So Interesting and Freeing

“SanaVita is run by an amazing woman named Arul Goldman. They are a Holistic Cleansing company. I went for a colon cleanse this week. Boy was it weird but so interesting and freeing (once it’s done of course). It is not painful but there is slight discomfort. It basically is an hour of shooting water and chlorophyl up your butt and then draining it and seeing all the crap (literally) that is stuck on the colon walls. It is super clean. I highly recommend this place. If you do plan on going there – ask for Arul to do the cleansing for you – she owns the place so may be hard to get her. If you can’t get her ask for Anna. I was told she is also amazing.”

Marc Mouhadeb

Warm and Welcoming

I have nothing but WONDERFUL things to say about SanaVita. A beautiful space, warm and welcoming! Bella took care of me, in the best way possible. This was my first colonic and it was a very peaceful and cleansing experience. With a warm gown to wear along with the cleanliness and pretty aesthetic of the space I was instantly comfortable. They have an assortment of calming essential oils to rub on your wrist before the treatment-I chose Lavender. It doesn’t stop there– you will have a warm heating pad under you and warm stones that Bella uses to massage your belly during the session. I felt light as a feather after, fully cleansed and ready for the spring season! I am very excited to promote this charming sanctuary and to return very soon! Thank you all so very much!

Aimee V.

A quick note of gratitude

Thank you for the wonderful experience, which corrected the unpleasant past ones. SanaVita is an island of rejuvenation, my therapist, Judit, is superbly knowledgeable, kind and caring. Thank you! I am sure to see you again very soon.

Andrea S.

Caring and Knowledgeable

Bella was awesome! She takes great care in her work and is very knowledgeable. After my treatment she followed up with letting me know things I can do daily to maintain optimal health.

Alison C.

BEST colonic(s) EVER

BEST colonic(s) EVER. Scared and scarred by my first colonic in Brooklyn over a year ago, I was quite wary of coming in to make my- errrr  backside vulnerable yet again. Well, I was pleasantly surprised by the home-like environment from the moment you walk in and take off your shoes with the pleasant smell of soy candles burning.

After filling out a detailed description of my lifestyle (hobbies, activities, food consumed, bowel movements, etc), I was greeted by my therapist, Anna. She was quite cheery for so late in the day and I was probably a bit grumpy from juice fasting. I noticed how lovely her complexion was and how interested she was in my health and why I was here. She wasn’t trying to push me to buy another colonic or pressure me to go out of my comfort zones but only made gentle recommendations, which I truly appreciated and respected her guidance through my experience.

Months later, I did end up buying a package of three and just had my second colonic at SanaVita (with Anna)! It was quite different from the first, but that’s because my body was at a different point, coming home from 20 days in Europe eating what ever when ever. The toxins that came out and the way my body reacted was absolutely incredulous.

At SanaVIta, they truly respect the body and appreciate it. Much like a yoga class, they honor where your body is in the moment. For everyone that wishes the price could be cheaper, I understand your wishes, but I believe that for the service, the treatment and for the organic and natural products they use, it is well worth it.

Virginia R

Feeling of Wellness and Balance

“I have been fortunate enough to have Katie as my Reiki healer during a time when I was experiencing tremendous pain, both physically and emotionally. Katie truly possesses a special and rare gift to be able to heal, help and re-energize people. She’s very intuitive, sensitive, attentive, and calming. I had never done Reiki before my session with Katie and she was really wonderful at making sure I was comfortable, relaxed and informed of what would be happening. Any anxiety or doubt I may have felt disappeared and I felt 100% ready for this wonderful experience. Throughout the Reiki session I could feel my pain melting away, energy shifting, I felt like I was in an altered state of consciousness and had some fascinating visuals. This is an experience I still think about often because it was magical in many ways. Katie was able to give me what some of the most renowned medical doctors couldn’t at a time when I most needed it — relief from pain, calmness, relaxation, and a general feeling of wellness and balance. I would highly recommend Katie as a Reiki healer. She is exceptionally knowledgeable, not just as a Reiki practitioner but in all realms of holistic health. Her compassion, commitment and dedication are strongly reflected in her approach. It is obvious that this is not just something Katie does, this is who she is.”

Jane F.

Calm, Present and Intuitive

Katie is a calm, present and highly intuitive healer who is dedicated to helping others. During a session with Katie, I felt lighter, and free of fear, anxiety, and stress. I was left feeling restored, guided and supported, which stayed with me well after the session ended. Energy healing with Katie has provided a sense of clarity in how I see my life and everyday situations. I have a restored self-confidence to make choices that balance and support the life that I want. Katie, thank you so much for being as committed as you are, helping me, and as I’m sure — helping others.”

Christopher R.

Loving and Knowledgeable

My therapist (Melissa) was loving and knowledgeable. She really loves her job and helping her clients to achieve their goals. Next time I see another amazing Groupon deal for this place, I will definitely come back. For now, I will just sit here and rub my deflated tummy (Thanks Melissa!), while I enjoy the green juice from across the street.

Arthemis G.

Surpassed Expectations

This is clearly a treasure of NYC. Over the past few months I’ve done extensive research on body cleansing and nutrition. From the very first appointment, SanaVita surpassed my expectations with flying colors. After several visits I have an amazing amount of energy, enjoy a restful night’s sleep and have adopted a much healthier lifestyle. Thank you Arul and staff for all of your expertise, professionalism and advice. It’s clear to see how you’ve established such a loyal following, including myself.


Felt Absolutely Amazing Afterwards

SanaVita is awesome! The atmosphere and the people who work there are so nice. I was so happy with my colon hydrotherapist. I had never received a colonic and was a bit nervous, but she totally put me at ease. The actual experience was much more pleasant than I expected and I felt absolutely amazing afterwards.


