Fasting vs. Cleansing

There are many wonderful attributes to fasting and cleansing and they are slightly different from one another… I'd love to share some of my own personal experiences with both!

I did my first juice cleanse at 22 years old. It was 2 weeks of just juice and Epsom salts. It was also during a time in my life where I had nothing to do but make it to my waitressing job on time and be completely self absorbed! Yoga, steaming, meditating... now these are totally awesome things to do and i recommend to anyone who has the opportunity to take care of themselves in this manner to GO FOR IT!! However, for me, nowadays life is much more demanding being a single working mother of two I, unfortunately, do not have the availability to always support myself in these ways, they are more of a luxury for me now. In the “olden days” as my children love to call it, juice fasting came easier to me because I had the space and time to really do it right. One of the hardest lessons for me to learn as I grow older has been to accept that things change and that I am constantly changing. Although I am graciously aware of how much I have grown and evolved as a person in this last decade of being a mother I still struggle to find the grace in letting go of certain ego filled prides like being able to do a 10 day master cleanse with my eyes closed! Because of this mentality it took me a long time to realize that cleansing can be just as efficient and in certain ways a healthier option than fasting. Now allow me to get into some of the differences.

What is fasting exactly? According to Wikipedia, “Fasting is a willing abstinence or reduction from some or all food, drink or both, for a period of time.” When we stop eating solid foods we give our digestive system a, typically, well needed break. It takes between 2-4 hours to digest most meals. The sloppier the combination of foods the harder it is to process and longer it takes to break down. The simple truth is that by the time we are finally finished digesting the last thing we put in our mouths most of us are eating again! Truth be told most of us are at it again well BEFORE we have finished digesting allowing a breeding field for purification, fermentation, gas, bloating and toxic poison to circulate through our systems. When we give our digestive systems a break from spending all this energy all day long just on trying to keep up with what we are feeding ourselves we end up with a surplus of energy! Its like a savings account of energy that can then be spent elsewhere like healing our systems, enzymes can break down the calcification deposits in the joints that cause arthritis instead of breaking down food. We can sleep better and repair ourselves quite efficiently. However most of us hold about 2-3 days worth of reserves so that we don’t go into starvation mode the second we stop eating so if you are only fasting for 2 to 3 days you may be eating again before really reaping the benefits of a true fast.

While fasting has many wonderful benefits there are downsides as well. Many of the juice cleanses today have a LOT of sugar which can trigger hypo-glycemic attacks and are not a friend to a gut dealing with Candida over growth. They can feel depriving and isolating as it can be quite challenging to continue socializing in a regular way with others when you can’t partake in meals as so much of our interaction centers around food. I’m not suggesting this is a reason not to challenge yourself but I’ve seen so many people, myself included, set themselves up for failure only to deal with feelings of self hatred and a general beat down after… and none of us deserve that. Finally fasting can slow the metabolism obviously and since there’s little substance most people don’t have energy to work out which also slows the metabolism making breaking the fast that much more imperative to do correctly. Some people may gain weight back quickly and can end up feeling bloated and gassy again not to mention discouraged that after working so hard they don’t feel great again. These are some reasons why a general cleanse instead of a fast could be a better option… I’ll talk more about this tomorrow!

with love!

Arul Goldman, CHT, HHP

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Setting the Stage

June… a perfect time to cleanse! The need to hibernate and stay warm under oodles of blankets is over. We are opening windows, taking off sweaters and needing less to keep us going as we naturally begin to feed off the energy of the sun. So it’s the perfect time to cleanse and we may even feel inspired to do so…. But how do we get started? Well in my experience the best way to start any new project is to set the stage… you want to buy a new dress you start saving up money, you’re going on a holiday vacation you dig out your suitcase, sunscreen and travel guide book. Same concept here… you want to cleanse your body, mind and spirit… you need to start with your immediate environment. Here are some things I ALWAYS like to do when starting any kind of cleansing ritual


Committing to a cleanse is challenging enough as it tends to bring up a lot of fears for us… letting go of our comforting habitual ways, starting something new, CHANGE. It’s incredibly helpful to be clear on WHY we have chosen to cleanse. Do we want to drop a few pounds, clear up a skin irritation, heal our gut or just clear our minds from a chronic brain fog that seems to always be following us around? Get specific! The first step to manifesting what we want in our lives is to think about it. I recommend writing down what you want to achieve by clearing out the garbage and making space for something new and beautiful… what do you want to fill your space with?


How can we except to clean up our insides if the space surrounding us is a cluttered mess? Our external environment is often a direct reflection of what’s happening inside of us… and vice versa! I know for me, ever since being a young girl, if my room was a mess my grades were poor, my mood was down and my outlook was hopeless. As soon as I cleaned up my room I was happier, studying came easier and my life was manageable again. Take a few days to clean up and clear out the space around you. Throw out the things that no longer serve you or bring you joy. LET GO of the garbage that weighs you down! It’s liberating… I just did this a few days ago. I threw out a box of stockings that I’ve been carrying around with me since HIGHSCHOOL!!! I’m 46 now… that box has been in every apartment, cross country 4 x’s… I honestly don’t know what magic I thought was hidden in that plastic box of stockings… but I DO know that I found a profound magic in finally letting it go.


Listen, we all have triggers. Why keep loaded weapons around your home? Get rid of the triggers. If you have a ½ full bottle of booze lying around in plain site give it away or put it out of eyesight. Clear your cupboards of packaged foods that tempt you. Clear your fridge of things that you won’t be eating while on The Cleanse. If you live with others, like i live with 2 kids, and you can’t get rid of everything then do your best to eliminate from eyesight the things that you won’t be having but your really attached to. It’s a great time to encourage your loved ones to reach for healthier options as well. I know for us, my kids love feeling empowered to support me while I’m trying to make changes that will bring us as a family more joy and well being.


Start getting in touch with your gratitude even before you start The Cleanse. The more we are in our gratitude the less deprived we feel. The more we remember all the things to be grateful for the less pissed off we get at the little inconveniences in life, and the less we get triggered back into old patterns and habits. Stay in the gratitude. Remember to be thankful for every once of help, kindness, words of encouragement, doors being held open, customer service that comes your way. This is your natural birth right, to be helped, honored and respected, but remember… it doesn’t have to be this way. The more you acknowledge these beautiful gems of love in your life the more they will occur. Start making a gratitude list every day. Write them down in the beginning so you can go back and see how you’ve grown! Try coming up with 5 things a day you are grateful for. In the beginning believe it or not it may feel like a struggle to come up with 5 things, depending on the day of course. Even if its being grateful for clean sheets and your favorite TV show, write it down. As you become more comfortable living in your gratitude finding things to be grateful for will come easily to you. My kids and I speak our gratitude lists out loud to each other every night before bed. It’s the last thing we do before we drift off into lala land. Grounding ourselves into our gratitude before saying good night has become a beautiful ritual in our lives.


Enlist yourself in the sleeping army. Think of it as boot camp for healthy sleep patterns. Obviously, the more we are able to really rest peacefully, the more we can heal, recover and rejuvenate. We need REAL rest to feel good. We need to feel good to make good choices on a continuous basis. Try, as much as possible, waking with the sun and sleeping with the sun. Let yourself wind down and settle down when the sun goes down. The more you do that the more easily you will be able to wake up with the sunrise! It’s an AMAZING feeling to greet the new day… wake to the natural light of day slowly creeping up on you. Try sleeping with the shades open, and the windows too if it’s not too noisy. Hear the birds singing their good morning cheer song JUST for you each day. To help you get to sleep try some melatonin instead of those heavy pharmaceuticals, trust me, eventually your body will adjust. Listen to some meditations after doing your gratitude list. There’s an app called “Calm” that has some wonderful sleeping meditations and the phone will shut off automatically when their finished so you can just drift off. I’ve never heard the end of any of them… so that should tell you something!

Cleansing is a gift! It is a wonderful opportunity for change and growth. Once you clear your external and internal space you will have an open playing playing field… fill it with everything your true self desires.

With love,

Arul Hope Goldman

SanaVita… the Primal Cleanse. it’s time to get primal. Contact us to get started!

Our 14 Day Primal Cleanse

The 14 Day Primal Cleanse is a complete kit that supplies you with two individually packaged shakes per day of nutritionally dense pea protein, individually wrapped detox supplements, a shaker cup, and meal guide book. Just substitute two meals per day with the shakes & supplements, and modify your third meal to eliminate the usual bad suspects, replacing them with healthy meal choices. With over 30 grams of protein and one regular meal, this program keeps your metabolism up, allowing you to continue your regular workouts and still socialize with your friends over dinner.

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It’s suddenly June!

It’s suddenly June! It feels like just a few weeks ago it was 20 degrees out and New Yorkers were trudging along in the cold… wind to our backs AND to our faces! No sun to be had, no relief in sight. But suddenly it’s here… the month that kicks off summer. Before we know it we are gong to be HOT! Like New York City hot… sidewalks steaming, humidity so thick you can see the air, welcoming any excuse to get wet and cool down!

There are no more bulky sweaters and long down sleeping bags we wear as coats to hide behind anymore, people! It’s time to shed our skin… soon! In 3 weeks we will be greeting the longest day of the year and officially be inside of the summer solstice. I don’t know about you but sometimes it’s hard to break our patterns no? We became complacent AND comfy on our couches, eating take out and watching Netflix. But that’s the beautiful thing about living in a city like New York… we have the amazing gift of the seasons and we get to experience them all FULLY.

So get ready to live THIS summer as fully as you lived the winter. For every article of extra clothing or extra pounds you may have put on… take them ALL OFF AND MORE! THIS very summer has the potential to be one of the best summer’s ever! The first step is to feel GOOD. And the best way to make that happen is to start taking really, really good care of ourselves.

Its a great time to cleanse. Clear out all the extra baggage and heaviness thats been accumulating. Get re-centered and refocused. Get ACTIVE, not because you have to but because you have the ENERGY to! I love this time of year when the sun starts pouring in through my window around 5:15 in the morning and egging me to get up and start the new day! And everyday that i wake up feeling healthier … i wake up feeling happier. That’s it… i’ve just committed while writing this to practice what i preach! Join me… to feeling lighter, brighter and cleaner.

SanaVita… the Primal Cleanse. it’s time to get primal. Contact us to get started!

Our 14 Day Primal Cleanse

The 14 Day Primal Cleanse is a complete kit that supplies you with two individually packaged shakes per day of nutritionally dense pea protein, individually wrapped detox supplements, a shaker cup, and meal guide book. Just substitute two meals per day with the shakes & supplements, and modify your third meal to eliminate the usual bad suspects, replacing them with healthy meal choices. With over 30 grams of protein and one regular meal, this program keeps your metabolism up, allowing you to continue your regular workouts and still socialize with your friends over dinner.

Join Arul, and take advantage of our special offer:
27% off SanaVita Cleanse

For the month of June, we are helping you jump start your summer body! If you purchase the 14 Day Primal Cleanse now at 27% off, you can also enjoy 17% off  of our cleansing services, along with a free MCT Primal Fat Burning Oil. Those who purchase this cleanse can work with our staff to receive tips and motivation to help push through their cleanse!

SV 28-Day Cleanse: Arul’s Day 3

January 3, 2014

Yesterday was pretty tough. It was one of those days that would have been awesome, hanging with other parents and their kids, eating and drinking the day away. Sleep deprived and cooped up all day with seven kids running in and out of our place (we often host as we all love having company over), I started cooking a variety of foods in the morning so we would be well prepared throughout the day. Plus, I had done a major shop before the impending storm.

Luckily it was day 3 and I was still only on 1 shake per day so I could enjoy some of the meals I prepared. I made sautéed kale with garlic, coconut oil, black beans and avocado. Sooo nice and warming. Chicken and broccoli got me through the day and kept me far away from the pasta, pizza, cake and cookies that were being passed around the house throughout the day.

It was a long day, but overall a good one. I was happy to stay in all day and have lots of activity flying around. I remember what it felt like to be a kid and wake up to hear those magical words, “Schools closed today” just as consciousness embraces you and you sit up rubbing the sleep away from your eyes as the realization sinks in. “OMG, I don’t have to go to school today!!! I get to stay home and play ALL day long!!!” Such a special moment! Reliving it through my children was just as special as seeing it through the eyes of “the mama.” By the time my kids woke up I had already been on the phone working for more than 2 hours, but that was inconsequential to them. Before we lifted the shades, I put the 2nd half of last night’s Nets game on for us to watch. We had gone to bed before it was over and I had received several text messages congratulating us on our win. We are well known as the Nets Fan Family. So we put the game on. It truly was an extraordinary game and the three of us sat on my bed screaming and cheering as Joe Johnson swooshed the winning basket right at the buzzer. A great shared moment to kick off the day!

As the day went on, I grew more and more exhausted. I finally hit the sheets at 9ish. I woke up again at 11:30 and was up for 2 hours and fell back asleep till 7:30 in the morning. A MUCH better night’s sleep! Thank the lord.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

SV 28-Day Cleanse: Arul’s Day 2

January 2, 2014

Day 2 felt awesome actually! After crashing out at 9pm only taking some melatonin (those of you who know me know I have major sleeping disorders), I woke up at 2:30am and fell back asleep around 4 till close to 8am! I felt nicely refreshed and started my day, anxiously waiting till 5:00 when it would be time to go pick up my kids from school. We haven’t been together for the whole winter break (except one night when we went to the Nets game and WON!) and I’ve missed them a lot! It’s definitely difficult being a single mama and then, when the kids go away it gets lonely. Especially in the winter when there’s not as much motivation to go out and do stuff.

I took a very rigorous spin class by a teacher I’ve been trying out, Atkin, over at Soul Cycle. He’s tough. Militant. But he does kick my ass. Went to work, took a yoga class and had lunch with my business partner, Gabriel. In the morning I had my detox shake. I did the creamy chocolate. I’m typically not a chocolate lover, but really liked it a lot! It was super creamy and felt like it gave me an extra buzz. Lunch was salmon over kale and quinoa salad and for dinner ½ a chicken paillard with salad. I’m still new to the meat-eating part, but I’m following our modified elimination diet, which includes a few types of meat.

