Stefanie Weiss is SanaVita’s new resident Astrologer. Starting in January, Stefanie, along with Arul Goldman and Gabriel Hoffman, Directors of SanaVita, will guide people through SanaVita’s new 28-Day Cleanse, coinciding with the cycles of the moon.

Every month we’re treated to the guiding light of both the New and Full Moon — beacons for our growth and progress. Because these powerful “lunations” are bi-weekly, they’re perfect for charting the course of your life and setting intentions.

For a sense of how to make this happen, here is a (slightly amended) excerpt from a recent article I wrote for

Tuning into the Moon to fuel intuition and connect to your body is always healthy and can be extremely fruitful, but you probably didn’t know that you can use lunar energy as an adjunct to your calendar — think of it as your iCal in the sky. It’s especially potent and useful for projects that require you to tap into your emotions and subconscious thoughts.

Moon cycles work in two ways, for monthly planning, in two-week chunks, and also for planning ahead — looking toward six months from now for longer-term goals. Find out when the next New Moon takes place, and mark it on your calendar. This is your moment of initiation – new beginnings, planting seeds. The New Moon continues to be potent three days after it is exact, but the energy is more available beforehand, and in the hours leading up to the exact New Moon — that’s why it’s a good idea to note the exact moment in your time zone.

Next is the potent Full Moon, which is often a very intensely emotional time — a moment of release. Like the New Moon, it’s even more powerful during the three days leading up to it, and it’s worthwhile to note the exact time of the lunation. You may even want to do a kind of releasing ritual on the day of the Full Moon, to let go of any negative energy or fear you’ve held onto since you first initiated your project. By now, you know what your work looks and feels like — it’s come fully to life.

Today, Sunday, November 17th, the initiation/release energy is brought to us by the Full Moon in Taurus, symbolizing the sensual world.

Taurus is an Earth sign, and at its highest potential it can help us to feel grounded, strong, and safe. But the flip side of Taurus energy is excess – usually in the form of food and drink, but sometimes shopping and sex. The Full Moon in Taurus offers a moment to ritualize a release from the toxins we’ve taken in during the last six months. Let go of fear of loss, of the craving for material goods you don’t truly need, and of any tendency to eat emotionally. This energy is ideal for setting an intention and starting a cleanse — one that addresses the needs of your body, creative spirit, and soul.

Leading up to January 1st, I’ll be sharing the energy of each New and Full Moon with you in this space, so you can get your own ritual going.

I’m really excited to begin this journey with you.