XenoForce Saved Me!!

It was just one week ago I woke up and felt the dreadful doom of the scratchy throat and that post-nasal drip that comes with the typical faithful promise of going deeper and stronger, attaching to the lungs, coughing, swallowing razor blades and not being able to breathe for about 2 weeks. I knew it was only the beginning…but how would it all end?

Typically, for me, with a history of chronic asthma and yearly tours of bronchitis and pneumonia it often ended in 10 days on antibiotics and another few weeks of recovering from the ailments and the side effects of the pharmaceuticals…bad stomach, painful digestion, yeast infections, etc.

I was determined to do all that I could do to fight it off, so I started dousing myself in the usual suspects: pro-biotics, galt immune, gargling with colloidal silver and after talking with Gabe Hoffman, SanaVita’s Pharmacy Director, I started a strict regimen of 3 cups of XenoForce tea a day. Hot water with lemon, cayenne pepper, honey and 2 capsules of XenoForce opened in the mixture. I drank it every morning, afternoon and evening. By Monday morning I still felt miserable and went to the doctor who, after diagnosing me with a bulging infected eardrum and red and inflamed throat and congested sinus cavity, prescribed me a hefty dose of Penicillin. With my 2 kids and demanding lifestyle, I felt I couldn’t afford another day, let alone another week of being sick, so I went and filled the script. I came home to rest and almost blew off making yet another cup of the tea, but I did and decided to spend the day drinking tea and resting. Although I was eager to start the antibiotics right away and get better fast, I decided to wait the day out as best I could and see if perhaps I didn’t take a turn towards healthy by morning. It was the best night I had in four days and although still trekking, was definitely on the road to recovery!

I was SO happy I waited it out and saved my body from the additional harmful effects of such strong meds. And it was a great lesson. It took almost four days for me to feel the effects of the natural supplement, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t already working its magic! By the fourth day it had built up enough in my system to start showing the difference.

XenoForce is a nutritional supplement designed to support normal immune function. It is high in vitamins and antioxidants A, C and Zinc. It contains Echinacea, (immune response), Ginger Root (digestion), Licorice Root (adrenal support) and Black Cherry Bark (expectorant and lung support).

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 17

Today has been a winning day, but it’s no wonder as it’s my 17th day…and you know how we love the number 7!!

I started my day with making two breakfasts, two lunches and two snacks for my babes in 30 minutes. First time I ever had to do that as it was the longest day my son would in school. The transition time into kindergarten is now ending. It was definitely a lot to do in the morning, but I’m getting my systems down pat!

I made sure to fortify myself with some fresh squeezed OJ and all my supplements before bringing my kids to school and heading over to Soul Cycle for spin class on Thumbalina (my bike of 13 years!). After spin, I came to SanaVita for a little work time and a colonic. It was my first colonic in days and it was amazing! Even after having a solid good BM this morning on my own, it was incredible how much old, dark, rock hard poo came out of me. This cleanse is really doing the trick and because I am allowing myself limited amounts of solids in my smoothies and the avocados, flax crackers and occasional nuts and/ or seeds, I am never hungry or feeling deprived. I wish I had gotten a picture for you to see it, but it all was happening too fast and intensely this morning to snap a shot!

After downing a delicious green BluePrintCleanse juice I headed over to my favorite yoga class at Oval Fitness. The gym is part of Stuyvesant Town and has a bunch of different classes, but the Monday class at 12:30pm has become my favorite in the city! Justin Ritchie is the instructor (he also teaches at Laughing Lotus) and his class kicks my butt every time! I’ve been practicing yoga for many years and he has the right blend of cardio, flow, holding poses and encouraging us to deepen them. And his instruction is clear and precise. I must say he seems to be one of the last teachers that I am exposed to that really gets in there with the adjustments! I just love him and his music too!

I had to go to a lunch meeting right after yoga but had just enough time to go upstairs and make myself a super smoothie as I was starving after my mornings events! Although I don’t normally encourage mixing fruits with veggies and protein, I did it today as I feel I am in the right place to be able to handle digesting the mix. I used coconut water as my base and added banana, strawberries, verge protein powder, spinach and a whole bunch of kale with the usual supplements and it was seriously delicious and nutritious! The perfect meal replacement to sip on while I lunched with 3 old friends, caught up on all the amazing things we are all doing with our lives and no one batted an eyelash. After all, I know these cats since grade school.. “Arul’s on a cleanse? No new news here!”

Turns out we were sitting right next to Chloe Sevigne! I always adored and related to her and take it as a little pat on the back from the universe that I’m in alignment. If you haven’t seen “Last Days of Disco” it’s where my connection to her really solidified. Jeez, how I love disco!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.


Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 14

So two weeks nearly under the belt. I’m still riding the wave…some days I am feeling fabulously strong, svelte and energized! Other days I am lethargic, headachy, body achy or setting my pants on fire! But overall I am happier, stronger and more even-keeled.

Today was a big day — spin and 2-hour pole dance class, in between kids, SanaVita and riding my bike back and forth through the city. I’m tired today but it’s really no wonder.

And I have a headache. I get migraines. They’ve been pretty tame through this cleanse fortunately but today I am struggling. I haven’t given myself a colonic today and although I did have a small BM earlier this morning that may be what’s ailing me. I’ll be with my kids all weekend and won’t have time for any self-care services such as colonics so I will try and get one in before I leave today.

I am really excited to spend the weekend with my kids. We haven’t had a weekend together in such a long time, since before they went away for three weeks with their Dad. Cleansing with them can sometimes be challenging. however. It’s hard to always plan ahead to have something with me when I’m crashing that’s suitable. And hanging with other parents with their kids usually ends with meals that include a glass of wine…or two or three! So I just need to be aware and try my best to be prepared.