It was awesome to see my kids again and I was in a great mood. We all went to bed together at 10pm. Unfortunately though, I woke up at 11:30 and tried to stay quiet in bed with them. By 2:30am I realized that I was feeling really hungry even though I went to bed feeling totally satiated. I made myself a “Brain Food” shake and crawled back into bed with the kids. I finally fell back asleep at 5am and was awoken an hour later with calls from my staff trying to navigate who could make it into work, who couldn’t and whether or not schools were closed due to the storm.

It’s early morning now as I write this. The babes are still sleeping in bed. I can feel the extreme cold crawling through the windows. Schools are closed and on 2½ broken hours of sleep, I am aware this is going to be an interesting day ahead of me…

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

SV 28-Day Cleanse: Arul’s Day 1

January 1, 2014


Ok. So although I am not 100% back to myself, I am feeling LOADS better.

And yes, I DID make my bed this morning FIRST THING as you can see. My, what a difference it makes.

More exciting than bed making was the official launch of our SanaVita 28-Day Cleanse along with the New Moon in Capricorn workshop, led by Gabriel, the Director of our Pharmacy, Stefanie Weiss, our in-house Astrologer and me. Stefanie went through the Moon cycles and the influence they have on us. We set our intentions and Gabriel took us through the whole cleanse step by step: the products, the diet, what to expect…

It felt amazing to be there as a group, going through the process together and starting the new year in this manner. Today was Day 1 for me on the cleanse and it’s just the perfect way to let go of the past and look towards my future.

Stefanie asked us all to write down what we wanted those things to be. I would like to share mine with you now.


1. The pain I carry over my failed marriage and the ways I feel I was let down…let it go.

2. My pain over my manly. It’s been nearly 2 years. LET IT GO!!!

3. My fear of being alone without an active partner who loves me whom I love back. LET THAT FEAR GO!!!!


1. My posture. I used to have the most impeccable posture. Since child bearing, I’ve noticed myself slouching more and more. I WILL regain the connection to my core that WILL, in stride, take me everywhere I need to go.

2. Sobriety. How different would my life look on December 31, 2014 than it does today? It’s not so much about the drinking as it is the lifestyle. Finding something different to do, new strategies to let loose, new places to hang out and people to link up with. And no more wasted moments feeling hung over. Never missing spin class because I was too hung over to go. ☺

3. And lastly, to learn to treat myself the way I treat my babies. With patience, compassion, protectiveness and OH…soooooooo much love.

Ready, Set, GO!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

SV 28-Day Cleanse: Arul’s Day Before

This is how I woke up this morning. Puffy eyed, bloated, swollen and lethargic as hell. For 2 days I comforted myself with food and now am really feeling it! Sure I made the wholesome stuff, chopped organic veggies stir-fried with coconut oil and garlic, etc. Smoothies. But then at night I craved the salty sinful stuff that I NEVER allow myself to eat. Bagged chips. I raided my kids’ snack drawer and this is the result. And what I had to do now seemed insurmountable. I had to get out of bed. Wash my face. Brush my teeth. And get dressed to leave the house. UNBELIEVABLE! How could I accomplish these tasks? How ridiculous a question after all I’ve stepped up to the plate for in the past. These simple mundane rituals are suddenly so difficult.

But I did it. For the third day in a row I did not make my bed. But at least I got out of it and out of the house. I missed spin class 3 days in a row. I signed up yesterday for this morning’s 9:30am resolution burn with one of my favorite instructors, Danny Kopal. I got a bike right up front next to him and was to ride my heart out for 90 straight minutes (classes are usually 45 minutes long). I’ve only done a 90-minute ride once before in my life and I was in prime condition to take it on. This was scary. After days of lying around and stuffing my face, feeling stiff and bloated I needed to face this challenge. And I did it.

Danny’s affirmations were inspiring and truthful as usual. All about surrendering, just letting it go. Whatever the IT was. And challenging ourselves to be the most outstanding we can be. Go the distance. Leave it all behind and ride toward our fullest potential in the New Year. Intermittently, I often find myself shouting out a guttural “YEAH!!” or “YES!!!” when I’m really struggling and what he says at that moment gives me the extra push I needed to march forward little soldier!

After a regular class I usually feel ALLLL better. Ready to take on the world. But today’s fix, although it helped me tremendously, was really just a first step to getting back to my own starting point. But it pushed me over the hump for sure. I was able to go to the center. Do some work and give myself a colonic to get some of the disgusting waste I could feel myself carrying around OUT! That helped too, but still there was the heaviness in my heart and I came home to work for a few more hours and get ready to snuggle into bed. But my friends wouldn’t have that and came to me so we could cheers the New Year in together. And so I got further out of my glum mood and half-assed made my bed. (I ALWAYS start each day with a freshly made bed. If you can’t even make your own bed, HOW are you expected to go out and do anything in the world?) I hadn’t made my bed in 3 now. It was another start upward.

So tomorrow I will go into the New Year in a much better space. I’ll sleep in as I stayed up till midnight (and a little after) after all. But I will NOT be a hung-over mess! And I will be gentle with myself as it’s my last day without my babies as they will come home on Thursday. I’ve missed them SO much, but for sure the show will be ON as soon as they walk through that door.

And each and everyday will get brighter and better as we passed the hump of the longest, darkest day of the year. Only longer, brighter days ahead.

And I WILL make my bed 1st thing when I wake up tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the new year of TRANSFORMATION and to seeing many of you tomorrow at SanaVita for our New Moon / New Year / 28-Day Cleanse workshop!

Happy Day 1 everybody!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

New Moon in Capricorn: You Better WORK

Stefanie Weiss is SanaVita’s new resident astrologer. Starting on January 1st, 2014, Stefanie, along with Arul Goldman and Gabriel Hoffman, Directors of SanaVita, will guide people through SanaVita’s new 28-day Cleanse, coinciding with the cycles of the moon.

Every month we’re treated to the guiding light of both the New and Full Moon — beacons for our growth and progress. Because these powerful “lunations” are bi-weekly, they’re perfect for charting the course of your life and setting intentions.

“Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.”

— Marianne Williamson

If you’re the type that makes superficial New Year’s resolutions, or doesn’t bother with them at all, this year’s countdown to midnight might just change your mind. The changeover between 2013 and 2014 brings some of the most powerful, transformative astrology we’ve experienced in years: Don’t waste it.

This year, New Year’s Day is also the annual New Moon in Capricorn, the hardest working lunation in the star-charting business. This rather rare confluence between the astrological and modern calendar presents us with an amazing gift – telling us to get right down to the business of real, deep, lasting resolutions.

But before we start whipping out pens and making lists, let’s talk about why the last week of December has been so damn difficult. First, some necessary history about how we got here. Since 2012, the world has been rocked, rolled, and generally upended by an intense aspect called the Uranus-Pluto square. This world-changing, ongoing astrological event lasts through 2015, and we’re dead in the middle of it now.

Pluto is the planet of karmic transformation, the kind that can take years – you’ll never be the same again once it starts slowly rolling over you like a tank. Pluto has been in Capricorn, the sign of infrastructure and the will to power, since 2008 (the beginning of the global financial meltdown).

Uranus (the planet of shock and surprise) moved into Aries (the sign of fiery initiation) in 2011. If you want to understand the nature of this incendiary energy, recall the day of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. It was March 11th, the exact day that Uranus went into Aries, making it clear that we were in for a series of out-of-the-blue events that would force us to wake up and pay attention.

The Uranus-Pluto square pits the influence of these two mighty planets against each other, bringing us the revolution and upheaval of the last few years. Whether you’ve been paying attention to the news (the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, Superstorm Sandy, etc.) or just noticing the escalating intensity in your personal life, you’re well acquainted with the evolutionary energy we’re working through.

This past week, it’s all come to a head as a series of planets have set off the square, bringing turmoil, chaos, and violence to the world stage – and much angst to the personal theaters of our lives. It’s as if everything you’ve ever done (in this and all your past lives) is coming up for an end-of-year review. It can be an exhausting endeavor, but the holidays often force us to contemplate the darkness of our history and examine our karma. It’s not just an exercise in existential despair – it’s an opportunity for healing and repair. This year the work of reviewing and rebuilding cannot be avoided.

Where do my resolutions come in, you’re wondering? Well, it is precisely because you’ve been in a major cosmic crucible that you’ll now be able to make the most of the powerful New Moon in Capricorn on New Year’s Day. The changes you need to make are clear to you now – you want to shift the negativity, learn to grow, to stop those old, damaging patterns dead in their tracks.

This New Moon offers all the good stuff that Capricorn always bestows: The power to build foundations, healthy discipline, strength, authority, the clarity of your convictions – but it comes with even more this year. Because this lunation is close to Pluto and Mercury, touches off Mars, and opposes Jupiter, it’s bursting with transformational power.

If you’ve been following this series, you may have done the ritual we offered at the last Full Moon in Gemini. Begin the New Moon in Capricorn releasing ritual by opening and reading your letter within 24-hours of January 1st. If you’re joining us at our New Year’s Day workshop (4 pm @ SanaVita) please bring your letter, because you’ll have a chance to share it with the group.

If you’re just following along online or live in New York City, but can’t join us in person, try to find some focused time for REAL resolution-making on or close to January 1st. Even if you’re hung-over, make an effort to get grounded in the powerful New Moon in Capricorn energy, because you won’t get another chance until 2015.

Shared in service,

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SV 28-Day Cleanse: Arul counts down the days

A day and a half left to 2013. This certainly wasn’t the hardest year yet, but I’ve been constantly nagged by the feeling that I could do better. That I could be stronger. That I could be even more productive, fit, healthy and consistent.

A new dawn is about to bust out big time and you know what they say, “it’s ALWAYS darkest before the dawn.”

Two days ago I walked into a startling situation. The details are not necessary to share here but I was left feeling ambushed, stunned and emotionally paralyzed. The last 8 years of my life came crashing down upon me in a river of vivid color — recalling, no reliving, the challenges and the abundance of what I have been confronted with and what I have managed to accomplish — all while fighting an ongoing battle that will never end in victory for anyone. So why keep fighting? Truly letting go is the only way out.

I know I am being vague, but the point is clear. It is time to heal the wounds from the past. It is time to make CHANGE!!! Not just for a month or a year, but an everlasting change that heals wounds that prevent positive, fluid, forward movement. This is a grand opportunity. A new beginning awaits. And what better way to begin than on this New Year, on this new Moon, with SanaVita’s very own 28-Day Cleanse. The thing I love about this cleanse is that it offers enough time to really make a change of mindless habitual behavior and replace it with thoughtful intention. Every time. With every choice.

Since I walked into that situation that shook me to my core and started a stream of tears and body quivers that have been ongoing for the last two days, I have comforted myself in the ways I learned lifetimes ago. I have isolated myself. I have eaten. I have drank. I have recapitulated, gotten angry and taken that anger and turned it inside out into the old comforting feeling of self-loathing. It’s an old habit, one I don’t turn to very often anymore, but always there when I need it. It’s been two days. Today I commit to changing that habit. Today I work from home, safe behind the walls that I have built around myself to keep me cozy. But two days is long enough and a new dawn is approaching. Tomorrow I step back out. I will go back to spin. I will further break down my walls in yoga class with my beloved teacher, Justin Richie. And I will continue to plan for and work toward this new year and the donation-based workshop we will be holding on January 1st at 4pm inside the safe haven of SanaVita.

God bless us all.

Including myself.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

YogaCity NYC

YogaCity NYC_Arul and Gabe discuss 28-Day Cleanse

Considering A Post-Holiday Cleanse? Which One Is Right For You?

As the season of over-indulgence kicks into high gear, solid routines of wholesome living often get sabotaged by decadent diet choices that cause bloating, imbalances and just feeling out of sorts.

To combat post holiday digestive stress, a clease makes perfect sense. The problem is there are tons of them out there some great and some terrible, even dangerous. How do you make a good choice?

YogaCity NYC’s Elysha Lenkin sought out three different and highly respected detox programs to help determine which may be right for you. She spoke with Arul Goldman founder and director of SanaVita Holistic Center for Cleansing ( and Gabriel Hoffman, the Center’s Pharmacy director about their new 28 day program. Joe Cross, of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead ( about his Juice Reboot. And Scott Gerson, M.D., Ph.D (Ay), Medical Director, at Ayurveda. MD ( about the Ayurvedic detoxification known as Panchakarma.

Elysha Lenkin: What makes up your cleanse?

SanaVita: Our 28 day clinically nutritional cleanse consists of a detox protein shake, a super strength probiotic and liver caps. The goal is to comfortably detoxify the liver, reduce inflammation and rebuild the digestive system. In addition to the shakes, you eat a modified elimination diet. People don't realize you can eat and detoxify at the same time, and that's ultimately the healthiest way to do it -- it’s what will stick for the long term.

Joe Cross: During a Reboot, you’ll commit to consuming only fruit and vegetable juices for a period of time to ultimately help you break a cycle of an unhealthy lifestyle and enhance the quality of your diet. You’ll have warm lemon water in the morning, about 4 – 5 juices throughout the day, a coconut water, and lots of water. Juices that are only vegetables might be a little too strong for a juicing novice, so any juices that are loaded with greens but also have an apple or a pear with lemon are great choices. Juices with carrots and oranges also seem to be a favorite because they are sweet and appealing to the eye! Just make sure throughout your Reboot you are following the Reboot Golden Rule which is: consume 80% veggies and 20% fruit.

Scott Gerson: One of the important features of Panchakarma is that it is individualized. Everybody must first have an initial evaluation to decide exactly which herbs, oils and procedures to use. The Panchakarma therapies are therapeutic vomiting to expel excessive accumulation of toxins from the stomach and the respiratory system. Laxative therapy to purify the liver, the gall bladder and the small intestine. Herbal enemas to purify and nourish the large intestines and the rectum, and the administration of medicated oils and powders through the nose to cleanse and strengthen the sinuses, draw toxins from the neck and also from the cranial region. We basically use all the different orifices of the body, and we up regulate their natural eliminative functions. Panchakarma clients also eat simple easily digested food 2 or 3 times daily.

