A day and a half left to 2013. This certainly wasn’t the hardest year yet, but I’ve been constantly nagged by the feeling that I could do better. That I could be stronger. That I could be even more productive, fit, healthy and consistent.

A new dawn is about to bust out big time and you know what they say, “it’s ALWAYS darkest before the dawn.”

Two days ago I walked into a startling situation. The details are not necessary to share here but I was left feeling ambushed, stunned and emotionally paralyzed. The last 8 years of my life came crashing down upon me in a river of vivid color — recalling, no reliving, the challenges and the abundance of what I have been confronted with and what I have managed to accomplish — all while fighting an ongoing battle that will never end in victory for anyone. So why keep fighting? Truly letting go is the only way out.

I know I am being vague, but the point is clear. It is time to heal the wounds from the past. It is time to make CHANGE!!! Not just for a month or a year, but an everlasting change that heals wounds that prevent positive, fluid, forward movement. This is a grand opportunity. A new beginning awaits. And what better way to begin than on this New Year, on this new Moon, with SanaVita’s very own 28-Day Cleanse. The thing I love about this cleanse is that it offers enough time to really make a change of mindless habitual behavior and replace it with thoughtful intention. Every time. With every choice.

Since I walked into that situation that shook me to my core and started a stream of tears and body quivers that have been ongoing for the last two days, I have comforted myself in the ways I learned lifetimes ago. I have isolated myself. I have eaten. I have drank. I have recapitulated, gotten angry and taken that anger and turned it inside out into the old comforting feeling of self-loathing. It’s an old habit, one I don’t turn to very often anymore, but always there when I need it. It’s been two days. Today I commit to changing that habit. Today I work from home, safe behind the walls that I have built around myself to keep me cozy. But two days is long enough and a new dawn is approaching. Tomorrow I step back out. I will go back to spin. I will further break down my walls in yoga class with my beloved teacher, Justin Richie. And I will continue to plan for and work toward this new year and the donation-based workshop we will be holding on January 1st at 4pm inside the safe haven of SanaVita.

God bless us all.

Including myself.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.