As far as my sleep goes, I have to say last night was pretty remarkable. By 10:30pm my eyes were literally burning they were so tired, I hit the lights and passed out almost immediately. I haven’t done that without some type of aid in, well, perhaps years. My “monkey mind” as my dear friend Scottie likes to refer to it — the tapes that play over and over, the endless conversations of what could have been, what I should have done, what I will do and how much my heart still hurts over the loss of love I felt in my last relationship — was quiet. I mean seriously quiet. Usually when I lay in bed, my monkey mind keeps me awake. When I finally fall asleep if I wake up to pee or even just to roll over, my mind becomes active immediately and I can be awake again for hours.

Last night I woke up to pee at 2:30AM (4 straight hours!). My plan was to keep my eyes closed and do it fast and try to get right back to sleep. But I am on my period and, well, had some attending to that needed to be dealt with. Lights had to be turned on, things needed to be washed… if you are a woman, you know exactly what I am talking about. The middle of the night fiasco lasted about a half an hour and as I was crawling back into the bed I remember thinking, “jeez, I wonder how long this is gonna take now!” It’s the last thing I remember. I passed right out, waking up one more time in the 5am range and again went right back to sleep. Next thing I knew it was 7:15am and I had 45 minutes to get myself ready, make the kids breakfast, make their lunches, snakes, pack their knapsacks, wake them up, feed them, brush their teeth and get them ready and out the door!

We made it to school right on time.

I am looking forward to hitting those sheets again tonight. I am surprised my menstrual flow is as strong as it is right now as usually it is much lighter and I wonder how this cleanse or purging my body is doing is affecting my cycle. I also wonder how I will feel when my period is on its way to finishing. The body aches and constipation I was experiencing last week and the headache and lethargy I am having today may all be directly related. Which could mean smooth sailing ahead….

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 13

What a day today! Today was the kids’ first day of school and it was a mad dash this morning to get everybody ready…all dressed up nice for the first day, snacks, lunches, knapsacks ready, etc. It all went very smoothly and my kids were very happy and excited. I was relieved as I had an event I had to go to last night that kept me out ’til about 9pm so I just missed my babes going to bed.

My BFF, Elizabeth, came with me last night to an event at the Tribeca Grand Hotel for Danny Kopel, one of our beloved Soul Cycle teachers. Danny, who is simply amazing btw and always makes my heart lighter and happier, was throwing a gathering in honor of his magazine Artwrit, their website (www.artwrit.com) and their new partnership with Huffington Post. It was a lovely event and I have to say there are not too many people or events that would get me out on a Wednesday night before the first day of school while I’m cleansing! Fortunately, Elizabeth happily agreed to join me AND she is on a cleanse and not drinking as well! It was fantastic to be at the chic Tribeca Grand and order Faux Cosmos together (yes, virgin!) and walk around with our pink cocktails in fancy glasses without any of the aftermath to worry about…so I thought!

Arul's 37-Day Cleanse: Day 13
Rockin’ out at Tribeca Grand with my faux Cosmo!
We were joking around about how strong “those drinks” were and funny enough, I woke up in the middle of the night with a really bad headache and was having trouble sleeping as though I had really consumed alcohol. Neither of us tasted any alcohol whatsoever and confirmed with the bartender that they were indeed non-alcoholic drinks so I am confident that’s not what it was. But I was definitely feeling off all morning.

After successfully dropping off my kids at school, I decided to come to SanaVita for my colonic. It occurred to me that although the drinks were alcohol free, they were filled with sugar and that may have been what was throwing me off. I didn’t have a lot of time though, so I quickly threw my pants off, tossed them on the counter and hopped on the table. Mid colonic, while on the phone with my dad and massaging my own belly to assist in the releases, I could swear I smelled smoke! I kept looking around but didn’t see anything and then finally I looked behind me and there on the countertop was a full-fledged bonfire! My pants were literally on fire! I jumped off the table mid colonic with water spraying everywhere basically naked rushing over to put this fire out. It was pretty intense. Fortunately there was no damage and I miraculously put it out with my breath and my hands without burning myself. My pants were literally ¾ gone, which was kinda sad. I had just bought them at Daffy’s and last night and this morning were the only times I ever got to wear them. Luckily, I had a pair of yoga shorts in my bag to walk out in. After I finished cleaning up the huge mess, I went over to Daffy’s to see about getting another pair of pants. FYI Daffy’s is going out of business!! They are having super sales on everything left in the store. Winter coats are 50% off the lowest marked price, so check it out!

Anyway, it was a crazy day after a fairly tame night out. The moral of the story? I’m not entirely sure what message the universe was trying to give me. Slow down? Stay present? Or, perhaps, sugar is as dangerous and can have just as big of an effect on us as alcohol.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 12

So this cleanse and these journal entries I’ve been writing have propelled me into doing something that I have been avoiding for years…learning how to create posts and navigate Facebook! People rarely believe me (unless you know me personally, then you get it!) that I never go on Facebook. But in my quest to cleanse and share my experience with as many people as possible, I am now posting my entries for everyone to see and I’m learning the lingo of this online community. And it is fascinating! I literally feel like I am back in French class again learning a whole new language! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been reading my posts and sending me their messages of support! I love ya!!

Tomorrow public school starts and we have been getting everything ready for the big first day of school. My daughter is starting 1st grade and my son, kindergarten. Fortunately they seem very excited and my son keeps asking me, “Mama? In the nighttime, after, in the morning on the next day, will I be going to kindergarten?” “Yes Seven-pie! You will be starting kindergarten!” And then he smiles proudly and says “Ok, remind me to look handsome mama, ok?” Sooooo precious!