EL: What kinds of activities will support the cleanse?

SV: The bottom line is the more you sweat, the more you're going to eliminate toxins. Personally, what I love about this cleanse is I don’t have to slow down. I can still be a full time single mom, run a 7 day a week business, go to yoga, spin and dance, and socialize. Whatever is your typical, you can keep doing! Here at SanaVita we provide cleansing services – colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage therapy, ionic footbaths, biofeedback and Reikki to help support the detox. And for those 28 days, our cleansing clients can receive any of those services for a 27% discount.

JC: Moving your body with light activities can be beneficial during a 3 Day Reboot but you have to listen to your body. Yoga is an excellent choice during a Reboot! I reckon it’s one of the best workouts to do when you are Rebooting because it helps you relax but also moves your body to assist the elimination of toxins.

SG: The three most important activities which are emphasized in all the ancient text without exception when one is undergoing Panchakarma is 1. Rest, 2. Rest, 3. Rest. You also want to indulge in fairly light exercises, and stay hydrated. Panchakarma retreats are designed to make all these activities extremely convenient to follow.

EL: What kinds of results have you seen from the cleanse?

SV: Energy levels rise pretty quickly. Cravings subside. And weight loss. When you’re on a program with consistent protein for 28 days, the weight loss you'll experience is a result of healthier metabolism and blood sugar balance. If you commit to the 28 days, you can transform your health.

JC: When you consume only juice, your system is flooded with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that help your body stay strong and vibrant. A 3 Day Reboot can be a gateway to change your eating habits and lifestyle for good. Many people share that they lose weight, their mind is clearer, they feel more energized and their skin is brighter.

SG: The result is a release of emotional negativity as well as the physical toxins. Once these old patterns begin to release, space opens up for the seeding and growth of fresh new energies and perceptions. As a result Panchakarma can profoundly and positively effect one’s physical, psychological and spiritual growth.

EL: How can the benefits from the cleanse be sustained once it’s over?

SV: Since 28 days is long enough to change a habit, you’re actually building a post-cleansing lifestyle while cleansing. After eliminating certain things from your diet you may decide you don’t want them once the cleanse is over. You can also replace the detox shake with a protein shake and take a daily probiotic.

JC: By continuing to consume juices on a regular basis, you’ll help to sustain the amazing benefits. You’ll notice that your body will start to crave them so you won’t want to give them up. When you reintroduce food back into your body, do it slowly. Stick to only fruits and veggies the first few days and then gradually start to add in more whole foods like nuts, beans, and seeds, and eventually add in the foods your body enjoys eating. You’ll notice you may not want to eat the burger and fries and if you do you’ll feel like rubbish.

SG: There are activities that are done for the month following Panchakarma which are very important called Pashakarma. It’s actually very simple. Correct diet. Correct exercise regimen. Correct sleep. Correct behavior. In general correct living is what Ayurveda prescribes for sustaining the benefits from Panchakarma.

EL: How can we get started on your program?

SV: On Jan 1st we will begin our group detoxs with the moons. For the launch on 1/1/14 – we’re offering one complimentary colonic or biofeedback session. 

JC: My new book, The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet, will soon be available for purchase. It’s filled with tons of information around juicing, Reboot plans with detailed shopping lists, my favorite recipes, and everything to help you feel and look amazing. HYPERLINK ""

SG: The traditional way to do Panchakarma is for people to come to a facility and stay there. My next Panchakarma retreats will be February 6—9, 2014 and Mar 20 -23, 2014. I also see people on an outpatient basis. For more information, click here.

Click here to download a PDF of the article.

Announcing: SanaVita’s 28-Day Cleanse

New Year, New Cleanse, New You

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of SanaVita’s 28-Day Cleanse on today’s powerful Full Moon in Gemini, the last lunation of 2013.

Yes, 28 days. Just like one cycle of the Moon. You can do it.

We’ll be here for you every step of the way.

The exclusive program ― including shakes and supplements ― is carefully designed to detox safely and efficiently. You will be able to eat food and maintain well-rounded nutrition so you can move towards your optimal body weight while maintaining strength and energy.

This balanced and longer approach allows for a deeper overall detox. You will create new lifestyle habits that are sustainable. We want you to feel great during the cleanse and long after the 28th day.

Sign up for the 28-day cleanse and / or our New Year’s Day workshop by December 25 and get a free Colonic or Biofeedback session.


The Detox Shake: A dietary supplement that detoxes the liver in two phases, reduces inflammation and heals the gut

The Liver Caps: A formulation that supports detoxification and antioxidant activity

The Probiotic Super Strength: A well-rounded, high-potency probiotic that boosts immunity


Comprehensive Booklet: Everything you need to know about using shakes and supplements and following a modified elimination diet.

Expert Advice

Ongoing Support: For the duration of the cleanse, you can call or email us with questions you may have along the way.

Discount Services

Detox Treatments: To take your cleanse to an even deeper level, get as many detox treatments as you like, all for 27% off:

Colon Hydrotherapy
Lymphatic Drainage
Ionic Footbaths

Astrology: For those who wish to sync their cleanse with the cycles of the moon and learn how lunar energy affects your own chart and inner rhythms, we invite you to consult with Stefanie Weiss, SanaVita’s in-house astrologer.

During your cleanse, get a personalized astrology reading with Stefanie for 27% off.

In preparation for the cleanse (and to help you manifest your intentions in 2014), perform a powerful Lunar Renewal Ritual for today’s Full Moon in Gemini, the last lunation of 2013.

New Year’s Day Workshop

It’s rare and auspicious when the New Moon falls on New Year’s Day.

Take advantage of this powerful moment and start your cleanse January 1.

SanaVita Directors, Arul Goldman and Gabe Hoffman along with in-house Astrologer, Stefanie Weiss, will lead a donation-based New Year’s Day workshop to get you ready to embark on your 28-day cleansing journey. Stefanie will also share tips to use the moon in your daily life.

Date: January 1, 2014
4:00 pm
SanaVita | 145 East 16th Street (between Irving Place & Third Avenue)

Sign up for the 28-day cleanse and / or workshop by December 25 and get a free Colonic or Biofeedback session.

Starting in January, SanaVita’s 28-Day Cleanse will also be available for purchase on

For more information, please call or email us.
212-777-4900 |

Full Moon in Gemini: Dancing with Duality

Stefanie Weiss is SanaVita’s new resident astrologer. Starting on January 1st, 2014, Stefanie, along with Arul Goldman and Gabriel Hoffman, Directors of SanaVita, will guide people through SanaVita’s new 28-Day Cleanse, coinciding with the cycles of the moon.

Every month we’re treated to the guiding light of both the New and Full Moon — beacons for our growth and progress. Because these powerful “lunations” are bi-weekly, they’re perfect for charting the course of your life and setting intentions.

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.”

― Thích Nhất Hạnh

Two weeks ago we talked about the gypsy spirit of the New Moon in Sagittarius. Now we find ourselves enmeshed in the energy of the Archer’s opposite: the Full Moon in Gemini, exact at 1:28 AM EST on December 17th, 2013. (This is how the lunar cycle works ― when the Sun is in any sign, the Full Moon is in its opposite constellation. Aries opposes Libra, Taurus opposes Scorpio, Gemini opposes Sagittarius, Cancer opposes Capricorn, Leo opposes Aquarius, and Virgo opposes Pisces.)

Sagittarius revealed the big picture and asked us to think about our worldview ― our reigning philosophy. Its mantra is “I Perceive” while Gemini, the sign of duality, versatility, and curiosity, carries the tagline “I think”. When Gemini energy grows up, it gets to act like Sagittarius ― strong in its convictions, and not given to distractions. No matter what, Geminis (or people with concentrations of planets in Gemini) tend to be smart as a whip, and the smoothest talkers you’ve ever met. They ooze charm, and keep you busy with their synaptic gymnastics. They can get you mentally whipped in an instant.

Gemini rules the lungs, reminding us how important it is to breathe full and deep, not shallow and weak. And paying close attention to our breath tells us even more ― that Gemini energy requires us to ground in meaningfulness, to truly listen. Not just to others, but to our own inner voice. Gemini, at its worst, is superficial and banal. At this Full Moon, it’s important to avoid the tendency to gossip and chitchat. Give up the distractions and the minor data for deeper truths and revelations.

Think back to about six months ago, during the days and weeks around the last New Moon in Gemini, which took place on June 9th this year. What were you thinking, talking, worrying and writing about? Take a look back at your journal if you keep one, or even review your emails and texts during that time. Now, six months later, all of that is coming up for review. You’re in the cosmic dark room now, finally developing the film of the pictures you shot a half a year ago.

Now that we’re on the cusp of the Winter Solstice, the shortest and darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re in a different frame of mind ― one that’s equal parts somber and serious (because we’re approaching Capricorn) and full of holiday cheer. As a collective, we embody the duality of the Gemini energy, in part, because some of us are lonelier at the holidays, even if we’re surrounded by parties and mistletoe. But it’s also a wonderful opportunity for healing and clearing, using communication, Gemini’s area of expertise.

Your Full Moon in Gemini Releasing Ritual

Taking into account your review of last June (as mentioned above), find a quiet moment (absolutely distraction-free ― shut off your phone) and prepare to write in longhand. Whether you usually write in a journal or want to use stationery or a fresh notebook, this ritual requires you to feel a paper and pen in your hands, to get the energy moving from your brain, through your arm, to your fingers, and finally to the page.

You’re about to write yourself a letter, one that only you can open. Have an envelope nearby, because you’re going to want to sign and seal this ― but delivery will come in exactly two weeks. Begin to free-write, making sure not to stop your hand from moving ― even if you feel like you’re not writing anything important, keep going. Eventually you’ll deposit a few nuggets of precious gold on that page. Tell yourself what you want to manifest in 2014, or even what you’d like to accomplish during the next few weeks between the Full Moon in Gemini and the New Moon in Capricorn, arriving exactly on New Year’s Day, in a bit of perfect astrological symmetry.

Open your letter on January 1st. You can read it to yourself, a friend or lover, or perhaps share it with the group, if you join us at our workshop, taking place at 4 pm on January 1st, at SanaVita. (Don’t forget to save the letter, because in another six months, the cycle begins all over again.)

More information on the workshop and SanaVita’s 28-Day Cleanse can be found here.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to book a consultation.

Shared in Service,

Lunar Renewal for the New Moon in Sagittarius: We All Need a Miracle Everyday

Stefanie Weiss is SanaVita’s new resident astrologer. Starting on January 1st, 2014, Stefanie, along with Arul Goldman and Gabriel Hoffman, Directors of SanaVita, will guide people through SanaVita’s new 28-Day Cleanse, coinciding with the cycles of the moon.

Every month we’re treated to the guiding light of both the New and Full Moon — beacons for our growth and progress. Because these powerful “lunations” are bi-weekly, they’re perfect for charting the course of your life and setting intentions.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

— Albert Einstein

The New Moon in Sagittarius arrives on Monday, December 2nd, restoring our hope and optimism at long last. After the past few months of massive turmoil in the stars, this lunation is one we’ll all welcome with open arms.

Sagittarius is the sign of freedom, wanderlust, and unbridled enthusiasm. It’s where you find both your inner gypsy spirit and your tendency to overindulge. It’s about going big, bigger, and bigger still – you want to take things all the way or nowhere at all. Sagittarius is about seeing the world, honing your worldview, and opening your mind as wide as you dare. It’s also about enormous peals of laughter – the kind that rises up from your belly and can’t be restrained. But most of all and for our current moment, Sagittarius is about believing in miracles.

This year, miracles loom even larger in our collective imagination. You probably heard ad nauseum about “Thanksgivingukkah” this week – that rare confluence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, an event that won’t take place for another 78,000 years. All hokiness aside, this fake holiday is actually instructive for the moment we’re sharing right now. Hanukkah is all about miracles and finding your inner light – letting hope guide the way, even when there seems to be darkness all around. When you bring gratitude, via Thanksgiving, into the mix, you have the perfect Sagittarius blend – the higher octave of this miraculous constellation.

Yet, as with all lunations, it’s important to heed some caution at the Sagittarius New Moon. It’s no cosmic accident that the holiday season coincides with Sagittarius season – the time of year when we crave more of everything – from rich food (hello pumpkin pie) to material junk to attention from family members that are stingy with their love. It’s why you might get drunk and say things you don’t mean (or things you really mean, but would never say while sober) at holiday parties. Even if you’re usually budget-conscious, it’s easy to fall prey to addictive spending patterns now.

The “too much is never enough” theme prevails. Sagittarius expands whatever it touches, so if you’re in a toxic, addictive pattern with alcohol, food, or a co-dependent relationship, it can be magnified now. The healthiest way to approach this Sagittarian moment is to remember that moderation is key with everything. Working too much, drinking too much, eating too much, even exercising too much – each one of these excesses can have major consequences. Listen to and respect your inner hunger, and don’t deny yourself the things you crave.

Instead, come to them from a place of knowing you already have enough. Curiosity should drive you now – not fear of scarcity. The New Moon in Sagittarius teaches us that we will always have what we need, even at our darkest moments. Abundance is already yours, if you just look within.

Your New Moon in Sagittarius Releasing Ritual

Any time from three days before to three days after the New Moon on December 2nd, make two lists: one that says: I Want More, and one that says I Have Enough.

Notice which items appear on both lists at once. For the next two weeks (between now and the Full Moon in Gemini on December 17th), take action to move items from the I Want More list to the I Have Enough list. And give yourself the freedom to have fun – it’s the holidays!

Shared in service,

Lunar Renewal: Release Rituals for Manifestation and Letting Go

Stefanie Weiss is SanaVita’s new resident Astrologer. Starting in January, Stefanie, along with Arul Goldman and Gabriel Hoffman, Directors of SanaVita, will guide people through SanaVita’s new 28-Day Cleanse, coinciding with the cycles of the moon.

