Go PRIMAL with SanaVita Owner, Arul Goldman, and get ready to FEEL Healthy and LOOK Sexy NOW!

The SV 14 Day Primal Cleanse is a comprehensive, science-based nutritional program designed to support safe and effective detoxification. It is portable, easy to use and fat-burning while providing intense energy!Take the plunge and take the PRIMAL journey with Arul. Let’s do this together and share our stories through our Facebook Conversation HERE. I want you to be as pumped as I am! You will be amazed at how much better you can feel in just 14 Days. Our Primal Cleanse Kit comes with everything you need for $277. Join me now and take $100 off the price ($177 for the 14 Primal Cleanse). The first SEVEN people to dive in with me will receive one high-grade bottle of Fish Oil with their kit on me!
*And don’t forget, to support the amazing work you’re doing, we will be offering an additional 27% OFF all SV Detoxing and Cleansing Services while you’re getting PRIMAL!

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Here I am on Day-One. Can’t wait to watch the transformation we will all be going through together. Set intention, stay motivated, and please read what I’ve written below. I hope it offers inspiration to you all.
-Arul Goldman

It’s totally hard to believe but it is already June! Schools are wrapping up with their end of the year parties, field trips, picnics etc…. people are getting ready to let go and let LOOSE!!! But before we get too ahead of ourselves I think it is the PERFECT time to pause, take a breath and look inside. What do you envision for yourself this summer? Will you have time off? Hit the beach, vacation in the hamptoms or possibly even Greece? For many of us we just stay local enjoying the quiet of the city for once. But we can’t ignore the basic truths of the summer… it’s hot. Here in NYC it’s HUMID!! And we all know what it’s like to walk past a fermenting bag of trash basking in 90 degree weather omitting the most foul of smells. Personally I like to travel by means of my bicycle in the summer…. Yes it’s hot and humid… a 90 degree day can easily feel well over 100 degrees.. but I love a good sweat and for me, it beats the crowded air stifling grumpy feel of the subway anyday of the week.What I am trying to say here folks is that when I press MY pause button and take a breath and envision what I want for myself this summer it comes to me clear and in big letters…. I wanna get PRIMAL! I just wanna feel good. Beyond the vanity of looking good in my booty shorts or bikini at the beach I want to FEEL good! I want to embrace the heat after such a brutal and stifling cold winter. I want to feel the sweat pouring out of my pours CLEANSING me with every drop. I want the heat of the summer to empower me, invigorate me and INSPIRE ME to get out there and LIVE MY LIFE!!!! Nothing sounds better to me…and nothing sounds more primal.So I share with you this… yesterday, June 1st , I broke out my SanaVita Primal Cleanse kit and began my journey to do it primal style. The summer equinox is on June 21st…. it gives me exactly 3 weeks to prepare myself to be exactly where I want to be when summer hits. I’m motivated and I’m excited! And I would LOVE for you to join me because no one makes it through this world all on their own. Sure, I can white knuckle my way thru anything… I did it twice while giving birth to my 2 babies totally naturally, totally primally. But having the support of a loved one by my side, holding my hand, telling me “you got this”… well that kinda support is priceless. Please please please… lets join forces and support each other to create the summer for ourselves that each and everyone of us deserve!

The 14-Day SV Primal Cleanse

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The SV 14 Day Primal Cleanse has everything you need. You’re going to have two pre-packaged shakes a day. You’re going to be eating a Paleo Friendly diet. You’re going to have pre-packaged Liver Caps and Digestive Enzymes to help support effective detoxification and efficient digestion, AND receive a bottle of MCT-Oil for fat burning and high energy. The shakes and the supplements are all pre-packaged to the exact amount needed for each day; making the PRIMAL cleanse easy-to-use and highly effective!Keep in touch with us, and stay connected to the conversation on Facebook Here. If for any reason you’re feeling shy or hesitant going PRIMAL, or have questions while you’re going through the process do not hesitate to contact me directly. Our ancestors survived in tribes; it’s time to get PRIMAL. You can all reach me at arul@sanavita.org or call or text me directly at 917-513-7227.

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