My daughter is rushing around collecting all her items that she will need and is organizing her desk, excitedly bringing me over to observe her new systems. I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to experience this rush of excitement and wonder of the beginning of the school year.

We forget what that is really like. I mean sure, we have our “markings” to designate the new seasons. We all know we’re not supposed to wear white pants after Labor Day (although I always enjoy getting in one more wear post Labor Day just to get a rise out of some folks!) but there isn’t that one particular defining moment that sets the new year propelling forward like that first day of school. Not even New Year’s Day.

Yes, we make our resolutions to improve ourselves in the new year, but truthfully most of America isn’t generally stepping up before January 2nd due to exhaustion or dehydration from staying up too late on New Year’s Eve or being too hung over! But the first day of school, ahhhhhh….it’s always fresh, it’s always mysterious. There are always energetic butterflies swarming and it is forever young, pure and innocent and full of optimistic possibilities.

So I am working double time today juggling between mama getting ready kids ready for school, business owner, student learning Facebook and cleanser documenting her experiences. Tonight I have an event to go to in support of one of my beloved spin teachers. I rarely go out on a school night, but this was an invite I simply couldn’t turn down. I just finished squeezing a basket full of oranges and will be using some of that fresh OJ for my creamsicle delight smoothie to give me the strength to keep on pushin’!

Creamsicle Delight Smoothie
2 cups fresh squeezed OJ
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 scoop vanilla Raw Sun Warrior protein powder
A couple of ice cubes

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 11

So today’s colonic really did the trick! A tremendous amount of dark and very hard matter came out and after my session today I finally felt much better. For the first time in days the body aches are gone!!

I also took a great yoga class today. I’ve been spinning a lot lately and missed my usual yoga class on Monday so I really needed it! Stretching the tight muscles out like that is sooo rejuvenating. I was sweating balls so I know I got a good workout too!

I topped off my self-care for the day with a long-awaited lymphatic drainage session with Bella. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the lymph system is responsible for processing excess fluids, toxins, foreign substances and cellular waste from all parts of the body. In order for the body to utilize its full elimination and rejuvenation potential, it is vital that lymph drainage pathways are clear for lymphatic tissues to carry toxins and waste to lymph nodes where they can then be purged.

Unlike the cardiovascular system, which has the heart to pump blood thru the veins, the lymphatic system has no catalyst to push the lymph thru the body for elimination. Lymphatic drainage therapy uses a device that not only runs on the same frequency as the lymphatic system, it omits three gases that assist in the breaking down and moving of lymph towards the nodes for proper elimination and to stabilize the hormones. The therapy is truly outstanding and powerful.

I was extremely sticky today during my session, which means that my lymph was pretty congested. I will need several more treatments and am committed to getting at least one per week for the next several weeks. Today’s treatment was incredibly relaxing and my body felt soooooo heavy during the session. I was drifting in and out of consciousness and felt deep healing taking place. Bella enhanced our session with the use of Young Living Essential Oils and raindrop therapy. Just what the non-doctor ordered!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 10

So yesterday after my colonic I still wasn’t feeling great but received an impromptu call from a friend asking me if I wanted to go to Electric Zoo with them. Electric Zoo, for those of you who don’t know, is an electric music festival on Randall’s Island. Simply put, it was slammin’! I almost passed because I was still suffering from body aches, but it’s a really special event that only happens once a year. And, Tiesto, one of my favorite new techno DJ’s was headlining so I popped 2 Tylenols, put on my leopard print cowboy hat and headed for the ferry!

The production that was put into place there was truly remarkable! There were a few tents with different DJs spinning all day, HUGE screens behind the DJs illuminated their faces and there were insane visuals nonstop. The main stage was even more grandiose, all the way down at the end of the field. Being outside on the grass, with trees all around and music playing from everywhere, thousands of people dancing and milling about — half of them in costumes — and decorations beautifying the space and seeing the city landscape in the background was absolutely exhilarating. I had fortified myself well before I left with juice and avocados so I was pretty sure I’d be ok. Fortunately, amongst the dozens upon dozens of food stands that were there, there existed one smoothie stand! Halfway through, when I was in need of a boost I enjoyed a fresh pineapple coconut smoothie and it was delish!!

Arul's 37-Day Cleanse_Day 10_Electric Zoo
Electric Zoo
Now I am going to share something with you now that I feel is really important. I also indulged in a drink with a small amount of alcohol in it. And this is not something that I encourage people to do while on a cleanse, but I want to be really honest with my readers about my journey. Being in that setting with so much stimulus and so many people around me, ummm, shall I say “stimulated” the desire to indulge in something refreshing was strong. So I made a choice to enjoy the moment, responsibly of course, and continue living, rather than hide myself away or feel frustrated and deprived. I had a drink with Sake and cranberry juice, lime, elderberry and water. It wasn’t strong, but it was refreshing and satisfied all the cravings I was having, including those to indulge in the delicious-looking vegetarian platters and teriyaki balls!