Every month we’re treated to the guiding light of both the New and Full Moon — beacons for our growth and progress. Because these powerful “lunations” are bi-weekly, they’re perfect for charting the course of your life and setting intentions.

For a sense of how to make this happen, here is a (slightly amended) excerpt from a recent article I wrote for

Tuning into the Moon to fuel intuition and connect to your body is always healthy and can be extremely fruitful, but you probably didn’t know that you can use lunar energy as an adjunct to your calendar — think of it as your iCal in the sky. It’s especially potent and useful for projects that require you to tap into your emotions and subconscious thoughts.

Moon cycles work in two ways, for monthly planning, in two-week chunks, and also for planning ahead — looking toward six months from now for longer-term goals. Find out when the next New Moon takes place, and mark it on your calendar. This is your moment of initiation – new beginnings, planting seeds. The New Moon continues to be potent three days after it is exact, but the energy is more available beforehand, and in the hours leading up to the exact New Moon — that’s why it’s a good idea to note the exact moment in your time zone.

Next is the potent Full Moon, which is often a very intensely emotional time — a moment of release. Like the New Moon, it’s even more powerful during the three days leading up to it, and it’s worthwhile to note the exact time of the lunation. You may even want to do a kind of releasing ritual on the day of the Full Moon, to let go of any negative energy or fear you’ve held onto since you first initiated your project. By now, you know what your work looks and feels like — it’s come fully to life.

Today, Sunday, November 17th, the initiation/release energy is brought to us by the Full Moon in Taurus, symbolizing the sensual world.

Taurus is an Earth sign, and at its highest potential it can help us to feel grounded, strong, and safe. But the flip side of Taurus energy is excess – usually in the form of food and drink, but sometimes shopping and sex. The Full Moon in Taurus offers a moment to ritualize a release from the toxins we’ve taken in during the last six months. Let go of fear of loss, of the craving for material goods you don’t truly need, and of any tendency to eat emotionally. This energy is ideal for setting an intention and starting a cleanse — one that addresses the needs of your body, creative spirit, and soul.

Leading up to January 1st, I’ll be sharing the energy of each New and Full Moon with you in this space, so you can get your own ritual going.

I’m really excited to begin this journey with you.

Arul’s 33-Day Cleanse: The cleanse of a lifetime…

So, I embarked on a 33-day food and body cleanse, but what I ended up with was something totally different.

Although I was determined to do the cleanse for 33 days, I kept running into difficulty.  My mind wanted to cleanse my body. The universe needed me to go deeper than that and presented me with a new opportunity to do so.

A few nights after my last entry, I came home to a notice shoved under my door. It was from my management company: a mid-lease rental increase of $1400 a month. I had 30 days to decide to stay or surrender the apartment.  Now this was a situation I had never been in before.  Find a way to handle a 50% increase or uproot our home within 30 days.  It’s enough to stress a person out when it’s just herself, but now with two small children and friends and school, etc. It was a LOT!

For two days I didn’t even think about it as I had too much on my plate; I had to focus on my daughter’s school concert and my son’s field trip and things at SanaVita. But then, on the third night when I tried to go to bed, the reality of the situation hit and I was worried. And sleepless.  I spent the entire night awake and did not sleep for one second as I tossed around my options.  The next afternoon I went to the leasing department of my apartment complex to see what other apartments were available.

We live in Peter Cooper Village / Stuyvesant Town and there was a large lawsuit that ended with many tenants being forced out of their homes.  It was unusual and unfortunate, but it was happening.  It forced the three of us to downsize from a 2 bedroom/ 2 bathroom apartment to a 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom.  Now in the scope of things, that’s really not so bad. Things could be much worse. I want to provide comfort and security for my kids and I didn’t want them to go through the stress of an abrupt move to a smaller apartment. Even though it wasn’t my fault, it was still a blow to my ego to have to explain to my babies why we had to move and how we have to make lemonade out of these lemons we had just been served.

So the clock was ticking and I was trying to secure this 1 bedroom apartment down the street from us in the same complex.  I haven’t had to “qualify” for an apartment in NYC in years and now they were asking me to re-qualify even though I have been a paying tenant for the last 4 years!  So I was running around trying to get all the paperwork in order to convince my management company to let me stay in their complex and keep paying the same amount of money for an even smaller apartment. Plus moving costs. And while I was going thru this process,  I lost my wallet!

“What is the universe trying to tell me!?!?”  What came to me was “LET GO… go deeper… cleanse further.”

Practically speaking, I was not able to keep a lot of the furniture that we had, as it wouldn’t all fit.  Same goes for toys and games and clothes. An experience like this really makes you refocus your priorities and figure out what’s important. What’s worth holding onto and what do I need to let go of?

I’ve discovered so much unnecessary baggage in my life.  By clearing out the apartment that I had moved into three years earlier as a family of four, I went through a very deep and cathartic cleanse.   I literally had bags filled with bags in all my closets!  Clothes overflowing (I’ve cut back drastically but still working on that one!). Nick-nacks and keepsakes all over the place, burned out used up candles. And PAPERS!!! Sooooo many papers!

One of the items of furniture that couldn’t make it into the new pad was my all mighty filing cabinet.  I’m an old school gal and liked getting my bills in the mail, writing the checks, stuffing the envelopes and mailing ‘em back in old school style.  But what I wouldn’t realize was that I would often be stressed leaving my mail for the last minute and JUST getting the bills mailed in barely in the nick of time!  And all the mail that would come in would just get filed.  And I’ve been holding on to all those pieces of papers for ten years!  Can you imagine?  Ten year old Verizon bills hanging around, paying moving men to move them from one apartment to the other over the course of a decade!?!??  And for what???

So this move inspired me to go paperless!  In four days I went through every paper and made piles. The shred pile. The scan then shred pile. The scan and keep a hard copy pile. I went from a large 2 drawer packed filing cabinet to 1 small box about 8”wide!  Now THAT was amazing!

Moving into a new space with a fresh start was totally liberating.  Releasing all the old cobwebs, letting go of the past. I didn’t realize the impact of living in the home that I had built with my ex husband.  Even though I had rearranged and bought new furniture, it had still been our place together. Now we have a new place.  Me and my two babies. And we are happy.  It was incredibly stressful to go through, but now that it is over, I see it as a blessing.  We may have less floor space, but our hearts are wide and open.  We are safe. We are still in our community. We are less cluttered. And we are home.

Arul’s 33-Day Cleanse: Days 9-14

I’ve had an unusual amount of commitments this week. After Day 6 at Barclays, I still had Game 7 to attend, a Rihanna concert, a benefit to raise money for underprivileged children (NY Youth at Risk) and a benefit for my kids’ school. It’s been a busy week to say the least. I’ve done the best I could. Although my diet hasn’t been perfect, it’s been better than it would have been if I wasn’t trying to cleanse.

It’s tricky when there are so many events on the calendar. And because Game 7 coincided with the Riahanna concert on Saturday night (Really??? They can’t plan that stuff better?), it’s been rescheduled for tomorrow night.

It’s Monday. I’m getting myself back into rhythm and after tomorrow night’s show I’m gonna try to keep my calendar as clear as possible until Memorial Day! ☺

I’m also looking forward to treating myself to some cleansing treatments this weekend for Mama’s Day. It always helps me stay on track. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about doing our best while still being in the game.

Arul's 33-Day Cleanse: Days 9-14

One last thought. Although we’re very sad to see such an amazing season come to an end for our beloved Nets, we still love you (especially you, Lopez!) and we’re looking forward to cheering you on again next fall. with LOVE, Arul, Naturale and Seven Pie

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 33-Day Cleanse: Day 8

Yesterday was a typical day back to the program. I wasn’t feel well all day. The Chinese food from the day before left me feeling incredibly bloated. Bloated to the point of cramping and not being able to work out. AND constipated! A lovely combination.

In addition, I was absolutely so exhausted that I literally had to lie down and take a 30-minute cat nap in the middle of the day. Something I not only never do, but also usually can’t do no matter how tired I am! But at one point keeping my eyes open wasn’t even an option. Ironically, I had slept 9 hours the night before after having eaten this evil poison… without any sleep aids. Makes me wonder what they are really putting in those sauces.

I stuck to avocados and fermented veggies most of the day. Worked and took it easy. I had front row tickets to see Game 5 at the Barclays Center last night and was definitely struggling to muster the energy to go out in the evening. But the Nets and specifically my main man Lopez gave me the motivation that I needed.

When we arrived, my girlfriend wanted to buy me a drink to thank me for suggesting that we all go. I went with my BFF and another dear close friend of mine, Gabe.

I accepted the drink all the while listening to the little voice inside me whimpering if I was making the right call. Although I did get another drink later on, I didn’t really drink much of it and the drink did help wake me up and I was able to feel more present.

Nets Game 5

The game was fantastic! I’ve never sat that close before and had a perfect view of my new crush in action! Not to mention we won 110-91 pushing us into game 6.

One game at a time is what we need to focus on. And for me, one day at a time.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 33-Day Cleanse: Days 6 & 7

The weekend got a little tricky! Amazing how easily one can get knocked off their game! Saturday was Game 4 Nets vs Bulls. It was a nerve-racking game that went into triple overtime. I was glued to the TV for 4 hours and in the 2nd overtime went down to the corner to watch the remainder of the game with friends. We lost. Someone bought me a drink and my evening began.

It wasn’t terrible and I wasn’t hungover the next day, but I didn’t sleep well and felt really guilty about having drunk. That snowballed into skipping my spin class and in the afternoon, when my girlfriends came over, watching re-runs of Sex in the City and ordering in Chinese food. The quick downward spiral that can happen in a snap.

I woke up this morning feeling bloated and sluggish. But I am recommitted and back on track. I’m assuming I’m still feeling really bad in my belly from the Chinese food. I was thinking it might be psychosomatic as my guilt may be literally making me sick to my stomach, but then I got the text from my girlfriend at 3:30 in the morning saying she fainted and woke up on the bathroom floor!! She spent the rest of the night and morning in the ER with food poisoning.

Darned Chinese Food!! Ironic how it’s supposed to be comfort food…but really it can be poison.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 33-Day Cleanse: Day 4

Yesterday was the best day I’ve had in a long time. I was generally happy and silly for big chunks of it, which felt reassuring.

Spin was awesome! Afterwards I had my kale, berry, kefir smoothie and went to SV and then to pole. I was pretty anxious about dancing but was ready to give it my best. Turned out it was “pole week” which means no dancing. Just trick training for a straight hour after the hour warm up. I was pleased that I did not re-injure my shoulder. We finished up early and our teacher allowed us to dance in groups. I was able to kind of hide out in the dark back corner, which felt safe. For anyone who knows me, I’m not really much of a hide-in-the-dark-corner kinda girl, but today I was! I think it was a good gentle re-entry into the class after 3 weeks out.

After class, I booked it on my new bike LavaRose to pick my kids up from school, stopping for an avocado, fermented veggies and celery stalks along the way. We went to soccer and then to the corner for dinner and a hang with the neighborhood crew. They were all drinking but I refrained, ate a small side salad with mushrooms and made it home to finish up with a small bowl of coconut pudding, strawberries and pecans. I definitely ate more than I was planning on today but it was one of those non-stop days where I didn’t have juices handy. I had exercised SO much today and I was starving by the end of the day. Often a glass or two of wine would help to curb that hunger, but I was much happier with salad and pudding rather than alcohol.

I was anxious about getting to sleep but at 9:30 I turned the TV off and fell asleep quickly, not opening my eyes again till 4am! 6½ straight hours. Remarkable! After an hour I fell back asleep for a solid hour, making a grand total of 7½ hours of real rest. I am ecstatic with that this morning!

I have another non-stop, jam-packed day today, but no exercise. I’m giving myself the day off. I’ve gone hard for the last 3 days and my body feels generally fatigued.

I am looking forward to this weekend for a little down time as my kids will be going to their father’s for the weekend. It also creates anxiety as I am still not used to being without them, without the distractions of a boyfriend, dating, going out for drinks, etc. But I am figuring out new strategies that are healthy and fulfilling. Plus I am signed up for a bunch of classes (spin, yoga & possibly dance) and have lots of B-ball to watch!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 33-Day Cleanse: Day 3

Well my date went well. I got there first and ordered a virgin dirty martini. I asked the bartender for cold water (mostly water) with a little olive juice and a small splash of lemonade and asked him to serve it to me in a Martini glass. It was perfect. Low on sugar, tasty and gave me the effect of having a cocktail which is really more than half the allure.

We watched the game and ordered some food. We were at a BBQ place so a side of veggies was easy. He got nachos and chicken fingers (such a dude!) and I ordered string beans, they seemed safest. I picked at a few plain corn chips in salsa and a few string beans. It was easy.

During the day I ate basically just as I had set out to and accomplished both spin and yoga.

I also had a very deep therapeutic sports massage by our new massage therapist, Cynthia. She gave me a massage 2 weeks ago as I’ve been having chronic pain in my upper right rhomboid. It’s been debilitating at times and has been being triggered by pole class. She worked on me really hard and deep and I have to say it was rather unpleasant while it was happening and difficult to get through, but I felt considerably better afterwards. I realize the benefits of such a massage and although I was not particularly looking forward to doing it again, I knew it was necessary. Yesterday’s massage was easier to get through. Cynthia promised they would get easier. I feel quite good today.

I got a solid 6 hours of sleep last night on just melatonin & valerian root drops. Best night I’ve had in ages.

Today I have spin and later pole class. I haven’t been to pole in almost 3 weeks and I’m kinda of dreading it, as I’m emotionally not in that space at all these days. My dance class has become a really hard thing for me to face, which has been bumming me out because just a few months ago, I loved it so much and found it to be such a great release. My teacher continues to encourage me to keep coming. We all fall down. It’s part of life, but getting back up is living. I appreciate her sentiments. Gotta get up and try and try and try…

In general, on the morning of day 3, I am feeling even slightly more optimistic. The sun and promise of upper 60-degree weather doesn’t hurt either.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 33-Day Cleanse: Day 2

Well, I am very tired and had a terrible headache last night, but I’m on my way!

