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Arul H. goldMAN

Holistic health practitioner and founder of SanaVita based in New York City.

Holistic services

Bio Feedback

So many holistic health practices involve guesswork to get to the root of the problem. With the NES miHealth Bio-Feedback system, we can know within minutes what is disrupting your energy field and how to fix it. Sessions can be held in person or remotely from any location in the world. 

Lymphatic Drainage

If the body isn’t properly getting rid of waste those toxins stay in the body and can clog the lymphatic system causing disease. It’s important to monitor the lymphatic system and drain those toxins manually if necessary. 

Personal Coaching

My knowledge of holistic health and nutrition is too vast to fit onto a website. Learn more about how you can benefit from my personal coaching program and schedule a free consultation. 

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