JudyColon Hydrotherapist

Judit Aguirre, CHT has been a Colon Therapist for 16 years. She wanted to improve her own health and when she began to notice a marked difference in her own and other people’s lives, she became a practitioner. She has also studied different healing modalities, including crystal healing, oils, SRT (spiritual response therapy) and the use of dowsing and pendulums. These teachings have influenced her work as a Colon Therapist and have also given her knowledge and insight into the different ways people can heal.

Judit is certified by the National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals (CNHP) and by Ann Wigmore’s Natural Health Institute in living food lifestyle and total well-being. She is also part of the educator program at the Living Food Institute in Atlanta (Brenda Cobb). In addition, Judit is certified in reflexoloy and has completed a training program at the Lincoln Medical/Mental Health Center in the use of acupuncture for substance abuse.

Judit is bi-lingual (Spanish and English), and travel is her passion. She loves what she does because working with people is a way of giving back to others while expanding the circle of her own life.