I had a great time! And was happy I went. Home by 9:30, sleeping by midnight. I still had some aching, but some of that now was due to sore muscles from all the dancing I did! I woke up today still feeling achy and decided to take the day off from any exercise whatsoever! I’ve been relaxing, working from home and making juices and smoothies. I’ve also decided to add some raw flax seed crackers into my repertoire to eat with my avocados. Again, I am being very conscious to chew thoroughly and follow up with digestive enzymes. I look forward to giving myself another colonic tomorrow and getting out more of this old stuff that’s been poisoning me!!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 9

So last night WAS interesting. About an hour and a half before my date I suddenly came down with fierce body aches all over my body. I headed straight to SanaVita to give myself a colonic. My stomach was tight and distended with gas and I had a very hard time releasing anything at all. It almost felt as though I had food poisoning but I hadn’t had anything other than the usual and so that just didn’t make any sense. I went on my date and by the time we met up, not only was I gripping my body in pain, I now had such intense chills my teeth were clattering! Now I am a blind date who isn’t eating, drinking and is shivering cold and sitting rigidly hugging myself barely able to carry on a conversation! Talk about first impressions!

I tried to explain what I was experiencing and fortunately my date was very laid back and understanding. We eventually got me some Tylenol (everything in moderation…in that level of distress I personally advocate medication within reason) and I started to feel human again.

What I realized was that trying to be out in the “regular world” while cleansing really wasn’t so hard! Fully disclosing what I’m doing and what I am experiencing made it a lot easier. And once I got over the initial hump of being in a bar and not having a drink it was smooth sailing. I had juice with me and drank it as needed. My outing was a success!

That whole night in bed and the next morning I was still in a lot of pain and still had the chills. So I got a colonic with Bella. When I explained what was happening to me, she decided to work very deeply on my stomach manually during my releases. At first nothing was moving, but after a lot of deep abdominal massage, finally stuff started to move. I wish I had taken some photos but I was in way too much discomfort to think of anything but breathing and releasing. In the end a LOT of very hard and dark matter started to rush thru the tube. In my opinion, something very old had been lodged inside my intestines started to loosen due to my cleansing. And the fermented poisons stuck inside of that debris had begun to permeate through the semi-permeable membrane of the intestines into my blood. The body aches and chills were a symptom of that poisoning. Although I did feel a LOT better after the colonic I still am not 100% and am still needing Tylenol to help with the body aches a couple of times a day.

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 8

So I have a date tonight. A date with someone I’ve never met. It’s interesting witnessing the disclosing over email that I am cleansing and won’t be eating or drinking. This particular guy happens to be a vegetarian and eco-conscious so my cleansing didn’t seem to throw him, but in a city this expansive with so many things to choose from, it still proves challenging to come up with some options that are comfortable for two strangers that don’t include eating or drinking! I think we are gonna shoot some pool or bowl and then go hear some live music.

Cleansing while dating can definitely be challenging. I’ve been thrown off many cleanses due to an impending date with someone new or a free weekend with my ex-beau, my time is so limited and when I have the chance to do grown-up single gal things, cleansing sometimes isn’t my first choice. But at this point I am in it to win it!

I had my biofeedback session with Gabriel Hoffman the other day. It was really wonderful to set the intentions for my cleanse with him. Gabriel and I have been working together for quite some time now and he is well aware of my sleeping issues. In the past, has put me on drops for many different things depending on what I was being challenged with or where I needed greater support. In this session with him, he took the time to test on the Scio each drop and supplement that I’ve been taking and determine via the feedback my central nervous system delivered back, whether it was appropriate for me to continue taking it.

Our pharmacy has really grown at SanaVita and I have the use of so many tools, but don’t always know exactly what I need and when I need it. And even though it may seem to make perfect sense to take certain things, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is what my body needs or is ready for. For example, the homeopathic Liver Cleanse. I am cleansing and thought that this would be the perfect time to enhance the detoxing of my liver by taking these drops. But my CNS said no; it’s not what I need right now.

By the end of extensive testing (that didn’t even take that long) of all the supplements and drops I had been using in the last several months, we narrowed it down to seven core components a day, which has really made things much simpler. It’s also reassuring that these seven items are what MY BODY needs RIGHT NOW. I’ve always had a difficult time with moderation. When I would cleanse I would tend to overdue it sometimes and either fry myself out and not be able to complete what I started or suffer too strong of a healing crisis that would knock me off my feet. The regimen Gabriel came up with for me is totally manageable. We plan on meeting weekly to check in and modify things as needed. I feel so fortunate to have this type of support during this journey!

I will support myself later with a colonic and drink a power smoothie before I go out tonight and bring some juices with me. This should be interesting!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 7

(Photo taken after a huge BM and at the end of a fruitful colonic. Don’t be fooled, there is still almost ALWAYS more to come!)

So this morning I woke up at 5:50 and was exhausted! My first thought was,
“Ohhh…sun is rising, wonder if my babies are gonna wake up soon or if I still have time to sleep.” My second thought was, “I went to bed at 10, it’s almost 6. Although I tossed and turned much throughout the night, that is still almost 8 straight hours of being somewhat asleep. Not bad.”

Yesterday, as I mentioned, I was really hungry. I probably should have had a colonic as the toxicity tends to make us crave food more, but I didn’t have the time. I had more smoothies than on other days and topped the evening off with 1 & ½ smashed up avocado with sea salt and lime juice. Smashed avocado isn’t quite as broken down as it is when it’s in a smoothie, so I make sure to swish it around my mouth a lot before swallowing (to get the enzymes going) and then chase it with a couple of digestive enzymes.

This morning, about 10 minutes after waking up, feeling heavy, tired and in need of more rest, I felt like I may have a bowel movement. Thinking it was most likely a false alarm as my digestive system has slowed down due to the cleanse, I was mapping out when I would have time for a colonic and then something amazing happened! Now this part is going to get slightly graphic so I warn you now. But come on, I am a Colon Hydrotherapist and owner of a center where we specialize in CHT so it would be unrealistic to think we weren’t gonna get to the nitty gritty at some point!

