Get More: Big Ang

When VH1 first contacted us, I had no idea who Big Ang was as I don’t watch a lot of television. Big Ang’s producers were looking for a state-of-the-art cleansing center where she could get a little detoxification. After scouting out several places in NYC, her producers visited SanaVita and said they were thrilled to have finally found a beautiful place where Big Ang would feel comfortable.

Big Ang had been to the doctor and needed to cut back on her hard living and eliminate cigarettes completely. She thought that she was ready for a detox and felt that getting a colonic would be a “quick fix”.

When I met Big Ang, I explained to her that although there are no quick fixes, a colonic is a fantastic jump start to eliminate some of the toxins our bodies hold onto in the intestines and could be a wonderful complement to living a healthier lifestyle. She was very excited to get started, but getting a colonic can be a sensitive experience for many people, especially for a first timer. Sometimes it can be extra challenging for the body to relax and open. And, it can be even more difficult if you are surrounded by people, lights and cameras!

So after a few attempts, Big Ang decided to forego the colonic and asked what other methods we could use to help facilitate her detox. I suggested an ionic footbath, which helps to draw out toxins from the feet while they are submerged in ionically charged water. She was thrilled with the idea, especially since she spends so much time on her feet at the bar.

We got her all set up and chatted for a good while during her footbath. Big Ang was kind and lovely and we were happy to have her at SanaVita!

Although Big Ang isn’t quite ready to change her lifestyle, we hope she can find a way to make some small changes to lead a healthier life. And, she knows that SanaVita is here to cheer her on and support her along the way.