical doctors couldn’t at a time when I most needed it — relief from pain, calmness, relaxation, and a general feeling of wellness and balance. I would highly recommend Katie as a Reiki healer. She is exceptionally knowledgeable, not just as a Reiki practitioner but in all realms of holistic health. Her compassion, commitment and dedication are strongly reflected in her approach. It is obvious that this is not just something Katie does, this is who she is.”

Jane F.