I had a perfect and massive BM (bowel movement), the kind you wanna write about and take a picture of! All the oils from the avocados and coconut shakes I had yesterday really lubricated my system and my body just opened up. I could feel the downward bearing sensation as this massively long and thick, soft but totally formed BM descended down and out of me as though it were in slow motion, and I could literally feel the heavy, lethargic, dismal feeling of not wanting to do anything leaving my body slowly as I released this massive mound. About 30 seconds later I was left feeling light, AWAKE and totally optimistic about the day and life in general. Remember yesterday when I talked about the body sensitizing and feeling the nutrients filling you with every sip of your juice? Well it’s the same sensation on the way out! Remarkable how different I can feel in literally 30 seconds.

And it got me thinking to how basic it all really is. Eating, pooing and sleeping. Those are the basic bare bone necessities in life. When a child is born, there are two primal concerns we have as parents: first, make sure the baby stays alive(!) and second, get some sleep! In order for these two things to happen, it is imperative that the child eats, digests, poos and gets some sleep so we can get some sleep. Your whole life becomes a mapping out of when the baby needs to eat, when it will be pooing and when we may all sleep again. I had charts counting and calculating the hours. I could plan exactly when my child would be pooing. If we were getting in the car, I knew when I had to feed my child to make sure we would be able to get out of the car in time for a change by the time she or he needed to poo. Fundamentals. Basic survival tactics.

So what happens to that? At some point we stop paying such close attention to our internal clocking system as we engage in other activities in life. Walking, talking, going to school, falling in love, earning a living. But perhaps if we went back to the fundamentals and paid a little more attention to what’s happening inside our bodies, our lives would be calmer, happier and more predictable in a positive way!

When my kids were potty training we would make a big fuss in the bathroom as many families do. But in our household it is truly a magical moment. I’ve always stayed with my kids while they would poo, often holding them to help them balance on the big potty and feel secure, noses touching, smelling one another’s breath and often whispering but talking about deep subjects. It became a sacred time that they would feel totally secure, sharing with me the thoughts that occupy their mind. Our special, private and very intimate time together in total confidence and filled with love. And after we always look at our creation, our “zucchini pie” as we like to secretly refer to it and I would declare excitedly, “now THAT is going to make you feel SOOOO MUCH BETTER!” And now my kids always make that declaration as they look at their zucchini pies in the potty and then look up at me and say “Mama? How come all the time you say dat is gonna make me feel sooo much betta?” And I say, “Well doesn’t it?” And they smile and nod their heads.

When I was in college I learned how to be bulimic and a long history of binging and purging surfaced. The end result was a shot digestive system with little to no peristaltic action (the contractions that help to move matter through the digestive system) and about 1 BM a week if I was lucky. It was a very dark time in my life. After suffering with depression in high school and trying to move past it, I found myself constantly depressed even though I was out of the house and finally had some freedom that I was longing for. Why was I still so depressed? It made me hate myself even more. I felt dark inside and like I wanted to isolate myself from others, literally feeling unworthy of love or being physically near people. This lasted for years. I tried many methods of therapy and even anti-depressants and other mood stabilizers but still I struggled. Then I found cleansing. I learned how to juice cleanse and THEN I discovered colonics. I went for colonics for 3 years on a weekly basis while retraining the muscle of my colon to work again. It changed my life forever. (Read more about my personal journey.) And I realized that so much of the darkness, the self-loathing, the sadness was really just poo. The poo was poisoning me from the inside out. I was trying to medicate myself from every which way other than actually addressing the problem. My body wasn’t’ working properly and when I was filled with shit, I felt like shit and had shitty thoughts. When I would clear that out I felt clear, and life was filled with possibilities.

I love the discoveries I have made and the work that I do and the possibility of helping others to discover the power they own to change their own lives dramatically and forever. Now I’m not saying there aren’t other real problems out there that might depress us or that their aren’t people with real chemical imbalances that may improve with western medicine. But I AM saying that there is the GREAT possibility that if you change the internal environment, you very well may see (and here’s where I bet my money every time I have the courage to do so) a direct correlated shift in your external environment. I know I do. EVERY time!! And this can be a frightening concept for a lot of people, might even piss you off because what it means is that we are more accountable for our own lives than we may care to give ourselves credit for. Once you take on that accountability, it is very hard to ever close your eyes to it again. You can, and you probably will, but you’ll know that you are doing it and eventually you will need to face yourself again. When you are ready.

Our potentials are tremendous. When I look at my own life, although I have a grand old time getting on my self-deprecating, “Let’s beat up Arul and think of all the ways she’s not living up to her potential” egomania train, when I shut that tape off and look at my accomplishments I am not only amazed, but I am truly proud of myself! And why not? I had no idea that I would be a single mother of two young children and running a business on my own (well, I do have the support of a truly talented and skilled staff who are all enlightened loving souls!) while still not throwing myself under the bus and carving out the time to take care of myself.

Over the years, I’ve struggled with putting others’ needs in front of my own. And I feel good about what I have done and what I am doing. And every time it starts with what I put in my mouth and how much I am able to let it go. And when I say, let it go, I mean all of it. Not JUST the poo, but the emotional and mental ties we have to holding onto our pain. I take spin class at Soul Cycle, which I LOVE and recommend highly. One of my beloved teachers, Marvin, always reminds us to “let it go.” This mantra has permeated my brain waves and my soul and constantly I am reminded to let it go. Just let it go. All of it. The poo, the negative thoughts, the ideas that we can’t do something or that we can’t let something go…we can. It’s just a training, a discipline, like everything else.

