Please note, this workshop will be conducted by Stefanie Iris Weiss, one of the Saturn Sisters and a friend of SanaVita.

Sunday, January 13 | 1-5 pm at SanaVita

The workshop fee is $70. Every attendee will get a 50-plus page transit report for the coming year (a $30 value). Please register in advance by emailing Stefanie — put “Saturn in Scorpio Workshop” in the subject line. A $30 deposit will secure your space.

About the Workshop

The planet Saturn, Uber-Daddy of the zodiac, dove into the dark, mystical, and treacherous waters of Scorpio a few months ago. This is why life, both personally and collectively, has been so intense in the last several months. If you’ve been feeling raw, exposed, a little bit crazy and craving and yet scared of intimacy, this healing workshop is for you.

We’ll explore Saturn in Scorpio’s powerful themes, including:

Excising shame; becoming the subject rather than the object of your own desires; loving your body/sexuality; learning the true nature of rage and owning your righteous anger; moving beyond patriarchal ideas of women’s beauty; astral travel/lucid dreaming/akashic records; embracing the fierce feminine; understanding the will to power in your own psyche; healing unhealthy S & M tendencies in your relationships; understanding the roots of fear of change; getting to the heart of “other people’s money”–going beyond the stress of debt, taxes, and the material realm; understanding orgasm as a liberating force.

It’s no accident that we set our resolutions when the Sun is in Capricorn (the constellation ruled by Saturn). As the Cosmic Taskmaster and wise teacher of the zodiac, he gives our intentions staying power, and shows us why healthy boundaries are so important for psycho-spiritual growth. This workshop (limited to 10 attendees) is scheduled within three days of the powerful New Moon in Capricorn, when our goals are at their most potent.

We’ll come together in a sacred, safe space to share our intentions and learn how Saturn in Scorpio will affect our individual charts. The workshop is open to all ages, but particularly powerful for women born during Saturn’s previous sojourns though Scorpio (between November 30th 1982 to May 6th 1983 and August 25th 1983 to November 17th, 1985) OR October 1953 to October 1956. YOU are entering your Saturn Return.

Please visit the Saturn Sisters’ website to read more about the workshop and the Saturn Sisters.

About Stefanie Iris Weiss

Stefanie Iris Weiss, M.A. is the author of nine books, a professor of writing and an astrologer in private practice in New York City. Her latest (non-astrology book) is Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable (Crown Publishing/Ten Speed Press). She’s the co-author of Surviving Saturn’s Return (Contemporary Books) and Fate of Your Date (Chronicle Books). Her other books focus on spirit animals, yoga, veganism, grief, the beauty myth, and much more. To learn more about Stefanie, visit her websites: and