Yesterday morning for breakfast I had coconut Kiefer pudding with blackberries and pecans.

I took spin and had a spicy BPC lemonade.

For dinner I ate an avocado with fermented carrots and flax seed crackers.

Then in the evening my mommy friends came over with their kids. I made the kiddies dinner and the three mommies drank BPC spicy lemonades and gabbed. It was really nice and supportive to have them there with me on the same page of not drinking. It’s hard because it’s so easy to fall into a rut or a pattern. We get together, the kids play, we feed them dinner and we drink to unwind and share in the experience of single motherhood and full-time work. It was really nice to be able to get together and do the same without the booze.

Today I am recovering from last night’s detox headache borderline migraine. But I am going to spin and yoga and will take a nice steam as well. I’ve made a smoothie for breakfast that I’ll dive into after spin. Coconut Keifer, strawberries and blackberries, kale, protein powder and my supplements. Later in the day I’ll have another dish of avocado, fermented veggies and flax seed crackers and probably lemonade in between.

I have a date tonight to watch the Knicks, game 2. My kids and I are Nets fans but the Knicks are playing the Celtics for the best of 4 out of 7 and the Celtics are our biggest rivals! So I will be confronted with being on a date, at a bar for drinks and dinner…not drinking and eating as clean as I can. This is often troublesome so we’ll see how I do.

Emotionally, I’m still feeling pretty banged up. But slightly, slightly more optimistic.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 33-Day Cleanse: Day 1, take 3

Sometimes we need to change. Other times we need to go back to what works. A friend of mine asked me this morning how the cleanse was going. I told her not well. Although there have been positive changes, I simply have not been able to achieve my goals. So I’m going to pare it down, start over and go back to what I know works for me: juice, smoothies, keifer, raw food soups, avocados, some fermented veggies and limited nuts and seeds.

From today until Memorial Day weekend. 33 days. Not 77. This feels more manageable.

I feel like I am waking up from a drug-induced coma. I’ve been depressed. My ex-boyfriend’s birthday was on Saturday. The date has been looming over me for more than a week in a dreadful way. I’ve been sad and unable to sleep. I feel relieved that this one-year marker since our breakup is over and hoping that in this second year I will be able to learn how to let go and really heal my heart. I am hoping sooner rather than later.

And so I start yet again. What else is there to do?

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 77-Day Cleanse: Day 16

Yesterday was a rough day…tired, feeling down and heavy on my period, and further saddened by the tragedy in Boston.

It was very difficult getting to sleep again as well. And my night’s rest was broken and not very restful at all. I am feeling a lot of anxiety the last few days.

But the sun is shining this morning and it should be a beautiful day.

I’ve already had breakfast. Today I started with my smoothie, and I’m looking forward to yoga later.

And getting through the day unscathed.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 77-Day Cleanse: Days 11-15

For the most part, I’ve been staying on track with this new system: protein-filled breakfast and eating a little protein at most meals. Still, the most challenging part is social drinking. Although I’ve been able to keep my sugar intake low and I’ve been slowly adding more of the fermented foods, the alcohol has been really tough to give up this time.

I’m still working at it, however, hoping that this will be the week I can just say, “No thanks”. I also realize that writing every day is really helpful to remaining accountable to myself. I’m going to have to stay more committed to supporting myself in that manner.

Last night was a tough one. I couldn’t sleep. Something was really nagging at me. I lay in bed from 11pm until 2:30am trying to deep breathe myself to sleep. My brain didn’t want to shut down. I’m groggy and cranky this morning.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 77-Day Cleanse: Day 10

Today started off fantastically! I slept well with no sleep aids and promptly took a humongous poo, leaving me feeling like superwoma

This morning, I rode my bike from meeting to meeting (including my son’s bookfair at school) loving the gorgeous day, sharing the happy energies of all the people I encountered throughout the day.

I am figuring out this eating thing too, with the protein. Yesterday worked really well for me especially since I exercised in the afternoon, which I do on several days. I realize that when I start with my smoothie, I’m left hungry right before my workout, which just doesn’t work for obvious reasons. If I don’t eat, I’m weak and if I do, I’m full in the belly. So now I am eating more of a breakfast and leaving my smoothie for later in the afternoon or an hour before my workout.

This morning I met a friend at Mud to go over a few things and get my morning chow down on. I had the LOVE salad with an egg on top. It was perfect. And it held me over nicely until my 1pm yoga class.

Then I had my smoothie and later ate some avocado and fermented veggies.

A perfect day.

Until dinner…outside at the corner bistro with ALL our friends. Everyone happy, chatting, eating, kids scooting around. We haven’t done this since early fall and we’ve been jonsing to reconvene for many months. Of course, the bottles of wine were opened and drinks were served and passed around.

I indulged on one frozen margarita. Probably the worst of the options, but out in the heat of the sun, in the moment, I did it.

Tomorrow morning I will repent for my sins at spin.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 77-Day Cleanse: Day 9

So today I tried something new. I said I am going to have a little bit of meat with every meal. And so it was.

I woke up and instead of starting with my Kefir smoothie, I started with 2 slices of turkey wrapped around some avocado. It was physically satisfying. That was around 7:30am.

I made my smoothie to go and drank it at 11:30. The turkey and avocado got me through those first 4 hours easily. I had a spin class at 1pm so the timing of the smoothie was perfect, not too heavy with enough time to digest before spinning.

By the time spin was over I was starving. I went to Chipotle to pick up a salad bowl to bring back to work with me. Oddly, they were closed but would be opening in 30 minutes. So I went back to work and ate about ½ cup of fermented veggies. Then I walked back to Chipotle for my salad!

I got a lot of extra lettuce. Some of the juice from the black beans, but not the black beans themselves. Tomatoes, guacamole, and their free-range chicken. And then more lettuce on top! They are always a little chincy with their lettuce. I laughed at the thought of how generous they are with their chicken, but not with their lettuce! I bought some extra lettuce on my way back and added it to my salad as I prepare to feast.

By this point it is 3pm and I am more than ready to get my chow on! The salad takes me about an hour to eat as I am working on emails as I chew…and chew.…and chew. I take my time, knowing there is no rush and I savor every bite of this carefully thought out and long-awaited meal.

When I am finished I am fully satisfied. It is the perfect place of satisfaction without the sensation of fullness. I feel great! And although I am usually struggling for something sweet to finish off the tangy, savory flavors of my typical meals, I am not craving sweet for whatever reason today. I am set.

My lunch takes me through until dinner. Although I said I would have meat at every meal, I realize I am not that hungry by dinner so I just have a small amount of the kale that I prepared for my family. Afterwards, I had a bowl of coco yo with berries and a few nuts. The coco yo is a coconut pudding sweetened with stevia. It’s full of all sorts of healthy little creatures (bacterias).

The day is done. The kitchen is closed and I feel great on this first real day of spring.

Yay for all of us. We have finally arrived!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 77-Day Cleanse: Days 7 & 8

The weekend was intense. Saturday we were out of the house by 8am and didn’t make it back home until 11 at night. I had a good night’s sleep Friday night and a great workout in the morning. Then, I was out with the kids all day. We went to a birthday party and I brought my own salad (they actually served salad in addition to the other usual junk, which was a bonus!). I stayed away from the pizza and cake. In the evening we went to the Barclays Center to see “our boys” play b-ball (we are huge Nets fans!) and we all indulged in some popcorn. It was a good day!

Sunday was tougher. We all slept in bed together after the game, which usually works well, but my body is still adjusting to not using sleep aids and I am much more sensitive to the kids rolling around throughout the night. I recently got a king sized bed instead of the queen I had so that the 3 of us could snuggle up together on special occasions and sleep together. But this night was rough as I was so sensitive and couldn’t really sleep. I got maybe 2 hours of broken sleep.

Tired and a little bit cranky, I got the kids out of the house to drop them off at SanaVita so I could take my spin class. But, there was a glitch with the timing so I didn’t wind up making it to class. When I’m exhausted like that, I find that exercise, if I can force myself to get through it, will re-energize me for the day. But when I’m that tired, I feel like I am hung-over and it is difficult to overcome the exhaustion.

My diet was still pretty good, except for a few too many pinto chips. I can feel myself craving the salty snacks (even healthy ones like popcorn and pinto chips) as I am in my PMS stage when my menstrual cycle is coming to a close.

I was struggling to get through the day and it was only 3pm. We were hosting a play date at our house…still 5 hours ahead of me and already SO ready for bed.

Then another friend came over for a play date and brought our whole crew with her as a surprise. Next thing we knew our play date turned into a HUGE party. Well, huge for our standards: 6 kids, 8 grownups. Then the drinks came out. Some of our guests wanted to drink screwdrivers but I don’t keep OJ in the house. I do have a lot of pink grapefruits so I juiced up a big batch of grapefruit juice and we made screwdrivers. I had one with lots of ice and nursed over many hours, adding more grapefruit juice, ice and water as I sipped on my drink. We ordered pizza for dinner for the kids. I had already eaten at our late picnic lunch earlier in the day so I was safe there.

I am still amazed at how quickly things can change. I wonder if I had made it to the spin class if I would have been more easily able to resist the drink? Or if I wasn’t so tired? Or how much the one drink really matters in the end. I am still learning humility in observing and being present throughout the process, rather than focusing on perfection.

I am feeling much better today. The weather certainly is a big factor! Starting my 2nd week on the cleanse now and ready to take it up a notch. I am also emotionally recovering from my setback with my feelings over my ex from last week. Just that little thing really triggered me and set me back. But with time, just a few days, it starts to fade to the backdrop…thankfully.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 77-Day Cleanse: Day 6

I feel like I am in limbo today…still recovering from being shaken off track. It’s the 2nd day in a row without exercise and I have absolutely no motivation for it.

My diet is wavering as well. I’m still eating healthy, but allowing niblets of foods that are not on my path to find their way into my mouth, my body, my gut. Allowing the unhealthy eco system that already exists within to grow larger and stronger.

Today is a day I am not “living”. I am surviving. Try to see it through to the end. Focused on starting a new fresher slate tomorrow.

I am signed up for spin class early tomorrow. Then, I will be spending the day with my kids and will be taking them to the Nets game at Barclays Center in the evening. It’s gonna be a long day. I hope I crawl my way out of this funk.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 77-Day Cleanse: Day 5

Funny how quickly things can change. These moments of getting “triggered” can linger and all of a sudden your mojo gets lost and you find yourself off track.

Yesterday (I’m writing this the morning after) was another day of surprises. It’s been like that all week. Something unexpected came up at my kids school throwing off my neatly-planned schedule, then our afternoon receptionist had an emergency and couldn’t make it in and I found myself behind the desk at SanaVita multi-tasking and wearing several different hats at once, just like the old days. On the phone with the nanny, greeting and checking clients out, accepting deliveries, answering emails, trying to complete other tasks and meetings I had via phone. It wasn’t a bad thing at all. I actually enjoyed having the time and space to connect with clients coming in and out, something I’ve always loved and wish I have more time for. So that was actually a gift.

But it was intense. And although my eating was still on track, in the middle of it all I grabbed a cookie.

And then after work, I took my kids on a play date and accepted another glass of wine.

And I sit and observe the sequence of events and understand how easy it is to fall off track when life gets crazy.

But again, it’s all part of the process.

Today my son stayed home from school. His legs hurt. I told him he is probably having growing pains. When he grows everything stretches out longer and it can hurt. I told him I understood. Mama is having growing pains today too.

So we are home today resting together. Supporting each another through the process of growth.

And being gentle with ourselves as we grow and learn.

It’s my first week and I am challenged as I ease into this cleanse. I will get there.

It’s all part of the process.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 77-Day Cleanse: Day 4

Today started out really nicely. I had a great day planned. First I had a colonic (I did, btw, finally have a good BM this morning, but decided to top it off with a colonic, which ended up being VERY productive), spin, a quick meeting, then pole class. Then I picked up my kids from school and spent the rest of the day with them. I was looking forward to each part of this day! Although I really needed a little break from burning it at all ends, I’ve missed having my babies at home and was looking forward to getting back to our regular little routine.

I was particularly looking forward to pole class as well. I missed the last 2 weeks as I have been nursing a back injury that kept getting triggered. It was hard to tell if it was the spin or the pole or the yoga or all of it. I’ve been getting a lot of therapeutic massage and acupuncture in the last 2 weeks and took a little break from the pole and my back was feeling much better. I was feeling incredibly good AND sexy, especially after spin class and all the “releasing” I did this morning! Also, we had an assignment for class: we had to get dressed up, old-school gangsta style, like The Sopranos or The Godfather, but the sexy female version. I had picked a great song (Woke Up This Morning, Alabama 3) and a great outfit (including my son’s toy gun as a prop) and felt super ready to get down and dirty in dance class.

And so I had a great day. I made my smoothie to-go before running out and grabbed a loaded salad for later in the afternoon so I was well prepared nutritionally. I was feeling great.

But, I wasn’t prepared for what would actually happen at dance class. I went through the motions, I did the 2-hour workout, I climbed the pole and did all my fancy tricks flawlessly and I danced my dance. But NONE of it felt authentic. For some reason I wasn’t able to connect. I was blocked. Even though I felt hot and was totally prepared, nothing was coming naturally. And although I didn’t realize it until much later in the day, it made me feel really, really sad.

That sadness sat heavily on me all day. I couldn’t shake it and couldn’t understand it either. I thought maybe I’m over the dance class. Maybe it isn’t me but it’s this, that or the other thing.

Then after the kids’ soccer class I took them out to eat dinner at their favorite spot. Even though I was full from my late salad lunch, I ordered a glass of red wine. Something to ease the rough edges surrounding my aura. And I listened to the conversation as if I were a third person. “You shouldn’t. You MUSTN’T! You are on a cleanse! How DARE YOU” And the counterargument, “Fuck it. Who the fuck really cares anyway? What’s the big deal ??”

And while I vaguely listened to this conversation and helped my kids with their dinner (they still like me to help feed them at times) and helped them with their homework, I suddenly remembered something that was so significant, yet somehow I had completely brushed it away as though it hadn’t ever happened.

