Tuesday, February 9th @ 12:30pm
Location: SanaVita 145 East 16th Street
Doterra Essential Oil Family Physians Class is $27
(Raffle Winner wins Free Ionic Footbath)

Slots are limited, Call now to book your seat!

Come learn how to take care of your family using all natural essential oils medicinally, replacing everything in the traditional medicine cabinet with a selection of 10 essential oils by Doterra.

From flu to headaches, athletes foot, sleeplessness and hyperactivity those oils have been working wonders on me and my family, and we’re excited to share the benefits and knowledge with you. And it doesn’t stop there! You’ll receive not only resourceful information, take-home printouts and a magazine, but also a discount on you’re next service at SanaVita, as well as your own bottle of essential oil to take home.

And don’t forget, the winner of our Raffle will also receiving a relaxing and detoxing complimentary Ionic Footbath!