June… a perfect time to cleanse! The need to hibernate and stay warm under oodles of blankets is over. We are opening windows, taking off sweaters and needing less to keep us going as we naturally begin to feed off the energy of the sun. So it’s the perfect time to cleanse and we may even feel inspired to do so…. But how do we get started? Well in my experience the best way to start any new project is to set the stage… you want to buy a new dress you start saving up money, you’re going on a holiday vacation you dig out your suitcase, sunscreen and travel guide book. Same concept here… you want to cleanse your body, mind and spirit… you need to start with your immediate environment. Here are some things I ALWAYS like to do when starting any kind of cleansing ritual


Committing to a cleanse is challenging enough as it tends to bring up a lot of fears for us… letting go of our comforting habitual ways, starting something new, CHANGE. It’s incredibly helpful to be clear on WHY we have chosen to cleanse. Do we want to drop a few pounds, clear up a skin irritation, heal our gut or just clear our minds from a chronic brain fog that seems to always be following us around? Get specific! The first step to manifesting what we want in our lives is to think about it. I recommend writing down what you want to achieve by clearing out the garbage and making space for something new and beautiful… what do you want to fill your space with?


How can we except to clean up our insides if the space surrounding us is a cluttered mess? Our external environment is often a direct reflection of what’s happening inside of us… and vice versa! I know for me, ever since being a young girl, if my room was a mess my grades were poor, my mood was down and my outlook was hopeless. As soon as I cleaned up my room I was happier, studying came easier and my life was manageable again. Take a few days to clean up and clear out the space around you. Throw out the things that no longer serve you or bring you joy. LET GO of the garbage that weighs you down! It’s liberating… I just did this a few days ago. I threw out a box of stockings that I’ve been carrying around with me since HIGHSCHOOL!!! I’m 46 now… that box has been in every apartment, cross country 4 x’s… I honestly don’t know what magic I thought was hidden in that plastic box of stockings… but I DO know that I found a profound magic in finally letting it go.


Listen, we all have triggers. Why keep loaded weapons around your home? Get rid of the triggers. If you have a ½ full bottle of booze lying around in plain site give it away or put it out of eyesight. Clear your cupboards of packaged foods that tempt you. Clear your fridge of things that you won’t be eating while on The Cleanse. If you live with others, like i live with 2 kids, and you can’t get rid of everything then do your best to eliminate from eyesight the things that you won’t be having but your really attached to. It’s a great time to encourage your loved ones to reach for healthier options as well. I know for us, my kids love feeling empowered to support me while I’m trying to make changes that will bring us as a family more joy and well being.


Start getting in touch with your gratitude even before you start The Cleanse. The more we are in our gratitude the less deprived we feel. The more we remember all the things to be grateful for the less pissed off we get at the little inconveniences in life, and the less we get triggered back into old patterns and habits. Stay in the gratitude. Remember to be thankful for every once of help, kindness, words of encouragement, doors being held open, customer service that comes your way. This is your natural birth right, to be helped, honored and respected, but remember… it doesn’t have to be this way. The more you acknowledge these beautiful gems of love in your life the more they will occur. Start making a gratitude list every day. Write them down in the beginning so you can go back and see how you’ve grown! Try coming up with 5 things a day you are grateful for. In the beginning believe it or not it may feel like a struggle to come up with 5 things, depending on the day of course. Even if its being grateful for clean sheets and your favorite TV show, write it down. As you become more comfortable living in your gratitude finding things to be grateful for will come easily to you. My kids and I speak our gratitude lists out loud to each other every night before bed. It’s the last thing we do before we drift off into lala land. Grounding ourselves into our gratitude before saying good night has become a beautiful ritual in our lives.


Enlist yourself in the sleeping army. Think of it as boot camp for healthy sleep patterns. Obviously, the more we are able to really rest peacefully, the more we can heal, recover and rejuvenate. We need REAL rest to feel good. We need to feel good to make good choices on a continuous basis. Try, as much as possible, waking with the sun and sleeping with the sun. Let yourself wind down and settle down when the sun goes down. The more you do that the more easily you will be able to wake up with the sunrise! It’s an AMAZING feeling to greet the new day… wake to the natural light of day slowly creeping up on you. Try sleeping with the shades open, and the windows too if it’s not too noisy. Hear the birds singing their good morning cheer song JUST for you each day. To help you get to sleep try some melatonin instead of those heavy pharmaceuticals, trust me, eventually your body will adjust. Listen to some meditations after doing your gratitude list. There’s an app called “Calm” that has some wonderful sleeping meditations and the phone will shut off automatically when their finished so you can just drift off. I’ve never heard the end of any of them… so that should tell you something!

Cleansing is a gift! It is a wonderful opportunity for change and growth. Once you clear your external and internal space you will have an open playing playing field… fill it with everything your true self desires.

With love,

Arul Hope Goldman

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