P.S. My yeast infection is totally gone!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.Read Arul’s next post.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 6

So far the day has been pretty uneventful. I am tired today. Slept well till about 4am and then was up and down till 6am. My energy is low, but I had such a busy couple of days I suppose that is to be expected. And I am hungry today. I’ve been drinking a small juice or smoothie every 2 hours. Blue Print Cleanse green juices are really so delicious, I’ve been having one of those on most days and now that they are all organic, I swear I can taste the difference. When the body has less in it and gets used to not ever being full, it sensitizes and becomes very aware of what does go inside. As I drink the BPC green juice I can feel and visualize the juice cascading down into my belly and filling me up. The dense nutrients rippling out like skipping a stone into the water, sending health and vitality and love to every cell in my body.

I swear I can feel it!

I was zipping around in the city today on my bike, Thumbalina. I have had her for over a decade now and ride her like a race horse. She’s been good to me, gets me to my meetings or to SanaVita with a few minutes to spare, brings me back home to my babes at the end of the day safe and sound.

I am having my Biofeedback session with Gabriel today at SanaVita. I am really looking forward to that, modifying the drops I am taking and seeing what else my body is in need of during this transformative cleanse.

I am going to make one of my favorite smoothies later. It is Arul’s Green Machine.

Check it out:
Soak 3 tablespoons of chia seeds in coconut water for 20 minutes
Pour into blender and add more coconut water to about the 32 oz. mark
Add 3 LARGE handfuls of spinach
1 hefty dollop of coconut oil
1 avocado
1 tablespoon or 2 of flax meal
Add more coconut water on top to cover everything you’ve already put in
Add a couple of ice cubes and blend
2 servings should last about 2 days (no more than that though)

This smoothie is jam packed with high-energy nutrients, proteins and healthy fats. Don’t worry about healthy fats, the mind may play those old tapes that fat equals fat, but it isn’t true. When you keep your sugar intake down and eat whole healthy foods — as long as you are not over eating and you are digesting — you should not gain weight from the fats. In fact, you will most likely drop extra weight if you eat in that manner. I eat TONS of healthy fats and I can finally say with confidence (after many, many years of self image and eating disorders) I am NOT fat!!

P.S. A little trivia about chia seeds… they used to be called “the runners food” because Native Americans would take chia seeds with them on their hunting expeditions as they were very light and easy to carry, jam packed with protein and are a very high source of calcium! And yes, they are what cha cha cha chia, cha cha cha chia pets are grown from!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 5

Soooooo…what I’ve discovered is that cleansing is a lot like birthing. You need a plan! You need to know what it is you want, how you visualize it going down, map out the steps…and then, you need to be able to roll with the punches and do what it takes to continue the mission safely and soundly.

So if you read my entry yesterday I had great plans for self care! Colonic, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Yoga and a Massage were all on my horizon! Which I really needed because when I woke up yesterday I was feeling tired, very much in need of a colonic and was savagely broken out, not to mention I had a very unpleasant yeast infection, something I haven’t gotten in quite some time. So I was ready to support my detox just after taking my daughter, Naturale to get her school supplies. I left my son Seven home with Allyson our nanny, happy as a clam to be back home playing with his things. When we returned Seven was burning with fever, 103.5 and scared he was going to vomit. Soon after I noticed a small bug in his ear! The third one I had seen that morning. All of a sudden it came crashing down!! “Seven pie is sick as a dog and has lice!!” Naturale had it too. And now our house — and everyone in it — were most likely infected as well!

So change of plans! We spent the day in a way that only parents who have kids with lice can imagine. EVERYTHING needed to be cleaned, washed, heat dried, vacuumed and / or bagged!! Linens, stuffed animals, combs, car seats, coats, clothes, couches, rugs. And on it went! We needed to get ourselves deloused ASAP!! My poor Seven pie was lying on the floor with the one pillow we left out of the wash burning with fever asking to please lie in a bed while I was on the phone trying desperately to get an appointment that day for the 3 of us. You wouldn’t believe the killing these companies make during the summer…“lice season!” We were there for three hours!! Each child was shampooed, combed and “nit picked” for three hours straight while I tried to keep them as comfortable as possible. Fortunately, today they use all natural products but still, it is an ordeal! When we finally arrived home, Seven was still burning up and I still needed to delouse myself, even though they checked me at the lice center and said they saw nothing. I had been in such close proximity to my babes, the likelihood was that some critter had transferred.

Some of the bugs & eggs from my daughter’s delousing.
My dear friend Sylvia, who had just gone through this with her family, offered to come over to help. She spent about two hours meticulously combing through my hair section by section. We found one bug and three eggs! I finally laid down to rest a little after midnight and have to say, since this cleanse has started had the best night’s sleep I’ve gotten thus far! Yeast, pimples, shit stuck in my colon and lice finally put me over the tipping point to getting a real night’s rest!!

When I woke up this morning my skin was miraculously shinning, glowing and blemish free! My yeast infection (which I am treating with tea tree oil suppositories and probiotics) felt negligible in just one night and I finally didn’t feel itchy all over! I did still feel bloated in my belly and went to SanaVita for a colonic. Now I am feeling golden!

Today has been a great day, not to mention how amazingly beautiful it is outside. I feel renewed!! I started the day with a bang when Naturale strolled into my room at 6am shouting “GOOD MORNING” cheerfully, something I actually taught her, but didn’t mean for her to do at that hour! After getting to bed late and still waking up from some disturbing dreams during the night, I was pretty darn exhausted! But I took a spin class today and my two-hour pole dance class and was told by my teacher and fellow students that it was the best dance I’ve done thus far! And it was the first time I completed a dance in its entirety without ever getting nervous or my body trembling by the end.