Last night I went to meet a friend for dinner over on 9th Avenue and when I got out of the taxi, I looked up and saw Gotham Pizza. I suddenly thought I was in the wrong place. I KNOW this place. This corner. This is SO FAMILIAR. Like I’ve been here at least a hundred and seven times before if not two hundred and seven times. I looked up at the cross street to confirm I was indeed on 9th Avenue downtown and not uptown on 1st Avenue. The same exact Gotham Pizzeria stands on the corner of my ex-boyfriend’s apartment. I’ve stepped out of a taxi with the same backdrop for nearly 2 years of my life. And suddenly, I had a pit in the bottom of my stomach and for a moment thought I may vomit. Without thinking, I took a picture and sent it to him in an email. (Thankfully, I deleted his number a while ago, but sadly, even the computer expert couldn’t find a way to permanently delete his email address from my phone’s memory. If only someone could delete the precious memories I hold onto in my heart). I gave him a brief description of what had just occurred and that although it’s been a year, it’s still hard.

And then, I stuffed it away and made very pleasant conversation over dinner. I went home, got into bed and when I woke up, set out on my very bright, shinny and jam-packed day, barely giving it a second thought.

Until the wine.

And then it all clicked. I am disconnected from the pain that I constantly try to ignore with my things, my kids, my classes and SanaVita. All of it.

So I drank the wine. It was two for one, so I had my glass filled again, but only took a few sips of the second glass. Because now I have greater clarity. I will never heal from a broken heart or a constipated colon or parasites, yeast or bacterias in my gut until I am willing to heal completely. Which means going thru the process. The uncomfortable parts are even more important. And that’s what cleansing is. It is a process that cannot be gone over or under or around. The only way through it is through it. And it isn’t always pretty and it’s certainly not perfect.

God bless the glass of wine.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 77-Day Cleanse: Day 3

I didn’t sleep well last night at all and I’m really feeling it. My diet has been pretty consistent. My coconut Kefir smoothie in the morning, salad for lunch, more salad for dinner or fermented veggies with avocado. The bubbling in my belly has begun again, but as I am moving slower into this body ecology way of life, it isn’t as bloated and painful as it was that last time I was on day 2 and hurting!

I do think that the gas that I’m feeling though is blocking my normal bowl movements. I’m feeling constipated even though I’ve been having so much raw salad and staying well hydrated. I can feel it in the heaviness in my stomach and the slightly off taste in my mouth. It’s the kind of taste that lingers—flossing and brushing doesn’t make it go away. I hate that feeling. It reminds me of my 20’s when I was constipated all the time. I rarely feel like this anymore. It’s humbling to be reminded.

No exercise for me today either. I’m too tired. I haven’t slept well the last 2 nights. My body is readjusting to the cleanse and not relying on any sleep aids other than melatonin and my eye mask.

If I’m not feeling much better by tomorrow morning, I will squeeze in a colonic before my spin class.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita

Arul’s 77-Day Cleanse: Day 2

WOW! Day 2 was a doozy! I woke up around 7:30 this morning without any kids to tend to or spin classes to race out the door for or clients waiting for me at SanaVita. My first meeting was a phone conference at 10am and so I did something I rarely do. I stood still. I took my time. I listened to my morning meditation in bed. And then I did something I have wanted to try that my friend, work partner and practitioner, Gabe told me about: oil pulling.

A tablespoon of oil—any oil, traditionally sesame oil (which I had handy!) —in the mouth and swish. First thing. Before anything else. Usually, the first thing I do when I wake up is drink my chlorophyll, but oil pulling took its place, moving it to 2nd place. For 20 minutes! Normally this would be a challenging feat for me. No speaking for 20 minutes while getting 2 kiddies ready for school would be more than challenging actually. Clark Kent meets Superman is more like it. But this morning I had the opportunity, so I went for it.

The oil, by the way, is supposed to pull the toxins that get released from the blood during sleep to the surface, out through the teeth and then you spit. Never swallow. We are talking oil-pulling toxins here!

So, 10 minutes into the swishing process my phone starts blowing up. So much drama all of a sudden. I won’t go into the details, but after 5 minutes of trying to handle the situation via text, I spit out the oil and made a call. (At least I got 15 mins in. I can’t imagine how I’d do it on a daily basis with the kids, but you never know.) There was an emergency and I was called to duty. I needed to be on site in 20 mins. I’m still in my undies, my whole morning routine ahead of me and now I have to get somewhere in 20. The ONLY way it’s possible is by riding my new bicycle, Lavarose at lightning speed. I picked her up on Saturday and she rides like a dream.

I get out the door and have about 7 minutes to spare, just enough time to get to SanaVita. And guess what? Both elevators are out of service. I have my bike with me because our basement is still quarantined since Sandy and Lavarose has to live in the apartment. I live on the 14th floor and will never make it without my bike. This is how my day turned.

I won’t get into all the other details, but it was a day of surprises and challenges and after each “episode” I was able to reset my button to 0 and not harbor the negative emotional state I’d find myself in after each demonic tornado hit. But then I’d be tested again. After a long day, I’ve finally arrived home.

I stuck with my eating plan. Kefir smoothie for breakfast. Salmon burger sans the bun with salad for lunch. Small kale salad for dinner.

All in all, it was intense, but a good Day 2!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 77-Day Cleanse: Day 1 (take 2)

If at first you don’t succeed, don’t lie down and die. Get back on the horse and begin again.

I had a plan…to start my spring cleanse on the first day of spring. But I didn’t foresee the reality of having a break from being a full-time mommy (my kids are with their dad for the holiday) and that it was a perfect time to catch up socially—friends, dates, being out there and living life—which, in this city, often includes cocktails and meals…

Soooo yesterday I began again. And I feel great about it! That’s the thing about cleansing. Or any intended plan. If you set your intention and it doesn’t pan out exactly as you had hoped, be malleable and try again, with love for yourself. No self-abuse necessary.

Today is Easter and although I am Jewish by birth, I have always been connected with the energies of holy days from different spiritual faiths. TODAY is the day of resurrection!! What does that mean exactly?

1. The act of rising from the dead or returning to life. YES!

2. The state of one who has returned to life. YES, YES!!

3. The act of bringing back to practice, notice, or use. Revival. YES, YES, YES!!!


I am with you, Jesus. I am returning again to my practice.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 77-Day Cleanse: Days 2-7

The first week down. I’m trying something new in my life that I have never quite conquered: baby steps. Taking things slower. I’ve always been an all or nothing girl…diving deep headfirst into everything I set my big eyes on. Although I’ve seen many goals through to completion or at least to a place of satisfaction, I’ve also burned out quickly on many things. So my new focus for this cleanse is to take it a bit more gradually.

The second day I did what was typical of myself and I dove straight in…eating PLENTY of fermented veggies throughout the day and cutting out sugar completely. By that evening I had such extreme stomach cramps and bloating I was huddled on my couch in the fetal position wondering how I was going to get back up and out of the house. I realized it was just too much too soon and decided to slow down the process.

So, this week I’ve been focusing on cutting back on the things I will ultimately eliminate completely for this cleanse and adding in smaller quantities of the fermented foods, kefir, sea veggies, etc. It’s been going quite well. Although I’ve had some sugar in healthy forms and in small quantities, my sugar intake dropped tremendously this week. I have eaten small amounts of goat cheese, but no other dairy. I’ve stayed away from coffee. And I have mostly stayed away from alcohol, except for a few sporadic cocktails I sipped on at some events I had this week. My schedule has finally cleared and I don’t feel as though I’ll be in any situations in the near future where drinking seems prevalent. And, as I remember my experience last summer, once I got into the swing of not drinking, it really wasn’t an issue at all while being out and socializing. Finally, I am back on melatonin drops to help me sleep and I’m starting to get some decent nights of sleep in under my belt. I have been getting around 8 hours of sleep a night—it’s still interrupted, but I’m able to fall back to sleep with more ease.

This coming week I plan on tightening the belt further. I’ll be eliminating the rest of the bits of sugar I have had, except for berries basically. I’ll use Stevia when needed and I’ll be eliminating the rest of the dairy. I’ve already started experimenting with making my own dressings as white vinegar is not allowed on this plan. The idea of this methodology is to kill the existing yeast that is living off me. White vinegar and sugars feed that yeast instead of killing it. My intention is to perfect a dressing using apple cider vinegar, which has many benefits and does NOT feed yeast. By my third week, I’d like to bring this dressing out with me when going out to eat. But, I’m not quite there yet. Baby steps. So this week I will still enjoy sugar-free dressings while dining out!

After taking a step back on my 3rd day, I started to feel a lot better. Thankfully, the gassy, bloated feeling hasn’t been as much of an issue. I am prepared for some bumps along the way as I continue along this path. It’s called a “healing crises”. At times I may feel a little worse before I feel better. But it’s all part of the journey!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 77-Day Cleanse: Day 1

March 21, 2013. The first day of Spring is here! Although it feels like the drudges of winter still—the imminent change of seasons, of wardrobes, of moods, of transportation… It’s almost time to get back on that horse! Although my dear, sweet 13 year-old Thumbalina (my beloved bicycle) was killed in the wake of storm Sandy, I’ve got my eye on a new one. Change is hovering above us. Surely something spring-like is to come in a matter of just weeks now.

And so I ponder, in what way do I want to renew myself this spring? How do I want to feel? To look? To open my heart and raise my face to the sun? The winter here in NYC is tough, there’s no doubt about it. Between the flu (knocked me off my feet for 10 days, but I kicked its butt in the end without antibiotics!), vitamin D deficiency, increased stagnant lifestyle, extra eating, extra drinking, trying to pass the dreary days away with indoor activities for ourselves and our cooped up children. It’s no wonder I’m feeling in dire need of a tune up. A recalibrating. Set my dial back to zero.

So I’ve been gearing up, mentally, for a change. And, quite frankly — as you know, I like to be honest and share my truth with you — I ate and drank myself right up till midnight last night, knowing full well that today was a new start. An ice cream Sunday for lunch, a nice dinner with my family followed by some drinks with friends. And when the clock struck midnight I went home, took a shower and got into bed to get ready for the next season.

I woke up this morning and felt a little extra tired but otherwise surprisingly well and enthused for a new start. And it became very clear that what I need right now is not a quick 7-, 10- or 14- day juice cleanse. Nor do I need a repeat of last summer’s 37-day cleanse. This time around I want to go slower, longer and with greater retention power.

After my last cleanse what came to me is that I needed some animal protein in my diet. So I started reading more about the Paleo Diet, but the truth was I just couldn’t sustain being a meat eater. So I took some time off meat again and then was reading more about my blood type, “O” the universal donor. The meat eater of all meat eaters. But still, it just felt too overwhelming.

So I’m going to go slower. I am in the middle of reading The Body Ecology Diet now. Its focus is on regaining the correct balance of bacteria in the internal environment. It is big on kefer (coconut kefer specifically, which I have finally mastered making myself), kombucha, fermented enzyme-rich foods, sea veggies, some fish and animal protein if eaten correctly along with enzyme-rich veggies. The consumption of dairy, sugar, gluten, and alcohol is not permitted. I am dedicating myself to cleansing myself in this manner for the next 77 days, while learning more and experimenting along the way.

At some point in the middle, I imagine I will do at least a week of just keifer, smoothies, juices and kombucha (which I am also learning to make now!)

I look forward to journaling each day, with intent and presence and honesty. I hope you will join me. It’s easy (for me) to sign up for a juice cleanse for a week or so… but to commit to something for 77 days I realize is a big undertaking. It will take dedication, focus and discipline. Last night, at a talk he gave, a friend and colleague (yes, you Gabe) asked the question, “Why?” What is your “why” for change? For happiness? For a healthier life? WHY? Is it because you are sick? Is it because you are depressed? Is it because you are in an unhappy, unsatisfying or possibly even an abusive relationship and can’t find your way out? Is it because you are fighting for your life?? The hope, the goal, the objective is to figure out your “why” BEFORE you are at death’s door, BEFORE you realize you can’t remember the last time you smiled, you had a decent night’s sleep or you loved yourself when you looked in the mirror. I have some good night sleeps, but not enough. I love the way I look when I look in the mirror a lot of the time, but it could be more. I laugh a lot, but I still cry too. And after all this time…truth? Yes, my heart still hurts. Not as much, but the ache haunts me still.

I’m not going to wait until it’s already beautiful outside, bright and sunny, racing around on my new bicycle (still debating its gender and name with my kids) nor do I want to wait until I feel a little bit better or a little bit worse. My “why” starts today. Because I deserve it.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 37 and the Aftermath

So much has happened since I completed my cleanse and stepped back into the world of regular life. It kinda makes me wanna jump back into the safe womb of cleansing!

Funny, many people have expressed their admiration for undertaking a 37-day cleanse. Now that I have been back in the eating world with the bulk of the population, I have to say that cleansing is by far easier! Finding the balance of being in the world, while keeping your boundaries and taking good care of yourself is so more challenging.

I had an epiphany that the missing link, ironically, was animal protein. The sleeplessness, the difficulty keeping myself grounded and calm, the bruising that would take forever to heal [in addition to being Type O blood (the meat eaters blood type)], Pitta-Vata (Ayurveda), having half a dozen people tell me that I should be eating meat and the fact that I work out like an “animal”, all lead me to the conclusion that it was time to add some meat into my diet. It’s been a difficult adjustment. In my mind, I still see myself as a vegetarian. My body may physically be showing the signs of wanting meat, but emotionally, I don’t crave it at all.

But I went for it. I started reading up on the Paleo Diet and it makes a lot of sense —eating like a cave woman, primal, instinctual and simple. Lots of veggies, fruits, healthy fats and meats, in that order. I started easing my way into this new lifestyle. I went to the farmers market and stocked up on all the fresh veggie sprouts and bought some organic, naturally raised and humanely slaughtered (wow, that’s still a tough one to wrap my mind and tongue around) animals and went home and started cooking more. It was great to eat some hot meals. Lots of sautéed greens, some fresh eggs. And then I got my period. I cooked up 6 oz. of ground beef and ate it mixed up with my greens, just about 2 oz. worth at a time. I did that for 3 days in a row during the first 3 days of my menstrual cycle, fortifying myself and my anemia with some high-quality, home-cooked red meat. Just a little at a time. And I felt great! Until the 3rd day.

