Personal Holistic Coaching

30 Days Intensive One-On-One Coaching | $1977

You can’t expect real results without a real commitment from both parties.  That is why Arul has created this intensive one on one coaching program.  Through her own journey she realized that the key to success is first and foremost setting the stage for it and consistency. 

Arul offer’s a personal touch in her one on one coaching. The sessions can be customized to meet the needs of her clients as Arul has never subscribed to a “one size fits all” mentality.  She continues to stay malleable during current day times and honors each individuals comfort levels.  That being said coaching can be in person, virtual or a mixture of both.

We are all here moving along our journey at different rates, with different superhero powers accompanied by our own versions of “kryptonite.”  During our one on one time together we will take inventory of your positive attributes and focus on those while deepening our understanding of your personal triggers and what patterns you seem to find yourself getting “stuck” in over and over again. 

Our time together can be focused on your physical container, your emotional / energetic state of being or a mixture of both. 

While focusing on the physical we will discuss where you are in the present with your body, what your goals are and where you would most benefit from support.  This can included personalized cleanses, nutritional counseling, alternative foods for sensitivities or allergies, supplementation protocols, meal plans, food prep, even exercises. 

For mental/ emotional and energetic support Arul has a variety of tools at hand to help bring balance back to the energetic fields, calm the mind and soothe the heart.  Through honest and consistent communication and other tools in her tool belt, Arul will help provide the support, nurturing ear and suggestions to slowly transform into the next best version of yourself. 

If you are looking to fall in love with yourself from the inside out, and grow into the you that YOU love the most, Arul will be your cheerleader, your mentor and your ally through the entire process!

Because Arul is committed to being ALL in if you are, there are only limited spaces available. 

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Only a certain amount of spots are available per month (You do have the option to pay 1/2 up front and 1/2 after 2 weeks)