Very Attentive Therapists

I loved my experience at SanaVita! From the moment I walked in the door until I left from my colonic and massage appointment, I felt that I was treated with respect and the therapists were very attentive to my body’s needs. I will definitely visit SanaVita again!


Very Calming

Very comfortable. Have met various colon therapists there and each one is really sincere and kind. It was a pleasure to be in the space, very calming. I fully recommend.


A Relaxing & Sanitary Environment

I was recommended to SanaVita by BluePrintCleanse — the juice fast company. It was recommended as one of four possible places to go in NYC for a colonic. I checked out all four websites & thought SanaVita came off the best…Well I was glad to say that it lived up to all my expectations — a relaxing & sanitary environment run by professionals who really care & know about colon cleansing. Highly recommended!

Therapists Truly Care About YOU

There are so many great things about this place, and not only in the colonics sector. The colonic hydrotherapists are extremely professional, but they truly care about YOU and how you feel after the colonic. They give you nutritional recommendations, readings they like, etc. They’re also very friendly with you and you feel like you can talk with them about just about anything! Everyone there makes you feel like a family member! It’s great to feel like these are real people talking to you, not just a doctor…I love this place!


Top-of-the-line Equipment

I went to SanaVita today for a Colonic. The staff is very nice and informative. Office is very clean. They also use top-of-the-line equipment. I highly recommend SanaVita to anyone looking for a colonic. Very Professional.



This was an amazing experience that I was very intimidated by. My therapist was amazing and I think new to the team. One of the first things out of her mouth was I love my job. She spent time talking to me and asking about my overall well being before beginning. I came in after finishing a juice fast in preparation and was very emotional. The environment is supportive and calming. Extremely clean and sanitary. I was guided through breathing and gentle care the entire time. It was at time painful due to healthy release cramping, but the support made me realize that it was a much needed physically and emotionally. I was encouraged to cry if need be and to communicate anything I needed to. I am rejuvenated. I also happen to be an Acupuncture student and understand the importance of client bed-side manner. This was superb. Thank you so much.


Comfortable and Safe

SanaVita is a place for health and well being. It is clean and calm. Its therapists and healers share a commitment to the health and comfort of their clients. I highly recommend SanaVita. My experiences there have been fantastic. I always feel comfortable and safe while in treatment. And every time I have been to 
SanaVita, I leave with a smile on my face.


Clean, Professional, Private

I went to SanaVita very nervously and as soon as I arrived I felt that I knew everyone on the staff that I came into contact with for years. The decor is beautifully relaxing and calm. It is very clean, very professional and very private. My therapist was overly informative and helpful, she gave me many tips, ideas and facts on nutrition from her knowledge that would be paid big bucks for anywhere else for free. I highly recommend SanaVita to anyone that wishes to better their quality of life.


Thorough but Gentle

I have had many colonics around NYC but I have to say that this one at SanaVita was really great.  SanaVita has such a healing energy and the colonic was really thorough but gentle at the same time. I left feeling clear and euphoric. I am recommending Sanavita to everyone I know.


Beautiful Welcoming Space

I had a really unique experience at this new little gem of a spa. The therapist I had made me feel really comfortable, and I would definitely go back.


Healing at its Best

This is a wonderful center in the heart of Union Square that will truly clean you right up! Very warm, cozy, and extremely friendly, there’s no doubt why I’ve been feeling happy and full of clarity every since.


Digestion Improved Tenfold

“My whole life has been a journey of health and healing on all levels. Gabe has brought it all together for me. After a few sessions, digestion has improved tenfold…I feel brighter, lighter in my body, calmer and free of the road blocks that have held me back! I feel truly supported, excited and clear since working with him.”

Colon Hydrotherapist and Nutritional Health Counselor

Making Wiser Choices

“I look forward to each session I have with Gabe. Gabe’s insight into the struggles we all face as human beings is truly amazing. His guidance and support has helped me so that I can make the necessary adjustments in my nutrition, state of mind and lifestyle so that I can truly be healthy, content and strong. As a direct result of working with Gabe I am better able to manage my stress, I am taking better care of myself, and I am making wiser choices. I would highly recommend Gabe to anyone that is interested in living a life filled with passion, happiness, and success.”

Attorney and mother of three

More Confident, Energetic

“Thanks to Gabe and his work I am no longer the same shy, anxious person that walked into his office a few months ago. In our time together he has helped to identify and resolve issues that I have unknowingly carried with me my whole life, while developing a trusting relationship that extends beyond our sessions. I am more confident, energetic in the morning and health issues have also resolved.  Gabe has changed my life in ways that I could never of thought possible!”

Senior Graphic Designer

My Healing Sanctuary

This is my healing sanctuary.  The staff are warm and friendly.  My therapist, Anna Kot, is phenomenal.  She is professional, intuitive, keen, present and so knowledgeable about health, healing and raw foods.

 I have been coming to this center for almost a year and a half, regularly, and my life and health have improved greatly.  

There are multiple places in the city, but I know this is the best.  Highly recommended.

Esther F.

Best Place in the City

The best place in the city for colonic hydrotherapy by far.  Anna is calm and professional.  The environment could not be better.  I now would not go anywhere else.

Olly D.

Design and Facility are Top Notch

I discovered SanaVita a few years ago and am very grateful this exceptional business is available and continues to thrive. If you have never experienced the healing power of the colonic, I highly recommend this and a colonic at SanaVita. The design and facility are top notch, the environment is healing. The technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable, helpful, caring and they practice what they preach. We are learning and striving to improve our lives and I guarantee this is one service in New York that benefits this effort.