I went and enjoyed a super food smoothie at Liquiteria and sat outside thinking about how different things can be day to day. Yesterday was insanity. Today was empowering and calm.

My kids are walking in the door and our shampooing, combing hair extravaganza is about to begin!

Stay tuned…

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 4

So yesterday went pretty well. Had a busy day preparing for my kids’ return with lots of nervous energy. Had a lot of anxiety dreams about their return…dreams involving looking for each other, getting separated, not being able to see them even though I could hear them…then in the morning I discovered that my daughter had been up all night vomiting. A lot of purging seeming to be going on for us and clearly the connection was intact. So, needless to say, it was an intense day, highly charged with electric energy.

I did manage to take yoga in the afternoon. It was a pretty challenging class, holding poses longer, draining the muscles more fully. I felt much more centered after that. Had a homemade fresh-squeezed OJ in the morning with a tablespoon of flax seed oil. Then, in the afternoon I made a large power smoothie. I used homemade nut milk as the liquid (see recipe below) and added a banana, frozen organic blueberries and raspberries, two tablespoons of raw organic almond butter for protein, maca, kamu, tacos vitamin E, cacao butter and spirulina. I drank that throughout the afternoon and followed it up in the evening with some raw organic coconut water.

My reunion with my kiddies was fantastic…absolutely perfect! They looked wonderful and the three of us were beaming with delight and ecstatic love to be together again. We had a sweet and very happy evening together playing Twister, reading The Lion King and sharing some stories. We had a nice toast with our new mugs: “Mr. Messy”, “Miss Princess” and “Miss Naughty”. We clinked our mugs filled with coconut water and stared into each others eyes and we toasted to the divine beings behind those eyes.

I’m already starting to feel a shift inside myself in just three days, giving my body the essentials it needs and no more than that. But what I am giving it is pure and concentrated wholesome goodness. I can feel it starting to take effect on my aura or “energy” if you will.

I am still struggling with my sleep, but staying hopeful. My skin is very broken out — patches of small pimples on my forehead and my temples. My throat feels slightly scratchy today and my nose slightly stuffed. I have not had a Colonic since Sunday so I will treat myself to one today as I am sure that will make me feel much better. I am moving my bowels a little as I am having solids (although liquefied) in the Vita Mix, but still not enough to remove the toxins my body is releasing adequately.

In addition to the Colonic, I am going to have a Lymphatic Drainage session today. That should help the congestion I am feeling in my head and get my lymph moving in general as the lymph gets thick and stagnant.

At the end of the week, I am going to have a Biofeedback session with Gabriel Hoffman and focus in more deeply on my intentions, my progress on the cleanse and tweak my supplements accordingly with the guidance of both Gabe and Scio Biofeedback.

For those of you interested in nut milk making here’s how I do it:

Nut Milk

You can use any of your favorite nuts, and experiment with them. I typically use almonds.

Soak 1 cup of almonds in a Tupperware with a cover in clean water for 12 hours.

Rinse them (pour out the old water) and place the nuts in a blender and fill blender with clean water to about 40 oz.

Add 1 large dollop of coconut oil.

Add a dash of vanilla & cinnamon and Agave Nectar or Yucon Syrup (lower glycemic index) to taste & blend.

Place the nut milk bag in a large container and pour entire contents into the nut milk bag (you may have to do this in 2 shots if the container is too full.

Squeeze the nut milk bag with your hand to get all the milk out then discard the bits left in the bag.

Your nut milk is ready!

(lasts about 2 days)

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

Arul’s 37-Day Cleanse: Day 3

Last month my daughter turned six. I started reflecting on the last seven years of my 41-year journey. So much has happened since the conception of my first child, seven years ago this October. I took a good long look at myself and while I see my many outstanding achievements — three of which are my children (my two babies and SanaVita) — I also see the toll the intensity of these last seven years has taken on my body.

The biggest debt that I’ve had to pay over these last seven years has become dependency. Dependency on caffeine, to get me through the morning. Dependency on caffeine, to get me through the evening. Dependency on sleep aids to get me through the night, leading to more dependency on more caffeine in the morning. Dependency on a glass of wine or two to take the edge off at the end of a hard day. Further disrupting my sleep, creating a greater need for more sleep aids. It has become an exhausting roller coaster that has affected the quality of my life.

Before childbearing, I never suffered from sleep issues. As anyone has been through it knows, sleep deprivation is torturous and although some babies come into the world and sleep soundly off the bat, it’s probably the minority that are that blessed.

So I’ve decided to embark on a 37-day cleanse. In an effort to learn to sleep again, my intention is to use these 37 days to be completely stimulant free and retrain my body to get back into its natural rhythms of sleeping. You may wonder, why 37 days? I originally mapped out a 40-day cleanse in which I started and stopped and re-started several times over the course of three weeks and then settled into it this past Saturday, realizing that 37 was my magic number. We LOVE the auspicious number seven of perfection in our family. I am in the start of my third day now and am finally feeling the momentum…

I started planning for this cleanse months ago when I gave up caffeine on the spot. Again, I was never a coffee drinker before childbearing, but sleepless nights led to double espressos in the morning, every morning, and sometimes a booster shot in the afternoon. I stopped cold turkey and faced my headaches from withdrawal (I suffer from migraines and it wasn’t pretty). I’ve been completely caffeine free (with the exception of some high- quality dark chocolate) for about two months now.

