January 3, 2014

Yesterday was pretty tough. It was one of those days that would have been awesome, hanging with other parents and their kids, eating and drinking the day away. Sleep deprived and cooped up all day with seven kids running in and out of our place (we often host as we all love having company over), I started cooking a variety of foods in the morning so we would be well prepared throughout the day. Plus, I had done a major shop before the impending storm.

Luckily it was day 3 and I was still only on 1 shake per day so I could enjoy some of the meals I prepared. I made sautéed kale with garlic, coconut oil, black beans and avocado. Sooo nice and warming. Chicken and broccoli got me through the day and kept me far away from the pasta, pizza, cake and cookies that were being passed around the house throughout the day.

It was a long day, but overall a good one. I was happy to stay in all day and have lots of activity flying around. I remember what it felt like to be a kid and wake up to hear those magical words, “Schools closed today” just as consciousness embraces you and you sit up rubbing the sleep away from your eyes as the realization sinks in. “OMG, I don’t have to go to school today!!! I get to stay home and play ALL day long!!!” Such a special moment! Reliving it through my children was just as special as seeing it through the eyes of “the mama.” By the time my kids woke up I had already been on the phone working for more than 2 hours, but that was inconsequential to them. Before we lifted the shades, I put the 2nd half of last night’s Nets game on for us to watch. We had gone to bed before it was over and I had received several text messages congratulating us on our win. We are well known as the Nets Fan Family. So we put the game on. It truly was an extraordinary game and the three of us sat on my bed screaming and cheering as Joe Johnson swooshed the winning basket right at the buzzer. A great shared moment to kick off the day!

As the day went on, I grew more and more exhausted. I finally hit the sheets at 9ish. I woke up again at 11:30 and was up for 2 hours and fell back asleep till 7:30 in the morning. A MUCH better night’s sleep! Thank the lord.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.