It was just one week ago I woke up and felt the dreadful doom of the scratchy throat and that post-nasal drip that comes with the typical faithful promise of going deeper and stronger, attaching to the lungs, coughing, swallowing razor blades and not being able to breathe for about 2 weeks. I knew it was only the beginning…but how would it all end?

Typically, for me, with a history of chronic asthma and yearly tours of bronchitis and pneumonia it often ended in 10 days on antibiotics and another few weeks of recovering from the ailments and the side effects of the pharmaceuticals…bad stomach, painful digestion, yeast infections, etc.

I was determined to do all that I could do to fight it off, so I started dousing myself in the usual suspects: pro-biotics, galt immune, gargling with colloidal silver and after talking with Gabe Hoffman, SanaVita’s Pharmacy Director, I started a strict regimen of 3 cups of XenoForce tea a day. Hot water with lemon, cayenne pepper, honey and 2 capsules of XenoForce opened in the mixture. I drank it every morning, afternoon and evening. By Monday morning I still felt miserable and went to the doctor who, after diagnosing me with a bulging infected eardrum and red and inflamed throat and congested sinus cavity, prescribed me a hefty dose of Penicillin. With my 2 kids and demanding lifestyle, I felt I couldn’t afford another day, let alone another week of being sick, so I went and filled the script. I came home to rest and almost blew off making yet another cup of the tea, but I did and decided to spend the day drinking tea and resting. Although I was eager to start the antibiotics right away and get better fast, I decided to wait the day out as best I could and see if perhaps I didn’t take a turn towards healthy by morning. It was the best night I had in four days and although still trekking, was definitely on the road to recovery!

I was SO happy I waited it out and saved my body from the additional harmful effects of such strong meds. And it was a great lesson. It took almost four days for me to feel the effects of the natural supplement, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t already working its magic! By the fourth day it had built up enough in my system to start showing the difference.

XenoForce is a nutritional supplement designed to support normal immune function. It is high in vitamins and antioxidants A, C and Zinc. It contains Echinacea, (immune response), Ginger Root (digestion), Licorice Root (adrenal support) and Black Cherry Bark (expectorant and lung support).