Then the pain started in my gut and throughout my entire body. It felt like food poisoning. I wanted to puke; I wanted to s_ _ t my brains out! But I didn’t and the poisoning just circulated through my system, giving me the most intense body aches all over. Even my hair hurt! And the gas in my belly! OMG. My stomach was so hard and distended. I would double over in pain that literally brought me to my knees. I was sick like that for four days straight. It took another week to slowly start feeling better, stronger and to slowly start having normal bowel movements and release the trapped gases. But the next week I got sick, a head cold, a cough, a sore throat. I guess my immune system became weakened. I threw my neck out and I had to stop working out for days at a time. I literally felt like my body was breaking down! WTF?? I just spent 37 days feeling like a super human and now I can’t digest anything, I can’t work out, I’m gimpy, my belly hurts my body hurts…JEEZ!!

I had a Biofeedback session and discovered all these organ systems under stress and the realization smacked me in the face hard! When you cleanse, when you detox, you are not ending a cycle, you are beginning one. You are beginning an opportunity for greater and deeper cleansing and healing. But the work isn’t finishing, it’s really just beginning.

I miss my cleanse. Plain and simple. I realize I have more work to do and am working with bioenergetics to understand where exactly my work is, both physically and emotionally. I met with Gabe today and told him I wanted to start another cleanse. He impressed upon me that I was running for safety in something that is familiar; I am already on a different kind of cleanse, a restorative cleanse that’s going to require dedication and faith. And some change of habits.

Breaking patterns is probably the toughest work there is. Some of you might think I am crazy for being on a 37-day cleanse. Or it might seem unbelievable that I am way more comfortable jumping from one cleanse to another, rather than facing a new me, with new needs and new lifestyle choices. Whether it be food or sleep aids or men or whatever else challenges you, breaking the patterns that aren’t working is where the real work is. And so I’m gonna take it even slower, but I’m going to stick with giving this new lifestyle a real chance.

I am really lucky. I have an amazing team of support and wisdom around me. I have a fully-stocked tool belt and friends and family behind me. I am making different choices and learning to discern what works for me and what I need to let go of. I haven’t figured it all out yet. Like how exactly do you let go of something when your heart still desperately wants to hold on? But, at least I have the AWARENESS to let go. And I have my beloved spinning, pole dancing and yoga to help me through when all else fails.

And the best news is, I am sleeping better than I have in ages! I am still taking melatonin drops, but that’s it. I’m off all other sleep aids and all pharmaceuticals. I’m waking up only once or twice max to pee and then going right back to sleep again and staying asleep until 5 or 6am. I am actually getting a solid 6-8 hours a night, which is miraculous from where I started.

Life is a journey. It certainly doesn’t end here. Actually, from what I understand, it’s just beginning.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 36

Another great day! Spin class with my friend Scottie early this morning and then met up with a new friend at the Union Square Farmers Market. She showed me all of her favorite stands to buy certain foods. We got fermented foods, kale, sweet radishes, grass fed chicken and beef, heirloom eggs, amazing fresh sprouts. We spent a couple of hours walking thru the market and I have to say I haven’t done that for years. It was exciting to stock up for some good cooking after so many days of not having hot foods.

I’ve been researching the Paleo Diet. After almost 30 years of being a vegetarian, I am now, after this cleanse, strongly feeling that I will begin eating some meat again. This is huge for me. I have identified myself as a vegetarian for nearly three decades. During both my pregnancies I never once craved meat, but I did eat some small amounts of it for extra insurance that my babies’ brains would have the proteins they required to develop fully and healthfully, even though I’m sure they would have been just fine without it. It was a chance I chose not to risk as they each would only have one opportunity for a healthy brain. And I remember I saw it as a sacrifice that I made for them. It wasn’t easy making that decision. And somehow now, making this decision to go back to eating some meat seems easier and more appropriate.

It makes sense to me too. Since taking the iron pills regularly, the bruising I get on my legs from my active lifestyle (bumping into things, falling off my bike and banging against the pole in dance class) have been healing much faster. My sleep is getting better, but still not nearly where I would like to see it at. I work out so much and so hard. I feel my period is coming on now and I can’t help but wonder how things would be different if I had some very grounding animal protein in my diet, and specifically some red meat during my menstruation.

If I go this route, I will only ingest high-quality, grass-fed and humanely treated animals. During my pregnancies, I did eat some meat and something interesting occurred. I was fine when I ate organic meats. But since I was trying things that I hadn’t had in about 20 years, I decided to try a little bit of everything. I remember eating spare ribs again from a Chinese restaurant and the flood of memories that came back…that safe feeling of being with my family on a Sunday night at Hunan, the local Chinese hub. Eating spare ribs and lo mien and feeling safe and comforted before the week would open up and take me in, starting in just another twelve hours as Monday morning approached. And these were early memories, from before I was thirteen years old, the age that I became a vegetarian. And when I tried those spare ribs again at 35, that night when I went to sleep, I had terrible nightmares. Bloody dreams of death and maimings. And that would happen most nights when I would eat meat. Meat that was not organic and where the animals were most likely treated in a way that we could not begin to want to imagine.

So this is where this cleanse has brought me. I never would have guessed it and I never would have known. It was not within my list of expectations, but there it is. And I am here, going with the flow, staying open to listening to the messages that the universe or god has for me…just as I did when I was thirteen. Perhaps I’ve changed? Perhaps my needs have changed? Funny how hard we try to hang on to who we were or thought we were supposed to be and how hard it can be to just let go and be who we are. I am open…I am free.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 35

A MUCH better day today! A lot of exercise definitely helped shake off the blues. Spin, yoga and dance class today back to back. I am back in action!

My kids really enjoy coming with me to SanaVita.

When Dr. Romy visits SanaVita each year, my kids meet with him for a spiritual healing. Dr. Romy does healings and spiritual surgeries. He always takes time to work with my children, rubbing coconut oil into their skin to help calm their spirits and offers us home remedies to help improve our general health.

Dr. Romy will be visiting SanaVita again this coming weekend. Please feel free to call with any inquiries.

Today, I took my kids to SanaVita to have a biofeedback session with Gabriel. When I told them they were going to be seeing Gabe at SanaVita they were very excited! They have gotten to know him well and really enjoy being with him.

Arul's 37-Day Cleanse: Gabe and Seven
Gabe and Seven
Arul's 37-Day Cleanse: Gabe and Naturale
Gabe and Naturale
Gabe spent about a half hour with each child, testing them for different homeopathic remedies and offering some dietary recommendations. First, my son, Seven sat with Gabe and we discussed his constant congestion in his upper respiratory area. Then my daughter, Naturale sat with him and we continued to discuss her ongoing issue with dry skin and her high vatic energy. Both kids had fun telling stories and being the center of attention, while still being aware that something “medical” was happening. And it made them feel like they were participating in and partly responsible for their health. They are both very interested in being healthy, even though they still love their special treats.

We are on day 3 of their new supplemental regime. Mama is still figuring out the best way to get the “medicines” into them each morning and evening, as they are not crazy about some of the tastes. We have added “taking medicines” onto their daily responsibility charts and they are now receiving a sticker for each time they take them. Whatever helps…sign us up!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 34

Today I had my first salad! It was delicious! I definitely have been feeling the effects of the wine from last night and have been feeling a little down. And PMS is prevalent…frustration, slight irritability, general malaise. But it’s ok. I know it’s just a temporary feeling. And that’s the biggest difference I am noticing in myself these days. I’ve always been so highly reactive; whatever I feel, I always feel so strongly. In the moment, I feel like it’s how I will feel forever. But now, I am calmer. Less reactive. And when I’m not feeling great I know it won’t last forever. I feel as though someone who started taking anti-depressants might feel a month after being on the meds as they start to kick in and feel differently. More optimistic, balanced, reassured. But without the numbness.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 33

Well we had about 30 people in and out of our house last night. It was so nice to have close friends and family in our home for the traditional holiday. I meant to take a picture of the spread, but it all happened so fast! I do have 2 recipes I’d like to share with you, however.

In addition to the traditional Jewish bagels and smoked fish delicacies, I prepared a Quinoa salad and Tzatziki yogurt dill dip. They were both big hits!

2 cups plain Greek yogurt (I recommend whole fat yogurt)
½ cup sour cream (optional)
2 cucumbers peeled, halved lengthwise, seeded and grated
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
1 garlic clove, minced
2 tablespoons minced fresh dill
½ tablespoon of course sea salt

Mix all the ingredients and enjoy with crudités or gluten free pretzels, chips or crackers or just off the spoon!

Quinoa Salad
Cook about a cup and a half of quinoa, I like to throw a vegetable bouillon cube in while cooking.
Separately sauté Vidalia onion, red, yellow and orange bell pepper and a can of organic black beans in coconut oil.
When they are both finished cooking, mix and let cool.
When totally cool, add a couple of tablespoons of fresh minced dill, 2 peeled and chopped cucumbers and fresh lemon and lime juice.
Add salt to taste.

I tried both of the dishes I made and continued drinking juice throughout the evening. I also indulged in some wine since I’m wrapping up my cleanse and it was SUCH a festive occasion. I definitely felt sluggish today from the wine. Even though it wasn’t that much, I still felt the effects. And I am glad as it reminds me how good I feel without it!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Days 31 & 32

The last two days have been pretty uneventful. I’ve been catching up on a lot of desk work so I’ve been at the computer working from home. I have taken the last two days off from exercise, as my body is truly exhausted. My sleep hasn’t been too good since Saturday night and feeling just kinda heavy and a little down.

Now that I know I am expecting my period in a few days it all makes sense and I am being gentle with myself. Life is not about being “perfect” every moment, every day. Another lesson I’ve always known but feel like I have finally gotten through this cleanse. If I don’t meet my very high standards for myself each and every day it doesn’t change me or make me a “bad girl” one day and a “good girl” another. It is an ebb and flow and it’s imperative to ride that cycle, WITHOUT getting on the roller coaster! The seasons change, as they are right now, and as a woman we go through our cycle each month. My cycle is aligned with the Equinox this month, along with Yom Kippur, which has always been a deeply felt holiday for me.

After temple today we will be having break fast at our house, about 30 people or so. Yesterday I did all the shopping. Got all the bagels, whitefish, salmon, etc. I have to say, being at Ess-a-Bagel smelling all the hot everything bagels definitely made we hungry for traditional Jewish comfort food! I did try the whitefish but was able to stay away from the bagels! After this cleanse, my goal is to give up gluten entirely and possibly dairy as well, although I don’t have much of it as it is and mostly keep to sheep and goat products. I’d like to try eliminating dairy, as coconut is a much better and more readily available substitute than ever before. Ultimately, I plan on doing some Zyto testing to see which particular foods I am most suited for. We are developing Zyto testing at SanaVita and hope to provide this service to our clients in the next few months.

In observation of the holiday, I’m back on just juice for the day. Wishing all those marking the holiday, a happy and easy fast.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 30

The next day I hit Danny’s Soul Survivor spin class and I hit it hard. Just before I went into my hour of worship, Arulian style, I texted Frenchie and told him that I was sorry but would not be able to meet with him as planned. I tried to explain that I felt uncomfortable and was not ready to just start having a sexual relationship with someone I didn’t even know. Yes, I know we were just kissing but we all know where that leads to and I’m just not up for it. And I felt really good about my choice. It would almost be easier to just ignore my mind and just go with what feels good. But I’ve been doing that most of my life and although it has brought me to a pretty magnificent place in the world, I haven’t been so lucky in my romantic life. And so I said “no thank you” to the drug and sweated my ass off in spin class instead.

After class I had a couple of texts from Frenchie and after a little back and forth agreed to meet for tea/coffee in an outdoor café. Although I was feeling slightly guarded, we did have a really nice rapport and I did end up letting my guard down and relaxing into it.

Of course, he still wanted to come over. I said goodbye and went home. And I ate. I ate a jar of trail mix. Avocados. Papayas. Almond butter and honey in a bowl. Anything and everything I could make a case for that was somewhat reasonable.

Later in the evening I touched base with my girlfriend who was PMSing. She finally got her period. I thought about the weekend and decided to count the days. It’s official. I am PMSing.

So, what does it all mean? I am validated. It all makes sense. But there’s more than just that. Something is really shifting in me. I am starting to see the patterns. And I am beginning to be accountable for my choices rather than just mindlessly fall into the traps of my momentary desires. I can see that I am uncomfortable in a situation and acknowledge why and make a choice from that place. And put myself and my well being first. And so I got triggered and I ate too much. But I didn’t drink. Or take a sleeping pill. Or have passionate casual sex with someone to take my mind off of a sadness in my heart. There was still the need to fill the void with something…trail mix! But it wasn’t immediate and it wasn’t a day’s worth and it wasn’t as harmful as another choice could have been.

This cleanse, although not perfect, has been perfectly perfect for me. I am learning a lot about myself. My coping mechanisms and how to adjust with surrendering, rather than self-beating. It’s like the day I got hit on my bike and went down. I saw it happening as everything slowed down and I had time to make a choice. And I choose to let it go. It was in that letting go that I saved myself from further injury.

I have one week left on this cleanse. Seven more glorious days. In these last seven days I will start to allow myself to transition back into a greater variety of foods while still drinking juices and smoothies. I will stick to raw and keep my portions smaller and more frequent. Although Wednesday, for Yom Kippur, I will fast on just juice and water.

And I will stay aware.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 29

Well the weekend was definitely challenging on the cleansing and emotional fronts, which have become very intertwined.

