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14 Day Primal Cleanse


  • 28 single serving functional food powder drink mix packets
  • 28 capsule packets (3 Liver Caps, 1 Digestizyme)
  • Program guidebook with schedule, sample menues, and suggested food and snack options

A comprehensive, science-based nutritional program designed to support safe and effective detoxification. This is accomplished by providing the nutrients needed to support and balance phase I and II metabolic pathways and to promote healthy liver function and elimination. Everything is consolidated into packets to make the program easy to follow and to ensure that individuals on the program do not miss any necessary nutrients.

  • Made from non-GMO North American grown yellow peas
  • Extracted via a patented technology that uses no chemical solvents
  • A true vegan protein. Excellent digestibility. Pleasant berry-vanilla flavor.
  • Contains an excellent array of amino acids. High levels of BCAAs
  • Fulfills the essential amino acid requirements outlined by the World Health Organization for adults
  • Does not contain the anti-nutritional factors commonly found in soy and other legumes, mainly trypsin inhibitors, phytates, lectins, tannins, and α- galactocides.
  • Has ACE inhibitory activity which may help blood pressure

Patients would benefit if they are:

  • On a weight loss program
  • Cutting calories or skipping meals for any reason
  • Avoiding foods due to sensitivity or a food elimination program
  • Vegetarian or vegan
  • Recovering from an injury or surgery
  • Experiencing muscle loss related to illness
  • Experiencing age related muscle loss (sarcopenia)
  • Starting or amping up an exercise program
  • Exercising specifically to build or maintain muscle

Available in store, with online ordering coming soon!