And now I am off the sleep aids as well, leaning on natural melatonin drops, valerian root drops and Relax Tone. I have also upped my iron and started a regimen of two doses a day of high-quality iron supplements, as I’ve always been somewhat anemic. Insomnia and migraines happen to be side effects of a low red blood cell count. These first few nights have been rough but each night I’ve slept a little deeper, a little longer and feel optimistic that by the end of these 37 days I will be able to lie down and get a solid night’s rest. Without the sleep aids I’ve been getting between four to five hours of sleep a night, which are broken up into one to two hour segments. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

So what exactly am I cleansing on? Being the hardcore girl I’ve always been, I thought I’d do just juice! But after starting and stopping several times I had to reevaluate my priorities. If I had the time and space to carve out to just cleanse and not do much of anything else it would be one thing, but it doesn’t work for me at this point in my life. I have to admit that was a pretty big blow to my ego. My ego threw a three-week-long open house party to every negative thought and self-deprecating argument I could pour upon myself…all the tapes playing at once, “you’re such a loser, you’re weak, you’re a failure.” But it’s not true. I just needed to see what was real and adjust accordingly.

So I am cleansing on fresh juices and super food smoothies, many of which I make myself. I will be sharing some of my favorite recipes with you during these 37 days. I am also on a specific supplemental regime that I, along with the help of Gabriel Hoffman, SanaVita’s Pharmacy Director, have put together and will modify accordingly.

I have chosen to continue with my exercise regimen during the cleanse. I will modify during class as I need to, but just to fill you in on what I do physically in a day other than the basics of getting around, taking care of my children (who are six and almost five), preparing them for school, and working, I take a two-hour pole dance class once or twice a week, spin class three to four times a week and yoga two to three times a week. Finally I ride my bike all over the city for transportation and take long bike rides for fun! This weekend Gabriel and I rode our bikes over the Williamsburg Bridge, through Brooklyn and back home over the Manhattan Bridge. Fun stuff!!

I am really excited for this as I’ve been yearning for a deep transformative cleanse for a long time now. These last seven years have been a wild ride. I’d like to share some of the highlights…

In seven years, I have:

  • Carried two babies to full term and gave birth to them naturally
  • Moved three times
  • Opened three businesses
  • Closed two businesses
  • Got married
  • Got divorced
  • Fell deeply in love (post-divorce), had my heart shattered…and survived
  • Watched, witnessed and participated in the developmental milestones of my children…crawling, walking, talking, writing, reading. We now have deep meaningful philosophical conversations. They have been away with their father for three weeks and return home today. I cannot wait!

I’m really excited for this 37-day cleanse as I’ve been yearning for a deep transformative cleanse for a long time now. I look forward to sharing my journey with you. I will write as much as I am able to and will include things I notice about myself, my energy, my moods, my sleep, the supplements I’m taking and the effects I feel. And, I’ll also post recipes and photos.

If anyone has any questions, thoughts, insights, please feel free to contact me at anytime!

With LOVE!

Arul Goldman is the Founder and Director of SanaVita.

See Ya Seasonal Allergies

As we enter the spring and summer season many people begin to suffer from seasonal allergies. These allergies come from a combination of new environmental pollen in conjunction with the body’s desire to detoxify from the winter. An immune response is triggered from the body that leads to inflammation.

By using homeopathic medicine to desensitize the body from these pollens as well as herbs to boost our immune system, we can greatly reduce allergy symptoms by calming down the body’s inflammatory response.

Pharmacy Director, Gabriel Hoffman has put together a program consisting of homeopathy, nutrition and herbs to help address the most common symptoms of seasonal allergies. To learn more about SanaVita’s cutting-edge approach to combat seasonal allergies, make an appointment with Gabriel today.

New Season, New Products

We have introduced two new nutritional products in the PHARMACY, Sun Warrior Protein’s Warrior Blend, a new raw gluten-free vegan protein and Phyto B Complex from Energetix.

Protein and B vitamins are two of the most important (and lacking) nutrients in the modern diet. We need them to stabilize blood sugar and regulate metabolism. They also balance our mood and energy level.

And remember, absorption is the key to all nutrition. What’s the point of taking a supplement if your body can’t absorb and benefit from it?

For more information about our products, make an appointment with Gabriel Hoffman, the director of SanaVita’s PHARMACY. He can create a personalized program for you combining homeopathic, herbal and nutritional remedies and supplements that address your unique health needs.

Bella is Back

Hello SanaVita clients!

I have missed and thought of many of you often. I hope I get to see you all again and hear how this last year has been for each and every one of you.

I took a sabbatical about a year ago to take care of the 2 F’s. Family & food. 🙂 The family is great & the food…still working on it. Many great recipes, including: enlight-r-g & 2die4 bars and my wheat-free, gluten-free & sugar-free {low glycemic index} pecan pies. And I have been teaching classes about food and health. I look forward to sharing all of this with you at SanaVita in conjunction with hydrotherapy.

I will be teaching a class on Detoxing & Smoothies. I will show you how you CAN feel better than you have in years, lose weight, decrease your cravings, improve your digestion and clear your mind. And, you can achieve this for a fraction of the cost of weight loss programs. Come and taste some of my best smoothies and receive my professional smoothie template to make AMAZING fool-proof smoothies.

I will also be teaching a class on Thyroid Health. What do thyroid health, IBS, chronic fatigue, high cholesterol, gluten sensitivities, dizziness, shortness of breath, low body temperature and autoimmune diseases have in common? Did you know your thyroid health can be supported on a few fundamental nutrient and lifestyle changes? Attendees will leave the class better informed about the thyroid, armed with tips and recipes to maintain this vital organ.

Looking forward to seeing you at SanaVita soon!

with LOVE,

Get to know Bella