Coincidentally, a friend of mine has also been on a cleanse and hasn’t been drinking at all. She has three kids and a dog. I have been incredibly impressed! For the last couple of days she’s been telling me that she wants to have a drink and that she is getting her period. We’ve seen the pattern for years now. Every month just before our period strikes, we start to feel, well…rambunctious. Desirous. Somehow insatiable. It took us a while to do the math, never paying close enough attention to our cycles but then we saw it. The day after a ridiculous hangover there it would be. The stain on the panties indicating that menstruation had just begun. And the bell would ding, “Ohhhh. So that’s why I went out and partied like a college student the night before last.”

Studies show that hormones have a direct effect on cravings and behavioral patterns. During the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle (the latter 2 weeks aka PMS) the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal response increases, which increases sensitivities to stress. Meanwhile, progesterone makes the brain more reactive to emotions and stressors. The poor gal looks to her self-soothing techniques to help her cope. Losing yourself in food, alcohol, sex and yes, rock and roll, are all pretty sure-fire ways to find comfort.

My girlfriend kept saying she was getting her period. And asked me if I was, which I said no, because, well, I didn’t think I could already be there. And I put it aside and went about my weekend.

We went to Governors Island on Saturday. After an early 2½-hour exercise extravaganza (30-minute bike ride, 30-minute walk, 30-minute spin, 30-minute walk, 30-minute bike ride), I pounded my smoothie, packed some fruit and an avocado for later and hit the ferry with the kids and our friends. After we finally got there and got settled, it was time for lunch. I didn’t have that much with me and as the day went on, I became ravenous. By the time we got home (a little after 3pm) I was starved and hit the trail mix hard. Even though it was all sprouted it was just too much and my hunger continued.

Then we went to a birthday party aka pizza and cake. I ate olives and pounded water. After the party, I went on a date in the East Village. Someone new. A French guy with a kid and some similar life experiences. It was really fun and nice and felt great to be out on a Saturday night in the village feeling some chemistry. By the end of the evening — I was home before midnight! Funny what becomes the end of a Saturday night when you are 40 plus and a full-time mama! — there was even some kissing action, which was super fun. So we made a plan to see each other the next day.

But then something weird happened. I got totally bugged out. I won’t go into all the details, but all I knew for sure was that I didn’t know this guy. But I was feeling chemistry and having fun. And enjoying kissing. After my last two experiences with guys whom I felt chemistry with and had fun with and enjoyed kissing with…well, all of a sudden I felt nervous and uncomfortable. I think it could be called vulnerability. And I didn’t like it, not one bit.

I was in bad shape after my breakup with my ex beau. Really bad shape. And the last guy I was seeing (my friend and I call him “Tokyo”), well I’m still dealing with the repercussions of our last encounter when he declared he was not ready for anything serious. Since I had already started to develop feelings, I kinda told him I wouldn’t be able to continue seeing him. Then he went away for a couple of weeks. I’ve been aware that he should be returning home soon. Wondering how it will play out when he contacts me. Reminding myself that I will have to be the strong one and just say no to a drug that will send me sky high and then catapult me back down at lightning speed.

Tokyo was a distraction from my broken heart over my ex. Was this guy now going to be the distraction from Tokyo? And how much longer would I have to ride the train wreck of a roller coaster anyhow? Boy! Did I ever wanna start pounding shots now and stop my monkey mind from another word of chatter. And especially from any chatter that made any kind of sense!

So I did what any girl would do. I bolted. Poor Frenchie didn’t know what had happened. I ran past the palm trees, the waterfall and outta that atrium glass-topped palace, straight into the first taxi I saw. He asked if I was all right and if we were still on for tomorrow. I nodded yes, even though I knew the answer was “Not a chance in hell that I am ok and no, I will not be seeing you again, ever!” I went home, checked on my babies, paid the babysitter, locked the door and got ready for bed. When I looked at my phone there was a text from him again asking if I was all right. I told him I was fine and safely back at home. I figured I’d deal with the rest of it tomorrow.

Just before getting into bed I looked at my phone one last time. There was another text. This time it was from Tokyo. He was reaching out, letting me know he was thinking of me, all the way from the Philippines. I put the phone down and climbed into bed. I tossed and turned most of the night.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 28

Today was a real busy one! Kids, dance, work, pole class, work, and then 2 dates and back home in time to put babes to bed! A day in the life of a modern woman here in the big city!

A great day! Accomplished a lot. Feeling good! Fortunately, I DID wind up getting a good night’s sleep last night and I am sure that had a LOT to do with it.

But now I am exhausted at the end of a very busy day. My dates were lovely. Still no off-the-charts-through-the-roof chemical connections, but at least I am in the realm of discovering what I am truly looking for in a partner, someone who will be able to meet my needs and fit into all three of our lives.

Tomorrow, the babes and I have a big day planned. We are going to Governors Island for the bulk of the day and then have a birthday dinner at night. I am starting to feel antsy about my cleanse as the end approaches…Hoping to keep things stable through the weekend.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.



Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 27

Had a really tough night’s sleep last night for some reason. I don’t know if I was just totally wired from the whole day’s events, but I do know that by 3am I was still awake and organizing my undergarment drawer. You know you have insomnia when you are doing that!

Overall though, my sleep has been much better. And I am incredibly optimistic that tonight will be a night for sleep! I’ve been at the computer for almost the entire day. I haven’t exercised and my eyes are burning like crazy! I had a date tonight and took an hour and a half break to meet up with this guy I’ve seen a couple of times, but after I came back from the bathroom, he suggested we bolt…that I was obviously tired and he had work to do. Funny how I was concerned about going out this evening as I was out at the seminar last night and missed putting my kids to bed and didn’t want to miss it again for a second night in a row, but also didn’t want to cancel plans. Now I am home with the babes and wrapping things up. I really wanted a glass of wine tonight too. When I said goodnight and thank you to my date, his reply was, “No problem, anytime you want a glass of water with no ice give me a call.” Pretty funny.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 25

This morning, we were on our way to starting our second day of Rosh Hashanah special treats so we would go to temple with no complaints when my Dad called and suggested skipping temple since it was going to rain. And how ‘bout he just come over and play instead. I told him to hold on while I asked my kids how they felt about that. They jumped up and down and cheered as though they had just found out there was no school due to a snow blizzard. Then Seven stopped in his tracks and looked at me very seriously and asked, “but we can still have doughnuts, right mama?” I told him, “yes, next Wednesday when we go back to Temple for Yom Kippur!”

We had a nice time together and then I split to hit SanaVita, yoga and then back to SanaVita. Last night we had another family over for Rosh Hashanah dinner. The two boys who came over have very particular eating needs, so I cooked noodles in butter, salt and parmesan cheese (just as requested) as well as corn on the cob and kale.

My daughter exclaimed how pleased she was that I was making kale and that she loves it soooo much! This made me very happy, as it is truly one of my favorite things to eat. I prepare it by sautéing garlic in coconut oil. The coconut oil gives it an amazing flavor and is the only oil that won’t oxidize and become toxic under high heats. It is truly the only oil we should cook with when cooking with high heats.

Then I throw in the kale, add a little tamari sauce and a few drops of water. Then I cover it and let it sit for maybe 10 minutes on medium heat. It is sooooo delicious and for the first time in a while I was seriously craving to eat. I mean chow down! I definitely needed to pull out the willpower strings on that one last night.

But the rest of the evening was seamless. I LOVE entertaining and cooking and feeding people while I am cleansing. Having the relationship and intimacy with the food fills in the gaps and still finds a way to satiate me.

By the way, when push came to shove, Naturale changed her mind and said she didn’t really like the kale so much actually, but she ate it all from her plate anyway. Yay! I mean, once upon a time I didn’t like kale either. But now I fantasize about it!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 24

So today is Rosh Hashanah! My kids were less than thrilled to go to temple today even though we were meeting Grandpa there, we would be in one of the many houses of God AND it is the Jewish New Year. Their response was, “but it’s soooo boring! And we never even get to SEE God even though we are at his house!”

So I bribed them with a going-out-to-breakfast extravaganza. Since it is the New Year, we celebrated with 2 munchkins each, a bagel and pancakes. Yes, sugar and carbs is what it as all about, but it is a special occasion. And as we made our way down the block, stopping off at multiple locations for this morning’s special treat parade, I sipped on my green juice and felt happy and quite satisfied, not craving any of the stuff my kids were indulging in. I was truly happy to be spending the morning with them and knowing that although we are not religious, we would be keeping tradition and going to temple with my dear, loving Dad.

I left my kids with my Dad for a bit and came to SanaVita to do some work. Then I got in a quick yoga practice before temple. When I arrived, my Dad was already inside with the babes. And ohhhh how cute they looked! 7 was dressed in the outfit I had picked for him, sitting next to his big sister, dressed in the dress she chose herself.

Grandpa and my babes at temple
Grandpa and my babes at temple
It was a children’s service and incredibly heart-warming to see all the cute kiddies and proud parents milling about. The service at Brotherhood Synagogue was free and open to all. It was very kid friendly and the children actively participated in the service.

It was an amazing and surreal experience to be there as the grown-up with my two children, sitting beside my father. Now I was the mama and my babies were looking up at ME with pleading eyes. “Mama! How much longer mama?” over and over again. And then my son looks at me with a fierce expression and wide eyes and declares that he is STARVING! And thirsty too! “Seven-pie, didn’t you just eat lunch?”, I ask. He tells me yes, but he is starving again and needs to eat!

Luckily I had my super food / kale smoothie on hand. Even though they often crinkle their noses and decline my offerings of the weird stuff I drink, there in temple, in front of God, they drank from my cup of goodness. And drank and drank and drank…

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Days 22 & 23

My weekend with the kiddies started off with a big bang! On my way home from my date, which was quite lovely, I rode by our local haunt and picked up another mama and a couple of kiddies and brought them all back to our place for a late-night play date. My kids were psyched!

The morning was a little tough as we didn’t get to sleep till after midnight and the kids were all up a little after 6am, but spin class with Danny set me back on track. Our plan was to hit Coney Island for the day with some friends. Usually, being there with all the stimulation and the temptations of Nathan’s French Fries and cotton candy (I loooove cotton candy!) and the smell of hot salty popcorn, my cravings run strong. But being there was quite easy and I really didn’t feel tempted at all.

I had juice in the morning and made a super deluxe smoothie to bring with me, which held me over quite well until the end of the day, when we stopped by Nathan’s for dinner. I was hungry and didn’t have anything left with me so I ate some pickles that held me over till I got home. The day was great! My kids LOVE Coney Island so much and we often go in the summer.

Here’s one of my favorite pics of them from last summer.

Arul's 37-Day Cleanse: Days 22 & 23

Yesterday was a mellow day with the kids. Spin in the morning, then play dates and dinner with friends. My juices and smoothies held me over throughout the day. For dinner, we went to a restaurant where I was able to get some guacamole and I brought my flax seed crackers with me. It was lovely to sit and share a meal with my friend and our kids and still stay within my guidelines. I have to admit, I was still tempted by her glasses of wine. Even though I know red wine gives me a headache, I still wanted it. But I was glad I was safe inside my cleanse.

I slept pretty well last night. Close to 8 hours with less tossing and turning than usual. I’m still feeling emotionally raw and a bit up and down, but holding steady.

When I look back, I remember feeling rather solemn this time of year. The distinct memory of sitting in temple with my family and feeling sad is quite vivid. I am taking my kids to temple this afternoon with my Dad as we did last year and hoping to make it a tradition for us…and keep it light and happy. Yoga class beforehand should help with that for sure!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 21

Much better today!!

Last night I took my melatonin and shut the lights at 10:30pm. I slept straight through till 2am. Was up about an hour and fell back asleep till 5. Then got another hour on the back end. Not bad!

And today was a doozy of a day! Kids in the AM, then meeting, spin, errands, 2-hour pole class, meeting, work, meeting! I’ve been drinking my juices, had a kale smoothie and munched on some sprouted trail mix and some olives this afternoon. I’ll have one more green juice later this evening on my date!

Yup, goin’ on another date. Gotta pick yourself back up and shake it off and move forward when you fall off the horse. I am trying on some different guys for size now: Men who have children, who know what it’s like to be a parent. Men who have no choice but to face their responsibilities and be held accountable for themselves and their actions. The last two men I dated had a lot of similarities in the way they conducted themselves. Don’t get me wrong, they were both lovely men, kind souls, sweet and caring, but there was a level of emotional unavailability that I don’t care to repeat. My mother put it very well and made me chuckle when she said, “What is it with these two? Do you see the similarities? It’s like they went to the same school!” When she’s not driving me crazy, she’s cracking me up! I am sure she says the same about me!!

Yesterday my therapist said something to me — he knew he was pushing my limits, but there was utter truth to his statement. “Well Arul, you are your daughter’s mother and your mother’s daughter.” I am still processing that one, but I know it is true. I need to pave the path myself first, whack those weeds down to create greater visibility for the true path to be seen, unencumbered for my daughter. She may choose a different path, but I can at least show her the way by my example, not just by my words.

This makes me think of a moment we shared together last summer. She was here at SanaVita making a poo in the bathroom and she thoughtfully asked me, “Mama? Who’s in charge here?” I looked at her and smiled as I realized the answer myself, as it still surprises me. I said, “Mama is, baby.” She looked at me, stone-faced for a moment and then rolled her eyes exclaiming, “No, no, no, no, no, mama. You are not understanding my question! I mean who’s in charge, of like EVERYTHING. Of what happens and all the people!?!?” I nodded and continued to smile and said, “I know baby, and that’s all mama. I am in charge of everything here at SanaVita and of what happens and of all the people.”

Then she smiled, so genuinely pleased and said, “WOW!! That’s soooo cool!”

It was my shining moment. All the work, sacrifice, worry. All the times they cried and begged me not to go to work and please stay with them, as I tried to explain that it is SanaVita that provides us with the money that we need to buy the apple juice and the My Little Ponies and the beyblades. It was all for this moment. To see the “click” behind my darling girls’ eyes, the pride that exuded from them, the realization that her mama was something bigger than just her mama. A strong mama who takes care of her and lots of other people too. That was an amazing moment for me. And I journey onward to further teach them, my darling babies, by example, to be the best you that you can be.

I am gonna be just fine!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.